Arizona’s Dire Need for Foster, Adoptive Parents

By Cathi Herrod, President, Center for Arizona Policy

Arizona is uniquely blessed with strong, faithful leadership in churches across the state. These spiritual leaders aren’t simply concerned with proclaiming the Good News, but living it on a daily basis. They are committed to challenging the Church to meet the needs of our community and express the love of Christ.

Specifically, churches and pastors throughout Arizona are addressing our state’s dire need for foster and adoptive parents. Currently, there are thousands of children in need of a safe place to sleep every night.

As Pastor Tyler Johnson of RedemptionChurch (Gilbert) recently said “God wants to solve Arizona’s foster care crisis by working powerfully in and through His church. What would this look like? It would look like hundreds of us opening our homes and thousands of us supporting those who have taken children in.”

For too long, we have abdicated this role to the government when it should be the body of Christ meeting the needs of people, especially children.

The issue of foster care and adoption is close to my heart. I was blessed to be appointed to Governor Brewer’s ArizonaServes Task Force chaired by City of Grace Pastor Dr. Terry   Crist. ArizonaServes’ primary focus is educating and equipping Arizonans to meet this tremendous need. You can learn all about Arizona’s crisis and how you can make a difference here.

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