Register for City Elections and Vote!

By Cathi Herrod, President, Center for Arizona Policy

The deadline to register to vote for the August City Elections is this Monday, July 29! If you’re not registered visit today to register online – it only takes 5 minutes!

Also – this will be the last 5 Minutes for Families for the summer. We will still be sure to notify you of any Breaking News or Action Alerts if needed. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on all that’s going on with CAP this summer. We’ll resume our weekly Friday emails in the fall.

Conscience vs. Career

For Christians, faith penetrates all aspects of life. It informs every decision we make – from home life to work life, faith shines a light unto your path of daily choices.

That’s why protecting rights of conscience is so essential. It is impossible for believers to separate out the decisions we make in public life from our private life.

Sadly however, we’re increasingly seeing individuals across the country be forced to check their sincerely held religious beliefs at the door of their office or school.

The First Amendment of the Constitution prohibits this type of religious discrimination, yet there is a great need for statewide public policy to ensure no one is ever forced to choose between their conscience and their career.

That’s why Center for Arizona Policy has worked with state legislators to pass a number of critical religious freedom laws to protect the religious liberty of business owners, professionals licensed by the state, students, and more.

As one family’s story shows, these laws are having a real impact on lives.

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