Rep. Schweikert Makes the Case against Gov. Brewer’s Abortion-Tainted Medicaid Plan

Arizonans, including Republican leaders, are dividing in a debate over whether Arizona should expand Medicaid services pursuant to the federal Affordable Care Act — alias ObamaCare.

Governor Jan Brewer and others are rallying for passage.

Cong. Trent Franks announced previously he is taking no position on the controversial issue.

The Center for Arizona Policy issued a fact sheet indicating that the expanded Medicare plan covers abortion.

And today, Cong. David Schweikert, a Scottsdale Republican, came out in opposition to the proposal. Citing the fiscal risks and structural problems with the plan, Rep. Schweikert announced his opposition to the proposal to expand Medicaid currently being debated in the Arizona Legislature:

“While I understand the desire of some of our state leaders to address uncompensated medical care, this proposal is simply too fiscally risky and should be voted down.

“Specifically, this proposal relies upon a provision of federal law that allows states to effectively double-dip when collecting the provider tax, the first time from hospitals and then again from the federal government during the reimbursement process.

“Unfortunately, this provider tax reimbursement provision is currently being eyed by members of both parties to either be eliminated or substantially reduced.  Should this happen, and there are indications that it will, Arizona taxpayers would be on the financial hook for the shortfall.

“That fact drives my opposition to this proposal. Unfortunately, this proposal is not a ‘freebie’ for Arizona taxpayers as some have claimed. It is structurally flawed and will very likely become actuarially unsound in the very near future.

“I would strongly encourage legislators considering this proposal to fully understand the financial implications of what passage would mean for our state and more importantly for Arizona taxpayers.”

This is the kind of principled leadership Arizona needs. We expect more from Cong. Franks — a solid pro-lifer — than to waffle on the fence over this abortion plan.

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