FLASHBACK! Hey, Arizona Republic: We’re ‘Mainstream’; You’re Not!

With the 10th anniversary of The Arizona Conservative — the first and oldest conservative publication in the Grand Canyon State — approaching November 1st, we’re re-running some of our most popular posts. Here’s another one you’ll enjoy!

October 11, 2009

Mainstream people across Arizona have had enough of the Left-Wing GroupThink Media. This Saturday, Oct. 17, they’re doing a Tea Party at the Arizona Republic and ABC Channel 15 in Phoenix to demonstrate against biased, agenda-driven media that does not resonate with mainstream citizens.

You can get the details here: Operation: Can You Hear US Now? – Media Protest [link no longer works]

We don’t have to wait until Saturday morning to start the dialogue with these out of touch media people. We can start the drumbeat right now with on-point messaging, like the following:

Hey, Republic!
We’re “mainstream”;
You’re Not


The Republic:
Inaccurate Reporting
on Border

Republic/Channel 15
Left-Wing GroupThink
Media in Persistent
Vegetative State
on Abortion Reporting

Left-Wing Media:
Try Reporting

Pink Slip for Left-
Wing Media:
You’re Fired!

Dear Lefty
You’re Missing
the Real Stories

Cancel Your

A Little Less
Fluff, A Little
More Reporting

Admit it,Lefties:
Obama’s Your

Katie Raml:
Biased, Pro-

Lefty Media:
You’re Ignoring
of America

Arizonans/Americans are clever and resourceful, and The Arizona Conservative looks forward with great anticipation to the clever signs at Saturday’s demonstrations.

Don’t expect any real or accurate reporting on these events from the tired, entrenched leftist media establishment. That will come from the new media, the blogs and websites of everyday, mainstream Arizonans.

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