Senator McCain, Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

The former so-called “foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution” — Senator John McCain — is now a malcontent sewing discord and trashing conservatives.

While real Reagain Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz are leading and courageously calling out the president and those attacking the liberty of Americans on numerous fronts, McCain said Tuesday in a Fox News Channel interview:

“We Republicans have to have a plan rather than the fool’s errand of repealing Obamacare.”

Senator McCain, some Republicans are leading on this, and you aren’t one of them. You’re just backstabbing; you’re not part of the solution. You aren’t showing any leadership or backbone. You are closer to Obama’s position than to the Senate Republicans who are standing up for the American people. No wonder you told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto you haven’t “achieved any progress.”

In fact, Senator McCain, it’s because of the track record of you and other weak-kneed Republican moderates that Obama and the Democrats refuse to negotiate. They are conditioned to seeing you and others like you folding and giving up. But there are new, conservative leaders in the Senate now, and you are irrelevant. No one is listening to you. This is a time to fight, Senator McCain. Either lead, follow, or get out of the way. You are embarrassing Arizona.

Fellow conservatives, it may be time for yet another vote of no confidence in Senator McCain.

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