Former Arizona Sheriff: Counties can Stop ObamaCare, Unconstitutional Government Actions

Former Graham County, Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack says county sheriffs can prevent federal and state officials from imposing unconstitutional policies on America’s citizens. Mack, a member of the National Rifle Association Hall of Fame, made his remarks in an anonymously written book, They Fired the First Shot, published in 2012.

Among those unconstitutional policies sheriffs can prevent from being imposed on citizens are Obamacare and the HHS mandates forcing Christians to pay for abortion murders, Mack said. The HHS abortion pill mandate forces Christian-owned businesses and ministries to fund abortion. Any business or organization refusing to do so will be fined so heavily it will be forced to close down. That’s unconstitutional, despite the mistaken ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court a year ago.

Mack told the author of The Fired the First Shot:

“The sheriff actually does have a responsibility and a duty to make sure that the Obamacare regulations and the bureaucratic regulations and policies of Washington, D.C., do not supersede and never will supersede a church’s right to conduct its affairs according to its own dictates and conscience.”

Never before Obama has a U.S. president so blatantly and brazenly attacked Christians, religious freedom and the Constitution.

Mack continued:

“What I hope would happen is that the sheriffs nationally would let the federal government know there’s certain things we are not going to allow you to do within our communities and our jurisdictions. And as the duly elected sheriff, I represent the people of this county and we are not going to allow you to come in and shut down any hospitals. We are not going to allow you to fine churches or arrest anybody out of the churches. Your Obamacare and your policies do not supersede the Bill of Rights. We put them on notice that we are going to stand in the way.”

Mack said such actions would actually prevent armed conflict over jurisdictional authorities. Also, he said sheriffs could form posses to protect the citizens from the federal government’s attempt to enforce unconstitutional policies.

It would take numerous sheriffs across the country willing to stand up to federal/Obama bullies, Mack says. If it was just a tiny effort by few sheriffs, it would likely fail.

On what constitutional grounds could sheriffs thwart Obama, the IRS and others who would attempt to impose tyranny on America’s citizens? Mack says …

“We are focusing on the principle that the county sheriff has the authority and the responsibility to protect our Constitution and to protect our rights against tyranny. People have gotten this brainwashed notion that the federal government can do anything it wants, and they cannot. And local and state governments can do anything they want, and they cannot. So the entire premise of our governments is basically based on this false notion that government can do anything it wants to us. That the government can violate all our rights, violate the Constitution, even though they have sworn a sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.”

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