Tucson City Council Wants to Tighten Clamp on Gun Owners

Two firearms ordinances are on the 5:30 p.m., Tucson City Council agenda today at 5:30 p.m. The meeting is at 255 W. Alameda, in downtown Tucson.

The first ordinance will create a $100 fine if a person does not report the loss or theft of their firearm within 48 hours from the time it was stolen or the owner “should have known” it was stolen. Why go after the person who stole a firearm when they can punish the owner instead?

The second ordinance is an attempt to locally enact a bill (HB 2631) that failed at the state legislature. If a police officer believes a person, with criminal negligence (undefined), discharged a firearm within city limits, they may request a blood or breath test for alcohol levels. If you refuse, they may obtain a warrant and require you undergo a blood alcohol test. If you own a firearm you must an alcohol abuser, right?

These proposals may not sound all that threatening at first glance. But leftists — including those who dominate politics in Tucson — often use guile and incrementalism to slowly, but surely, take away freedom by attacking your constitutional rights. So do be alarmed at this.

Guidelines for those wishing to make comments during the meeting:

Persons attending the meetings shall observe rules of propriety, decorum, and good conduct, and refrain from impertinent or slanderous remarks. Violation of this rule shall result in such persons being barred from further audience before the governing body. A copy of the complete rules and regulations may be obtained from the City Clerk.

The Mayor and Council often schedules public hearings on topics of interest. Pursuant to Mayor and Council Rules and Regulations, public hearings last one hour. Interested persons are invited to attend and offer comments. Additionally, Call to the Audience is reserved for comments from the public.

To address the Mayor and Council:

Complete a speakers card and deposit it in the tray on the podium. Upon being recognized, state your name and address before proceeding into your subject matter. Speakers are limited to three-minute presentations.

Submit written comments to the Mayor and Council (via the City Clerk) prior to and during the meeting.

Call the Mayor and Council Citizen Comment Line at 791-4700.

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