Who Really Re-elected Obama President? Who will Elect Ted Cruz?

Who is most responsible for the re-election of Barack Obama? Who is most responsible for the deplorable state of the American nation today? And all the attacks on freedom?

If you said, “Democrats and leftists,” you are incorrect. They actually got their people to the polls.

David Crowe, a pastor in Oregon who is traveling up and down his state calling the faithful to stand up and reclaim their state, says the blame falls on 39 million Christians in America who did not even bother to vote last year.

The implication is that if these 39 million Christians had actually voted, Barack Obama would be a one-term president and reduced to community agitating back home in Illinois. And Mitt and Ann Romney would be living in the White House. Romney would have already rolled back Obamacare and curtailed many of the Democrats’ attacks on life and freedom.

True, not all 39 million would have voted Republican. But enough of them would have, and that would have created a sea change in Washington.

But let’s break down that 39 million ever further.

California, the nation’s most populous state, has about 39 million residents. That number represents approximately 12 percent of the nation’s total population. So let’s extrapolate. Twelve percent of California’s population is about 4.7 million people. Keep that figure in mind for a moment.

Last November, Obama defeated Romney in California by 3 million votes (7.8 million to 4.8 million). Most of the California Christians who did not actually vote would likely have voted for Romney if they had voted.

California’s 54 electoral votes would have lowered Obama’s total from 332 to 278. Just 271 are needed to win an election. But with the majority of the remaining millions of Christian votes carrying other states as well, Romney would have sailed into the presidency.

So let me ask you again: who is most responsible for keeping Obama in office?


So here’s the take-away for Ted Cruz in 2016:

  • Throughout your presidential campaign, visit a different church every Sunday
  • Since you can’t personally attend every solid, Bible-based church in the U.S., commit family members and campaign team members to visit a different church every Sunday
  • Right through the November election
  • Implore those Christians who did not vote to get to the polls this time and every time because it will truly make the difference between night and day in America.

No, revival is not going to arrive in America on Air Force One. But a heck of a lot of bad governance, bad legislation and bad judicial appointments will be forestalled with the right person in the White House.

There is actually no reason to wait until 2016. You Christians who did not vote last year simply must exercise your freedom from now on. For as Pastor Crowe reminded us, Founding Father Samuel Adams said:

“Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote … that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country.”


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