Doctor Opposes Medicaid Expansion


We take care of each other. 

And we all know that important programs like Medicaid exist to provide a safety net for the most vulnerable.

I paid attention to the Medicaid expansion discussion and nobody mentioned that up to four in five people who will be added to Medicaid through the expansion already have private health insurance. 

They certainly didn’t tell us that the last time Arizona expanded Medicaid, the actual costs were four times more than promised! That mistake contributed greatly to the $1 billion budget crisis our state recently faced. Since the expansion passed, we’ve learned about A LOT of problems with it, and there are still so many things they aren’t telling us.

For example:

  • Despite not having the required super-majority in the Legislature to raise the taxes necessary for Medicaid expansion, a last-minute special session was called to force the vote.
  • A recent study questioned the benefit of expanding Medicaid
  • About half of all of states have already refused to expand Medicaid

And there may be even more out there–we just don’t know. 

That’s why we put an ad on television beginning to explain the real concerns that exist with expanding Medicaid. There are just too many issues to ignore. Please watch the ad and share the information with your friends and family.

It’s not too late to protect those in need AND our health care choices. 

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Thank you,
Dr. Eric Novack


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