Christian Attorneys Defeat Attack on Liberty by Homosexual Activists

Arizonans won a great victory when several attorneys recently teamed up to defeat an outrageous attack on liberty by those pushing the homosexual agenda.

The radicals in the State Bar of Arizona proposed to punish any member attorneys who did not bow down to the neon idol of the homosexual agenda. They sought to amend one of the Arizona Rules of Professional Conduct by making discrimination based on so-called “sexual orientation” and so-called “gender identity” a punishable offense. This would have resulted in disciplinary actions against Christian lawyers who practice law in accordance with their sincerely held religious beliefs.  It would have removed a huge brick in the wall of freedom in Arizona.

Fortunately the Arizona Supreme Court rejected the outrageous and unreasonable posposal. This victory would not have been possible if several freedom-loving lawyers had not submitted a comment in opposition to the proposed amendment change.

These non-discrimination laws are already being used across the nation to punish Christian business owners who refuse to offer their services to people practicing immoral behavior, such as hedonistic parades and amoral sexual deviancy.

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