Dear Senator Flake: You Have One More Chance to get it Right


Senator Jeff Flake, junior senator for the State of Arizona, you made a huge mistake in the past when, as a member of the United States House of Representatives, you voted FOR the radical bill known as ENDA – Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

Senate President Harry Reid vows to bring ENDA up for a vote again prior to Thanksgiving. Don’t blow it again, Senator Flake.

Sure, Employment Non-Discrimination Act sounds nice and polite and all. But that’s how the Democrats work! You ought to know from 13 years in Congress that the more sinister the Democrat bill, the nicer-sounding name it has! Don’t take the bait again!

If passed into law, ENDA will do immeasurable harm. It is a major cornerstone of the homosexual agenda to destroy our concepts of marriage family. It is a crucial component of the radicals’ plans to reorder American society in ways that will only harm our culture and our people. Even the people pushing ENDA will be harmed by it.

ENDA is a one size fits all solution to alleged discrimination that erases all marriage-based distinctions. It grants special rights to homosexuals while ignoring those of employers:

  • ENDA special protection to a group that is already privileged and not disadvantaged.
  • The issue is not job discrimination.
  • The first “religious exemption” clause is very narrow and offers no clear protection to church-related businesses. The second “religious exemption” clause fails to offer protection for all hiring by church-related organizations or businesses. These so-called religious exemptions are more mirage than protections.
  • It is unlikely that the “religious exemption” included in the bill would survive court challenge.
  • ENDA will mandate the employment of homosexuals in inappropriate occupations.
  • ENDA violates employers’ and employees’ Constitutional freedoms of religion, speech and association.
  • ENDA will approvingly bring private behavior considered immoral by many into the public square.

Read what the Family Research Council (FRC) reported on ENDA, which has been rejected over and over again:

Like most liberals, Harry Reid disguises the bill as an anti-discrimination policy when in fact the bill itself discriminates against men and women who oppose cross-dressing or blatant homosexuality on the job. Although some people defend it as an innocent piece of anti-prejudice legislation, ENDA creates special employment protections solely on the basis of a person’s sexual preferences. Businesses would be forced to comply (or face penalties), regardless of the impact on their organization.

“The gender identity provisions,” FRC’s Peter Sprigg warns in an op-ed for CNN, “undermine the right of employers to impose reasonable dress and grooming standards, by forbidding employers to use the most fundamental standard of all — that people be dressed in a way [that’s] appropriate for their biological sex!” Not too long ago, Sen. Reid’s position — which orders employers (like preschools) to hire transvestites, transsexuals, drag queens, and drag kings — was considered “too radical” even for homosexual congressman Barney Frank!

Employers at daycares, public schools, and Christian businesses would all have to change their restroom and shower policies to accommodate men who dress like women and vice-versa. Can you imagine walking into your daughter’s classroom and seeing her teacher dressed in drag — or that same man using the ladies restroom with female students? Apparently Senate liberals can.

Apart from the bill’s obvious problems, this legislation would be a magnet for lawsuits. “[W]ith the law in place, everyone who doesn’t get hired or is removed for cause of any sort finds themselves with the opportunity to sue the employer under the new rules.”

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) challenged the wisdom of such a policy in a statement last week. “By and large, I think all Americans should be protected,” he said, “but I’m not for any special protections based on sexual orientation.” Kudos to Senator Rubio for recognizing that this bill would be just another government club to beat businesses with. It wasn’t too long ago that homosexual activists said they just wanted “to get the government out of their bedroom.” Now we know why: they want to put their bedroom in the workplace!

Senator Flake, Senator McCain, if you support ENDA, you will go down in history among the people who threw the Constitution out the window and helped destroy our first liberty – religious freedom. Don’t make this mistake. Vote “no” on ENDA.

Good citizens of Arizona, contact Senator Flake – and Senator McCain (whose liberal wife is urging him to support ENDA) — and urge them to get it right and vote against this radical and dangerous bill. Thank you.

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Employment Non-Discrimination Act threatens free markets


GOP Healthcare Bill Denounced

John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

Folder2 104Senator Ron Johnson’s (R-Wisc) proposed legislation, the “If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act,” was immediately denounced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) as “out of line.”

“This bill would completely undermine the Affordable Care Act,” Reid charged. “It trades on the simplistic notion that individuals should be permitted to decide what kind of health insurance they need. This is flawed logic. First of all, individuals aren’t qualified to assess the complex issues of health care coverage. Second, allowing people to keep plans they like would cater to the kind of selfishness that is wrecking this country.”

In defense of his bill, Senator Johnson argued that “it merely implements President Obama’s promise that those who like their existing insurance would be allowed to keep it. As we’re seeing millions of customers are being notified by their insurers that the Affordable Care Act requires the cancellation of ‘non-conforming plans.’”

“The President’s promise was never intended as a ‘blank check’ on behalf of personal greed,” Reid countered. “Those who like their existing insurance because it gives them coverage they want at a price they can afford are overlooking the broader social obligations they must bear as a member of society. All the President is asking is that we all share the burden of subsidizing the coverage of those worse off than themselves.”

The contingent of “worse off” includes those with pre-existing conditions, those with chronic health problems brought on by obesity, substance abuse, and serving in government. As Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) explains, “the stress we face in our jobs is severe. On the one hand, lobbyists continually pressure us with temptations—free meals, free trips, campaign donations—that take a toll on our health. On the other hand, there is the constant fear that someone will perceive that we have done something wrong—taken a payoff to push legislation, cheated on our taxes—that disturbs our repose. We need and deserve a subsidy.”

While members of Congress’ salary of $174,000 per year plus assorted perks puts them well above the income  level below which people must fall to qualify for Obamacare subsidies, Rangel and his colleagues, by Executive Order, will receive annual subsidies of nearly $11,000 to help fund their health insurance.

In related news, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius confirmed that she would not be signing up for Obamacare, saying that “I have a better plan that I’m satisfied with and I’m going to keep it.”

Milestone in Welfare Hailed

In a bid to divert attention from the disastrous implementation of Obamacare, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius pointed to the dramatic rise in welfare recipients as “proof of the dramatic progress this Administration has made in transforming America.”

For the first time ever in United States history, the number of persons receiving means-tested welfare payments (108,592,000) exceeds the number of persons engaged in full-time employment (101,716,000).

“Throughout human history the average person has been chained to toil in order to survive,” Sebelius observed. “Today, I am proud to say that the average American has been freed from this servitude. By distributing a greater share of the wealth from those who are able to produce it to those who need to consume it, the President is well on his way to establishing a new ethos for our country. Instead of serving private greed, ability, ambition, and effort are being more effectively harnessed for the benefit of all.”

To ensure that these gains aren’t squandered, Sebelius urged Congress “to pass the tax increases the President has requested. Continued progress toward social justice necessitates a growing source of revenue with which to pay the growing segment of our society that has been liberated from wage-slavery.”

DNC Chair Insists Obamacare Will Be Winning Issue in 2014

Despite a tidal wave of negative news on the roll-out of the Obamacare website, Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla) insists the beleaguered health insurance mandate will be a winning issue for Democrats in November 2014.

“The key will be the women’s votes,” Wasserman-Schultz maintained. “The free birth control benefits alone should have these voters squarely in our corner.”

If the many young women who are being compelled to pay insurance premiums far in excess of the value of the “free birth control” benefit under Obamacare would seem to cast some doubt over Wasserman-Schultz’s prediction, the Congresswoman stubbornly adhered to her assessment.

“The economic calculus being cited by the critics of the program overlooks the psychological aspect,” Wasserman-Schultz said. “Payments for the coverage are mandatory. Use of the services is free. On top of this, the availability of birth control through a legally mandated government program empowers women to throw off the shackles of religious and moral constraints that could impede their full enjoyment of sex.”

“Sexually active young women can use the implicit endorsement of their behaviors by the federal government as a counterbalance to church or family pressures that might seek to dissuade them from living their lives as they choose,” Wasserman-Schultz continued. “I’m convinced that these liberated women will reward the Democratic Party for the new freedoms we have bestowed upon them.”

In related news, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid claims that a push for higher taxes would be another winning election issue for Democrats. “The only people who feel there shouldn’t be more coming in to the federal government are the Republicans in the Congress,” Reid said in a radio interview. “I believe most voters can see that the uses to which the government can put their money would be more productive and beneficial than the frivolous ways in which they would spend it themselves if we don’t tax it away from them.”

Obamacare Operator Fired

A low level employee answering phone inquiries from customers trying to purchase health insurance through an Obamacare Exchange was summarily fired for publicly affirming that the process is unpopular. The incident occurred when Erling Davis admitted to talk show personality Sean Hannity that most of the callers she has handled expressed frustration and unhappiness with the cumbersome and complicated process.

“Negativity is a millstone around the neck of social progress,” said Administration adviser Valerie Jarrett. “Positive thinking is essential if we are to make the Affordable Care Act work. The accuracy or truthfulness of Ms. Davis’ observations is irrelevant. Her failure to project optimism and confidence at all times could undermine the American people’s belief in the President and his program for change. We had to let her go.”

Former Democratic National Committee chair and Vermont Governor Howard Dean supported Jarrett’s position saying “there’s this scene in Peter Pan where the mere thinking of happy thoughts enables the children to fly off to Neverland. Obviously, the importance of a positive attitude couldn’t be clearer. If the President is to succeed he needs everyone to be on the same page. Negativism of the sort displayed by Ms. Davis can’t be tolerated.”

Since Ms. Davis’ lack of the appropriate attitude was disclosed on his radio show, Hannity has committed to paying her a year’s salary ($26,000) and to assisting her in finding another job.

In related news, White House staffer Jofi Joseph was also fired for airing “unhappy thoughts” on his twitter account. Perhaps his most egregious offense was to suggest that GOP suspicions of a Benghazi whitewash might be on target.

Congressman Blames Private Sector for Obamacare Glitches

Representative Henry Waxman (D-Calif) blamed the contractors hired by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Department for the website failures that are bogging down the launch of Obamacare. “These private sector sharks exploited Secretary Sebelius’ ignorance and sold her a bad product,” Waxman contended. “In effect they bilked her and America out of millions of dollars with a shoddy piece of merchandise.”

CGI, one of the principal contractors for the website contested Waxman’s characterization. “There were numerous checkpoints every step of the way,” said CGI’s Senior Vice President Cheryl Campbell. “We have hundreds of invoices signed by various HHS personnel verifying that the work we did was fully satisfactory. They wouldn’t have paid us if they thought otherwise.”

Waxman was unimpressed by CGI’s offer of a paper trail in support of their position. “Everyone knows that the government staff charged with scrutinizing the work done by private contractors isn’t competent to assess the quality of the product,” Waxman argued. “Blindly signing off for work that they cannot comprehend is pretty much standard practice on just about every project that is contracted out. The hope is that the contractor knows what he is doing because the government sure doesn’t. I lay the blame on them.”

The Congressman suggested that the long term solution would be “to eliminate contracting with the private sector. If all the work were done in-house by government employees we wouldn’t be getting cheated by outsiders.” While conceding that the likelihood of improved quality was remote, Waxman took solace that “we would certainly put an end to profiteering.”

A Satirical Look at Recent News

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FLASHBACK! Hey, Arizona Republic: We’re ‘Mainstream’; You’re Not!

With the 10th anniversary of The Arizona Conservative — the first and oldest conservative publication in the Grand Canyon State — approaching November 1st, we’re re-running some of our most popular posts. Here’s another one you’ll enjoy!

October 11, 2009

Mainstream people across Arizona have had enough of the Left-Wing GroupThink Media. This Saturday, Oct. 17, they’re doing a Tea Party at the Arizona Republic and ABC Channel 15 in Phoenix to demonstrate against biased, agenda-driven media that does not resonate with mainstream citizens.

You can get the details here: Operation: Can You Hear US Now? – Media Protest [link no longer works]

We don’t have to wait until Saturday morning to start the dialogue with these out of touch media people. We can start the drumbeat right now with on-point messaging, like the following:

Hey, Republic!
We’re “mainstream”;
You’re Not


The Republic:
Inaccurate Reporting
on Border

Republic/Channel 15
Left-Wing GroupThink
Media in Persistent
Vegetative State
on Abortion Reporting

Left-Wing Media:
Try Reporting

Pink Slip for Left-
Wing Media:
You’re Fired!

Dear Lefty
You’re Missing
the Real Stories

Cancel Your

A Little Less
Fluff, A Little
More Reporting

Admit it,Lefties:
Obama’s Your

Katie Raml:
Biased, Pro-

Lefty Media:
You’re Ignoring
of America

Arizonans/Americans are clever and resourceful, and The Arizona Conservative looks forward with great anticipation to the clever signs at Saturday’s demonstrations.

Don’t expect any real or accurate reporting on these events from the tired, entrenched leftist media establishment. That will come from the new media, the blogs and websites of everyday, mainstream Arizonans.

Doctor Opposes Medicaid Expansion


We take care of each other. 

And we all know that important programs like Medicaid exist to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable.

I paid attention to the Medicaid expansion discussion and nobody mentioned that up to four in five people who will be added to Medicaid through the expansion already have private health insurance. 

They certainly didn’t tell us that the last time Arizona expanded Medicaid, the actual costs were four times more than promised! That mistake contributed greatly to the $1 billion budget crisis our state recently faced. Since the expansion passed, we’ve learned about A LOT of problems with it, and there are still so many things they aren’t telling us.

For example:

  • Despite not having the required super-majority in the Legislature to raise the taxes necessary for Medicaid expansion, a last-minute special session was called to force the vote.
  • A recent study questioned the benefit of expanding Medicaid
  • About half of all of states have already refused to expand Medicaid

And there may be even more out there–we just don’t know. 

That’s why we put an ad on television beginning to explain the real concerns that exist with expanding Medicaid. There are just too many issues to ignore. Please watch the ad and share the information with your friends and family.

It’s not too late to protect those in need AND our health care choices. 

Learn more at

Thank you,
Dr. Eric Novack


Pain Train Leaves Trail of Carnage, Broken Bodies, Damaged Vehicles

Here’s one way for public transit to compete with private cars and pedestrians sharing the same road: run them down and knock them out of your way.

That’s what the Phoenix metro area Pain Trains are doing. Quite literally.

One more person would be alive today if lite rail hadn’t been foisted upon the Phoenix metro area.

Many more people’s bodies would be whole today if lite rail hadn’t been foisted upon the Phoenix metro area.

Salvage yards would be a little emptier if lite rail hadn’t been foisted upon the Phoenix metro area.

Area hospitals would have treated fewer ER patients if lite rail hadn’t been foisted upon the Phoenix metro area.

It’s a grim fact that lite rail has left a trail of badly injured people, damaged vehicles, and sadly – one fatality. We knew this boondoggle would be inefficient and a drain on communities and taxpayers; we just didn’t imagine the carnage.

As of this summer there had been 118 accidents and counting between the Pain Trains and vehicles and pedestrians.

One person was run over and mutilated by the Pain Train and dragged for miles before the train was stopped. Another person was pinned under the Pain Train but – fortunately – rescued. Others have been pinned up against structures by the Pain Train. We’re talking some serious spinal injuries and more.

The poor planning involved with the Pain Train has led to dozens and dozens of collisions with vehicles. At least Portland is smart enough to run its lite rail away from high volume surface roads. Phoenix isn’t that smart. Neither is Tempe. Or Mesa. The Pain Trains are right out there on busy rush hour streets out-muscling cars at intersections and people waiting in boarding areas.

So, let us take a solemn moment of silence for the departed and those maimed by the Pain Train, a blight on and a clear and present danger to our communities.

Watch your step.

Confident President Opens Immigration Reform Push

John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

Buoyed by his recently successful “no negotiation” negotiations with congressional Republicans, President Obama demanded that “the long overdue and urgently imperative legalization of the millions of immigrants who entered our country through irregular processes must be undertaken.”

The president insisted that “I will not take ‘no’ for an answer. An expeditious pathway to full citizenship is non-negotiable. Once Congress has enacted this pathway I will be happy to sit down with Republican leadership to work out the best procedures for implementing it. There is no good reason why the vast majority of these presently undocumented persons cannot be fully integrated into our society with the complete access to the same benefits of free education, health care, welfare, and voting that are available to every other citizen.”

Obama warned Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kenticlu) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) “to not let the siren song of the Tea Party divert you from doing what you must to support this step forward for social justice. It cannot be stopped. If need be, I will, like President Lincoln did, issue an emancipation proclamation for these immigrants on my own authority.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) expressed his confidence that “the GOP’s failure to stop the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has taught McConnell and Boehner a stern lesson. Resistance is futile. They can cooperate to enact the necessary legislation in time for millions of these new citizens to cast  their votes in the November 2014 elections or further blacken their reputation for racism and disloyalty.”

In related news, a petition has been launched on the website demanding the immediate arrest of Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Speaker of the House John Boehner and other decision-making House Republican leaders for the crimes of seditious conspiracy against the United States of America. As one signer put it, “instead of helping the President these Tea Party guys went out of their way to oppose him. Unless we make an example of them now others will continue to try to disrupt his rule.”

Insurers’ Complaints Dismissed

As the new registrants for Obamacare trickle in to the private insurers who are expected to provide coverage complaints about the quality of the registration data are emerging. Executives at more than a dozen health insurance companies say that the information being forwarded to them from the Obamacare Exchanges is riddled with errors.

“We’re getting duplicate requests for the same individuals,” said Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini. “In other cases crucial information is missing or incorrect. Some of these errors can be handled by personally phoning those trying to buy insurance, but this is labor-intensive and not cost-effective. If this is how we have to process the applications rates will have to go up even more than they already have.”

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius dismissed these complaints as “an unwarranted attempt to impose private sector standards on public sector performance. Saying that a private firm with such a poor handling of a new service would be headed for bankruptcy is simply inappropriate. The federal government will not go bankrupt. In fact, Congress has just granted an essentially unlimited authority for the president to authorize new debt. The American people can rest assured that we will make this system work no matter how much it costs.”

As for those whose incomes make them ineligible for healthcare subsidies, Sebelius referred them to advice given by the San Francisco Chronicle: lower your income. “It’s not like everything is totally out of your control Sebelius argued. “Luckily, many are being given a helping hand by their employers. Firms that are cutting work hours below 29 per week are making it easier for their employees to qualify for the Act’s subsidies. On top of this, a lower income may also make you eligible for the EBT program’s food subsidies.”

In related news, another unpleasant feature of the Obamacare Exchanges is that those who register on-line “should have no expectation of privacy.” The warning is buried within the program and may easily be overlooked by those using the website to enroll in Obamacare. And given that website users must first enter their personal data before even getting to where they might see the warning it comes too late to avoid the risk that identity thieves may gain access to personal data they hoped would remain private. Criminals have already set up counterfeit Exchange websites. Others can be expected to hack into the official website.

Senator Says Shutdown Was a Complete Disaster for GOP

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) called the recent 16-day partial shutdown of the federal government “one of the worse things to happen to this country in my lifetime. It pushed this country to the brink of financial default by almost forcing President Obama to make a choice between paying interest to our creditors or funding programs he deems vital for the future of our nation and the world.”

Where the GOP went wrong in Durbin’s opinion was “their notion that furloughing 800,000 nonessential government employees would go unnoticed. If President Obama had remained passive in the face of this crisis they might have pulled it off. However, by getting out in front and ensuring that access to open spaces that many take for granted would be interdicted, the President made sure that the shutdown would be widely felt.”

The Senator speculated that “Republicans will pay a heavy price in November of 2014. Voter outrage over the disrespect shown to veterans, the inconveniencing of tourists, and having to give back pay to workers idled by the shutdown will cost them at the polls.”

In related news, Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) boasted that “we got everything we wanted. They got a ‘fig leaf.’” The “fig leaf” was a provision requiring the government to verify Obamacare applicants’ income before awarding them subsidies. “The verification process is totally under the Administration’s control,” Schumer pointed out. “There’s no way for the GOP to check the accuracy or even whether any verification took place.”

Pelosi Okay with Pork in Continuing Resolution

As it turns out, the so-called “clean” Continuing Resolution passed this week to reopen the federal government wasn’t so clean after all. Included in the fine print was a $2 billion bailout of a troubled dam project on the Ohio River and a payment of a year’s salary to the millionaire widow of the deceased Senator Lautenberg (D-NJ).

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) said she considers such expenditures “a small price to pay for averting a worse calamity. If $2 billion for a dam in Kentucky is what it takes to buy Senator McConnell’s vote, so be it. Let’s put things in the proper perspective. The CR included a trillion dollars in new borrowing authority. McConnell’s $2 billion dam amounts to less than one percent of the additional money we can spend.”

Senator McConnell contested the characterization of the $2 billion as the “Kentucky Kickback.” “Bringing benefits to the people of Kentucky is job-one in my book,” he said. “At least the people of my state came out of this fracas with a bigger piece of the pie than those of any other state. Isn’t ‘bringing home the bacon’ better than not ‘bringing home the bacon?’ I’m sure that Kentucky’s voters will appreciate what I’ve done for them.”

NPS Director Defends Aggressive Action to Shut Parks

Called to testify before the House Natural Resources, and Oversight and Government Reform committees, National Parks Service Director Jonathan Jarvis stood by his actions during the shutdown.

The most serious challenge to Jarvis’ actions came from Representative Rob Bishop (R-Utah) who accused him of violating the Anti-deficiency Act. This Act prohibits agencies from undertaking additional work during a lapse in funding such as occurred during the recent shutdown.

Jarvis didn’t deny that sending park rangers to barricade open air monuments and harass tourists violated this statute. “I will grant that the text of the statute would appear to prohibit the actions I authorized,” Jarvis admitted. “However, I discussed this matter with officials at the White House and Secretary Jewell. I was assured that the President’s authority superseded a rigid adherence to the statutory text.”

“I was told that if we left the Mall or the World War II Memorial open they wouldn’t really be shutdown,” Jarvis continued. “I mean, without the barricades how would the general public even know they were closed? Likewise, if we had allowed tourists to drive through our national parks and take photos it would have diluted the message that these places were closed. It’s not enough to just passively lock the doors of the visitors’ centers and think we’ve closed the parks if we let people take a peek from their vehicles while driving.”

An overlooked rationale for aggressively shutting down NPS sites according to Jarvis was the threat of terrorism. “If we left these sites open and unbarricaded they could’ve easily fallen into the hands of terrorists,” Jarvis contended. “As we saw, octogenarians were able to penetrate the perimeters we tried to establish. Imagine how much worse it could’ve been if, instead, al-Qaeda had chosen this occasion to seize these sites.”

In related news, President Obama created and awarded a Presidential Medal of Honor to Jarvis “for his heroic actions during the just concluded shutdown crisis. Without Director Jarvis’ steadfast leadership in this time of peril unauthorized viewing of some of America’s most treasured resources and sacred historic sites might have gone unopposed. In the full knowledge that he might face grievous criticism for actions many would classify as spiteful and vindictive, he did not waver from carrying out my orders.”

A Satirical Look at Recent News

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Economics: Why Keynesian Economics Doesn’t Work

Whenever the economy tanks, people in Washington argue that the government should inject money into the economy to stimulate growth. If you think government is enormous now, Obama is agitating for even greater stimulus spending for trillions more in entitlements and make-work projects.

After the “Big Bang stimulus” totaling $4.7 trillion, unemployment remains at 9.1% and the economy has grown an anemic 1.3% (summer 2011 data). But the stimulus hasn’t failed, they say, the government just needs to spend a lot more and keep doing it until it works—the beatings will continue until morale improves.

The problem is, spend a trillion here and a trillion there and soon we run into some pretty big money.

What Is It and Where Did It Come From?

The idea of big government spending as national savior got started in the 1930s when the country was in the throws of the Great Depression. English economist John Maynard Keynes argued that the government could boost the economy if it borrowed money then spent it.

According to this theory, now known as Keynesian Economics, money would find its way into people’s wallets and then they would spend the money. This was supposed to “prime the pump” as money began circulating through the economy. One dollar spent is another dollar earned by someone else. (This is called the multiplier effect).

Following the Keynesian paradigm, Obama and the past Democratic Party-dominated Congress increased spending through the extension of unemployment benefits, the health care takeover, bailouts of financial  institutions, bailouts of homeowners, increases in other entitlement spending and the funding of hundreds of billions of dollars for special interest projects. Since domestic consumer spending accounts for 2/3 of the U.S. economy, all this government spending should have spurred demand, which in turn should have created more jobs to meet the production requirements to meet this new demand. This demand-side economics has not created jobs.

Keynesian theory looks good on paper and it would be the magic spell for flagging economies everywhere if it didn’t have this one glaring logical fallacy. It overlooks the fact that the government can’t inject money into the economy without first taking it out. The theory only looks at half of the equation. As the government puts money in the right hand, it borrows money from the left hand. Government spending clearly benefits those people who receive the money, but there is no net increase in productivity and no increase in the national income (GDP).

GDP will appear to grow as long as the money doesn’t run out. Once the recipients have spent the money, the growth fizzles. The economic reaction is unsustainable because the private sector understands that the government “stimulus” stimulates nothing in the long term, so they will not invest in new products or new hiring.

How Does It Affect the Economy?

The Keynesian response is to say that there will be an increase in the overall available cash, which increases consumer spending rather than the money sitting idle. That’s wrong because the money doesn’t sit idle. Why? Because of a key economic axiom: savings=investment

When people are not spending, they are saving, but they don’t keep their savings in a cookie jar. It is in the bank, in real estate, in stocks and other various instruments, including U.S. Treasury issues.

But when the government gives money to someone to spend, that money is taken from someone else who doesn’t get to spend it.

This can come in two forms: taxation and/or borrowing. The results of taxation are obvious. The effects of  borrowing are not so obvious. When the government borrows, it “crowds out” other types of investments. The government’s demand for money is high and generally the interest rates rise on the law of supply and demand. Higher interest rates translate to higher costs for businesses and consumers which can slow down  growth. Investors and entrepreneurs are then less likely to borrow and so new ideas, services and technology which do provide sustainable employment, don’t appear.

Under the current circumstances of 2011, the crowding out phenomenon has not happened because the Federal Reserve injected trillions into the economy through two rounds of quantitative easing, or QE. QE is when the Federal Reserve buys back its bonds. The Fed’s own demand for bonds raises the price of the  bonds, which in turn lowers their annual percentage yield. Since long term and medium term rates follow the Treasury bonds, these rates fall as well. This sounds like a good deal except “their ain’t no such thing as a free lunch,” as the late Milton Friedman said. The big flood of dollars without the increase in productivity is inflationary and the dollar loses its value. Inflation is here.

Nevertheless, businesses should be borrowing like mad but they’re not.

Excessive and ridiculous regulations, uncertainty about health care, corporate tax rates and cap and trade and other unlegislated environmental laws are terrible conditions for businesses and they will remain sitting on their cash in these terribly uncertain times until the heat dies down.

Keynesianism Has Failed: The Evidence

Keynesianism is a failure. Let’s look at the evidence.

During the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover increased taxes dramatically including the top tax rate from 25% to 63% (tax the rich), he imposed harsh protectionist policies such as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, significantly increased intervention in private sector and most importantly from the Keynesian perspective, he boosted government spending, which he financed with debt, by 47 percent in 4 years.

Hoover entered office in 1929 with a small surplus and left office with a deficit of 4.5% of GDP. Growth went down and unemployment went up.

FDR followed the same approach. Top tax rate went to 79% [tax the rich], and government intervention became more pervasive and invasive. Keynesians, especially those in the Obama administration, point out that GDP did indeed grow under the New Deal, proving that stimulus works; and it will work again if the
government spends enough.

Looking at the graphs below, we can see that, under FDR, GDP remained pretty flat and unemployment remained staggeringly high until 1940. As Robert Reich is fond to saying repeatedly, “it’s not the deficit we  need to worry about; it’s jobs.”

A Word About FDR and WWII Spending Keynesian enthusiasts will point out that from 1940 on, GDP grew and unemployment went down rather dramatically. I agree.

The biggest jump in debt, employment and GDP came from mobilization and participation in WWII, all financed by the government through debt and the taxpayer. As long as the war carried on, all these factors would continue to grow.

We need to remember several key points about this. First, GDP came from the manufacture of armaments and everything that went along with that. Resources are limited so in order to keep the war effort going, there was a lot of rationing, including, but not limited to, anything involving metals, plastics, nylon, rubber, gasoline, sugar and flour.

Two, the war effort employed millions of active duty and civilian members in every imaginable sector.

Three, unemployment increased after the war as hundreds of thousands of returning soldiers started looking for work.Four, and this is especially important for the years following 1945, was that after the dust settled, the United States was the last man standing. With infrastructure, factories and resources all but destroyed in Europe and in parts of East Asia, the world was America’s customer. It was not the WPA, or even the war effort, that got the US out of Depression. It was America being open for business when no other country could supply all that was needed by the rest of the world. Private sector and free market to the rescue.

Five, defense spending trickles throughout the commercial sector, and technological innovation comes from it that offers ongoing benefits to industry and consumers alike–the gift that keeps on giving.

And six: providing for the common defense is about the only thing the Constitution mandates the government to spend money on.

But when the government spends money on entitlements and special interests that produce nothing, as in O’s stimulus package, then sustainable growth and job creation will never happen, any more than it did with FDR’s WPA.

Another example: in 1972 Gerald Ford gave tax rebates that did nothing to grow the economy because  the money did nothing to improve economic output.

On the international front, Japan tried to use Keynes to stimulate their stagnant economy but the only thing that went up was Japan’s debt, which had doubled during the decade.

Where Might This Economic Thinking Lead America?

The last point about the Keynesian approach is that government spending hurts economic output by misallocating resources. That is, the government chooses what gets developed in the economy rather than the free market which consists of businesses and consumers who decide what they want to buy.

If sound reasoning and all the data show that Keynesian is foolish economics, why does Obama want to keep trying the same approach over and over again? I don’t think that Obama has changed his mind about fundamentally transforming America. I think he is taking advantage of the recession to push his socialist agenda into place.

Either that or he is absolutely nuts.

SOURCE: Conservative Politics in the Progressive Era

‘Journalist’Urges Wall Street to Aid President

John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

Political Director of ABC News, Rick Klein, pleaded with Wall Street financiers to “manipulate the markets on behalf of President Obama’s efforts to stand against GOP resistance.”

“Government spending is what’s been lining their pockets for generations,” Klein observed. “How can they sit by and allow upstarts like Senator Cruz to interfere? They’ve got to use their financial power to provoke a major slide in stock prices. Sure, they might have to take some temporary losses, but they should consider it an investment that will ensure that government cash continues to flow to them in the future.”

Klein noted that “President Obama is doing his part to inflict real pain on tourists and vets. It’s time for the guys with the big bucks to inflict some pain on individual investors, to make people fret about their mutual funds and pensions. The more widespread the suffering, the more pressure these average Americans will put on their Congressional representatives to yield to the President’s demands.”

Pelosi Rejects Any Responsibility for Obamacare Disaster

October 1st’s disastrous launch of the Affordable Care Act’s automated web site “is not any of my fault,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif), architect of the law, insisted.

The former Speaker rebuffed questions asking whether she has read the law since its 2010 enactment when she famously asserted that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it.”

“If you look carefully at what I said you’ll see that I said we had to pass the law so you can find out what’s in it,” Pelosi pointed out. “This law isn’t for me. I have the personal resources to cover any conceivable medical treatment I might require. This law is for the little people. They and the ‘navigators’ must bear the burden of finding out what’s in it, not me.”

Thus far, the vast majority of individuals trying to use the heath care website ( have been unable to enroll in any heath insurance plan. Glitches in the $600 million dollar software program are frustrating even the most patient users.

Whether the “navigators” will be of much assistance remains to be seen. Some are misinformed about the requirements and insist that users must input credit scores to obtain coverage. Others are connected with organizations suspected of fraud. Background checks for all navigators were waived due to “lack of time.”
The Attorneys General of 13 states have warned that the navigator program presents serious risks for identity theft.

John McAfee, creator of anti-virus software, predicts that thieves will hack into the Obamacare website, steal the personal information entered by those trying to enroll in the program, and use it to empty their bank accounts. “The official Obamacare website has no reliable safeguards at all,” McAfee observed. “The massive fleecing of vast numbers of those who enroll is just a matter of time.”

Leading Dems Declare Congress “Non-Essential”

Among the “non-essential” government functions shutdown during the last 10 days are the offices of leading members of the US Senate including Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill), Senators Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Bill Nelson (D-Fla).

“When you get right down to it, all the essential functions of government can be carried out by the President,” Reid argued. “The police and armed forces all report to him. If push comes to shove he can simply order them to enforce his will. President Obama has shown a willingness to take on this responsibility. I believe he has the courage to bypass the out-dated and formalistic participation of Congress in ruling this country.”

Reid hastened to clarify that “I’m not saying that Congress is totally useless. Formalistic participation has a role in easing the transition to a newer mode of governance. Even the Roman Emperors retained a largely powerless Senate as a reassuring facade of its republican past.”

“The evolving function I see Congress fulfilling is as a voice for supplicants seeking the favor of the President,” Reid added. “Getting the ear of the President is difficult for individuals. Going through a member of Congress has some value. Building a fruitful relationship with your state’s members of Congress could be a mutually rewarding one if gaining a bigger piece of a growing government pie is your objective.”

In related news, Obama’s former campaign manager, David Plouffe, labeled continued Republican opposition to President Obama “treason. Barack Obama was duly elected to rule over America by the voters. The overt actions of people like Senators Cruz, Lee, and Paul evince a disloyalty that should not be tolerated. If it doesn’t stop extraordinary measures may be warranted to avert this clear and present danger.”

Administration Promises Default If Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew slammed Republican arguments that failure to raise the debt ceiling doesn’t guarantee default as based on “faulty logic.” This is despite the fact that Moody’s, the internationally respected financial rating service, supports the GOP case.

“They say that maxing out our borrowing just means that we will have to cut spending somewhere, that we could continue to service our debt while we make cuts elsewhere,” Lew recounted. “What they are forgetting is that the decision on whether to default or cut other spending is in our hands, not theirs.”

Calling the failure to raise the debt ceiling “a kind of poor man’s balanced budget amendment,” Lew vowed that “the President will not be pressured into cutting back even non-essential functions by this kind of blackmail. We’ve got the full faith and credit of the entire US Government in our sights. If the GOP won’t give the President what he wants we will pull the trigger. Everyone will understand that they made us do it.”

National Parks Service Rejects Donated Porta Potties

With the Parks’ restrooms at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC closed, a truckload of portable restrooms of the sort used at construction sites was donated by private citizens. NPS Rangers blocked these from being unloaded.

“The President has instructed us to shutdown this site,” explained NPS Director Jonathan Jarvis. “As everyone knows, our efforts have been thwarted by aged veterans breaching our barricades. We certainly can’t reward this disobedience by allowing bladder and bowel evacuation facilities near the Memorial.”

Jarvis scoffed at the notion that this could be construed as vindictive. “Hah, these guys faced worse when they were fighting the Nazis and Japs,” Jarvis gibed. “Were there porta potties on Okinawa or Normandy Beach? If anything, we’re helping them relive some of the hardships they faced in their glory days. Where’s the gratitude?”

In related news, the NPS has begun removing handles from water fountains in public parks they can’t effectively block the public from entering. “Sure, it costs extra time, money and effort to do this,” Jarvis admitted. “But we need to make every reasonable effort to prevent people from using federal park facilities. If a few people suffer from heat exhaustion because they’re dehydrated maybe they’ll get the message: these parks are CLOSED.”

Mall Closed to Citizens, Open to Illegal Aliens

At the same time the National Parks Service has been going the extra mile to prohibit veterans from trespassing on sites in Washington, DC, the Administration issued a permit for an immigration reform rally on the Mall.

Presidential Press Secretary Jay Carney justified the disparate treatment as “in accord with the President’s vision for America. As grateful as we may be for the contributions made by World War II veterans, it must be acknowledged that the useful role they played is in the past. They rose to the occasion when they were needed. In no sense of the word are any of their recent attempts to visit the World War II Memorial ‘needed.’”

“In contrast, the President has made it clear that immigration reform is crucial for the future,” Carney continued. “Those in the country illegally must be brought out of the shadows and granted a place from which they can exert their influence to help transform the nation.”

“So, the bottom line is that trips down memory lane by aged vets are not important to the future of America,” Carney asserted. “Rallying for immigrant rights is. Temporarily barring the one while enabling the other makes perfect sense. It is both politically imperative and socially just.”

ATF Blocks Book Exposing Fast and Furious Gun-Running Scheme

The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is asserting authority to block the publication of whistle blower John Dodson’s book The Unarmed Truth: My Fight to Blow the Whistle and Expose Fast and Furious. The book ban was issued by Deputy Ethics Official Greg Serres on the grounds that supervisors can deny outside employment “for any reason.” Dodson writing a book on his own time is considered “outside employment.”

“Dodson is seeking to profit from knowledge he gained while being employed by the ATF,” Serres said. “It is the agency’s contention that all knowledge gained on the job belongs to the agency. It has an absolute right to control how it is used.”

A significant aspect of this issue according to Serres is that “the book would focus unwanted scrutiny on mistakes made by the agency. It would hurt morale, not to mention threaten the careers of agency leadership and possibly future budget allocations if these mistakes were more widely publicized—a not unforeseeable outcome of the publication of this proposed book.”

The American Civil Liberties Union has criticized the book’s suppression. “That a so-called ‘ethics’ officer would support this censorship is shameful,” ACLU spokesman Bertram Petty contended. “To boldly claim such an expansive authority to conceal damaging information is indicative of a rot more extensive than we can imagine.”

A Satirical Look at Recent News

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Freedom vs. Progressivism

Constitution Limits the government in order to protect the citizen; the   Constitution and the Bill of Rights are what they are and don’t allow for imagined intentions A living, breathing document whose meaning changes   arbitrarily; creative interpretations by activist judges, at the urging of  special interest groups, fabricating new “rights” that infringe on the Bill of Rights; revisionist casting of the Bill of Rights seeks to create utopia;   rights are to be rationed by the government
Family The basic unit of society: married mother and father caring for their children contributes to healthy society Based on adult happiness, regardless of gender; government content to spend billions of taxpayer dollars on family breakdown
Marriage One man and one woman committed to the best interests of the family Any coupling or grouping and based on adult happiness
Theology Jesus died for the sins of all mankind for all time; all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; the government is not a   theocracy, but religion is the moral conscience of the nation Secular humanism is the religion of government, public schools, and mass media; government is “god”; man is the master of his fate, the captain of his ship (Invictus)
Morality Transcendent moral order; God’s Word in the Bible; obedience to something higher than one’s self Relative: determined by the individual; situational ethics
Government The Constitution protects the citizen from the government;   localized control preferred; powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution Centralized federal control over state and local levels;  seemingly every human activity imaginable   requires government regulation administered by an ever growing army of regulators; there are almost 1,000 federal agencies and divisions enforcing laws; the executive and judicial branches of government are free to usurp the   legislative branch to set and enforce policy
Basis of freedom The Bill of Rights; God-given natural law; inalienable rights Open to government interpretation; Non-discrimination   laws, “hate” crime laws
The Courts One of three equal branches of government; decisions based on originalism; bound by the Constitution, which protects citizens from the government Superior to the executive and legislative branches; decisions open to interpretations favored by leftists; to be used for gains that special interests are not able to achieve legislatively; the judiciary   makes unilateral “amendments” to the Constitution; protects government interests at the expense of citizens
Supreme Court   justices Limited by the Constitution Unlimited by the Constitution; open to citation of international law and the fabrication of new “rights” under the guise of   constitutionality
The Church Protected from the government by the First Amendment Naturalism; science; government needs protection from the church based on the ACLU’s false claim of a “separation of church and state” not based on history, the Constitution, or original intent
Public education The student is to be served by the best educational choice possible; local control Public schools, run by teachers’ unions, are prioritized over the education of students; federal government control
Taxation Low tax rates stimulate business investment, hiring and job creation; tax rates should be fair across the board; the federal   government should raise only the revenue needed to fund the activities authorized by the Constitution High tax rates allow government to expand social welfare programs; whomever earns the most should be taxed more; the tax rate on the  wealthy could extend all the way to 100 percent; Karl Marx urged “a heavy progressive or graduated income tax”
Economy Capitalism; economic equality is unachievable because people invest differing levels of education, motivation and risk Socialism, which is the path to communism, and centralized   control by the federal government; government intervention; the   redistribution of wealth is staged by coercion
Market Free enterprise and minimal government regulation; the   free market is the most transformative economic system; the free market  creates the most wealth and opportunities for people Massing of centralized control and power over the market; high tax rates removing money from the private sector; statists oppose the free market and seek to control it; demonization of wealth creators by government and unions
Political   competition Compete against opponents; freedom to disagree Destroy the enemy; punish anyone who opposes us (fascism)
Crime Man is fallen and susceptible to evil and must be punished with stiff sentences for law-breaking Man is a victim and subject to forces beyond his/her control; light sentencing
Government Constitutionally ordered, divided into three branches to provide a system of checks and balances Domineering and with few restraints; to be used for   personal and special interests’ gains; the courts are to be used to gain what cannot be achieved through the legislative process
Property Private ownership of personal property; what belongs to one man is the object of his care and economy Maximum government ownership; taxation and laws intrude upon private ownership; what belongs to no one in particular is wasted by   everyone
Achievement Self determination; hard work and achievement are rewarded It’s unfair if some have more possessions than others;   everyone should have the same amount of things, with government acting as regulator; those with what government deems excessive must be punished
Life Man is made in the image of God; humans should be protected from conception to natural death; human embryos should not be used as a commodity or sacrificed for experimentation Man is just another animal and nothing special; human life   is expendable; only “wanted” children should be born; depressed citizens should be allowed to find another person to kill them; the elderly and the disabled are using up too many medical resources and should not be allowed to   continue living; people and government have the right to determine who lives and who dies
Autonomy Citizens should be left alone to tend to their own affairs; private enterprise; private decisions in work, life, education, worship; government’s intrusion into personal lives must be extremely limited Increasing government control of and regulation over citizens’ personal lives
Second Amendment Citizens have the constitutional right to bear arms and to self protect; a gun is vital to a citizen’s self defense and is no better or   worse than the person holding it Only the government should have the right to own a gun; citizens have no right to protect themselves
Law Uphold the rule of law Selective use of the rule of law and liberal preference for applications of “law”