Restoring Arizona Spokesman Insults ObamaCare Opponents as ‘Fringe Group’

A spokesman for Restoring Arizona, a group supporting the recently enacted and abortion-tainted Medicaid expansion/ObamaCare, has insulted opponents by labeling them a “fringe group.” The statement below was issued in an email today from Jaime Molera, a former appointed State Superintendent of Public Instruction:

“It is clear that the Arizona Constitution prohibits referral of laws that are ‘for the support and maintenance of the departments of the state government and state institutions.’ Consequently, the opponents of Medicaid expansion cannot invalidate (or stall) the appropriation of state funds covering expanded AHCCCS coverage.

“These fringe groups who have opposed this restoration effort from the start willfully intend to ignore the will of the Arizona voters who have twice voted to support Medicaid coverage for childless adults who earn less than 100% of the Federal Poverty level.”

The ink on Governor Brewer’s signature has barely dried. Yet Molera and Medicaid expansion/ObamaCare supporters are already paranoid about a citizen effort to roll back the big government plan through a ballot proposition.

When Gov. Brewer needed the vote of Arizona citizens to get re-elected, these people were good enough then. But now, for opposing Medicaid expansion/ObamaCare, they are rudely discounted as a “fringe group.”

This is a highly inflammatory and extremely poor choice of words. Sour grapes are usually reserved for sore losers. But in this case, those who won a political battle are guilty of sour grapes.

Two former duly elected state legislators — Ron Gould and Frank Antenori — are spearheading the ballot proposition amendment process. They already have written commitments of support from 500 Republican precinct committeemen to get the ballot proposal signatures needed to qualify for the election ballot. These are the same people who worked at the grassroots level for Brewer’s re-election — only to be insulted for opposing her now. The governor herself has openly ridiculed and mocked these hard-working people who work the neighborhoods in extreme heat to get people like her elected. It’s a good thing for her she’s a lame duck, because she just killed any chance she has to get elected to any office in Arizona in the future.

We urge you and as many of your family and friends as possible to sign the petitions and help circulate them throughout Arizona. Join in this effort now.

Gould and Antenori have formed a committee to make that happen. It’s called The United Republican Alliance of Principled Conservatives. For more information on how to help this alliance, call Christine Bauserman at (520) 235-2234. Thank you.

And be sure to let the governor and Molera know their sour grapes comments are highly inflammatory and insulting. Molera’s phone number is: (602) 279-9925. Hello, Jaime … about those disgusting, ill-tempered, and regrettable remarks …

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