Sen. McCain Racks up Yet ANOTHER GOP Censure!

By Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

The Maricopa County Republican Party in Arizona formally censured Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Saturday evening by an overwhelming 1150-351 vote, Breitbart News has learned.

Maricopa County is Arizona’s most populous county and includes Phoenix within its borders. The official GOP body’s rebuke undermines McCain’s reelection chances should he
decide to run for the Senate again in 2016.

“As leaders in the Republican Party, we are obligated to fully support our Party, platform, and its candidates,” the formal censure resolution reads. “Only in times of great crisis or betrayal is it necessary to publicly censure our leaders. Today we are faced with both. For too long we have waited, hoping Senator McCain would return to our Party’s values on his own. That has not happened.”

The resolution continues by stating, with “sadness and humility,” the Republicans in the county “rise and declare” that McCain “has amassed a long and terrible record of drafting, co- sponsoring and voting for legislation best associated with liberal Democrats, such as Amnesty, funding for ObamaCare, the debt ceiling, assaults on the Constitution and 2nd  Amendment, and has continued to support liberal nominees.”

That voting record from McCain, they say, “has been disastrous and harmful to Arizona and the United States.”

McCain was elected, the Republicans say in the censure resolution, by campaigning “as a conservative” and making promises during his various reelection campaigns “such as the needed and welcomed promise to secure our borders and finish the border fence, only to quickly flip-flop on those promises.”

The Republicans say that McCain “has abandoned our core values and has been eerily silent against Liberals, yet publicly reprimands Conservatives in his own Party.” Therefore, the Maricopa County GOP leadership “censures Senator McCain for his continued disservice to our State and Nation.”

The censure states that formally, “until he consistently champions our Party’s Platform and values, we, the Republican leadership in Arizona will no longer support, campaign for or endorse John McCain as our U.S. Senator.”

Maricopa County joins Apache County and Mohave County in voting to formally censure McCain via similar resolutions. There are 15 counties total in Arizona, which means that at this
point, 20 percent of Arizona’s county GOP bodies have officially censured McCain—three years out from his potential reelection campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2016.

McCain has not made a final decision yet on whether or not he will run for re-election.

GOP Bill on Obamacare ID Theft Irks White House

John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

Folder2 104A Republican bill that would require the Department of Health and Human Services to inform persons whose identities may have been stolen via the Obamacare website was roundly criticized as “defamatory” by Press Secretary Jay Carney on Thursday.

Carney insisted that “whether the risk is real is not the point. By raising fears that people’s identities might be stolen if they access the health care website the GOP is undermining people’s confidence in the government. The ripple effect of this is that fewer people will sign up for health insurance.”

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va) countered, saying that “millions of people are being victimized by a shoddily constructed website. It’s bad enough that the government has concocted its own man-made disaster in the effort to coerce everyone into a ‘Procrustean’ health insurance plan designed by idiots. Yet, despite widespread evidence of the noxious effects of the Affordable Care Act, Democrats refuse to offer any respite. Requiring HHS officials to warn potential ID theft victims is the least we can do.”

The press secretary characterized Cantor’s criticisms as “unpatriotic. As a member of Congress, Mr. Cantor has an obligation to stand up for the government. He should not be promulgating initiatives that sully the image and dilute the people’s respect for the government. In the grander scheme of things, the hassles that a few private individuals might suffer as a result of having their identities stolen is of far less consequence than the damage this proposed legislation has already done to the people’s faith in the President and his Administration.”

In related news, Senator Mark Udall (D-Colo) complained that the Colorado Division of Insurance’s accurate reports on the number of health insurance policies canceled in the state (nearly 250,000) were “destroying people’s confidence in their Government and in me as a representative of their interests. How can we get people to comply with the law’s mandate that everyone buy quality health insurance when they find out that many of those who already had insurance lost their insurance through no fault of their own? I’m not saying that the CDI should falsify the data. All I’m saying is that they could’ve just kept quiet about it.”

Cold Weather Feeds Global Warming Hysteria

Recent cold weather that has hit large swaths of the country with arctic temperatures has got the proponents of man made global warming scrambling for a plausible narrative.

President Obama warned Americans “whose pipes are frozen, whose cars won’t start, and whose faces get frost bitten on a five minute trip outside in sub-zero temperatures should not be fooled by your own experiences of extreme cold weather over the past week into disbelieving what I’ve been telling you about the dangers of global warming. Every scientist I’ve been listening to assures me that the threat of global warming is dire and that it is imperative that Government take a leading role in suppressing it.”

Representative Peter DeFazio (D-Ore) urged “even more extreme measures be undertaken to combat this very real threat to our existence. Climate change deniers are blathering idiots who would crassly use freezing weather to derail all our efforts to deal with this problem.”

De Fazio also insists that “we shouldn’t smugly assume that compelling anti-global warming behavior in America will be sufficient. After all, it is global warming that’s the problem. We need a global solution.” The representative suggested that “we should use our considerable military might to force other countries to take the anti-warming steps we have determined are needed.”

DOJ Says Schools Unfairly Punish Minorities

Attorney General Eric Holder slammed schools’ disciplinary standards that result in a “disproportionate number of minorities being penalized. These school administrators may feel that they’re being fair because the same rules apply to all students. But I’m saying this kind of simplistic notion is not good enough.”

Holder suggested that “differences in the subcultures of students from different racial, social, and economic backgrounds must be considered. Minorities who have been subjected to generations of oppression have a right to strike back against this oppression. An action that might justifiably be regarded as unwarranted if committed by a member of the privileged class of our society should be recognized as warranted rebellion against their oppressors if committed by a member of a minority.”

The attorney general also cautioned that “there might be some spillover effect when rage against white oppression does collateral damage against other minorities. A student vandalizing a school, bullying a classmate or stabbing a teacher shouldn’t face some knee-jerk reaction from school administrators. There needs to be a balanced consideration for all the factors that might have influenced the behavior.”

Ideally, the ratio of persons punished by the schools should roughly reflect the ratios of each racial, ethnic, income and gender group within the school population,” Holder concluded. “Some will lampoon this as a quota system. But I call it affirmative disciplinary action.”

NJ Governor Says He’s Stunned by Thuggery of Staff

Touted GOP presidential frontrunner for 2016, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie professed himself “stunned” and “humiliated” that members of his hand-picked staff maliciously inflicted traffic congestion on Fort Lee by unnecessarily closing entrance ramps to the George Washington Bridge last year. The move cause havoc with emergency vehicle response times and may have contributed to an elderly woman’s death.

Whether Christie’s effort to salvage his political future will be successful remains to be seen. His assertions that he was “completely in the dark about this until I read about it in the paper” and “I am not a bully” were unimpressive despite his attempts to put them into context.

The expectations we’ve laid at the feet of government exceed the capabilities of any person to manage it,” Christie declared. “A chief executive can’t help but be ignorant about a wide range of activities that go on in his administration. Look what happened to President Obama. His Department of Justice gun-running operation ended up arming Mexican drug lords. Underlings at his IRS abused authority to the disadvantage of his political opponents. Incompetence at his State Department got four people killed in Benghazi. Only right-wing extremists blame him for these mishaps. Why should I, a simple governor of one state, be held to a higher standard?”

In a bid to distinguish himself from President Obama, who has never fired anyone for the series blunders that have characterized his term in office, Christie fired his deputy chief of staff, Bridget Anne Kelly and vowed “she will never work in this state again as long as I’m governor.”

Congresswoman Argues for End to “Welfare” as We Know It

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) urged that we stop using the term “welfare” to describe the handouts government gives to support a distressingly large portion of the population.

Welfare conjures up an image of some lazy person sitting around watching TV while taxpayers have to foot her bills,” Jackson said. “We need to change this image.”

The change Jackson is pushing is to rename the program. “If we were to call it the transitional living fund we’d completely change people perception of what is going on,” she bragged. “’Transitional’ gives a sense of movement to replace the sense of stagnation that welfare implies. ‘Fund’ implies that it is an investment. And ‘living’ sounds so alive and uplifting.”

Representative John Conyers (D-Mich) praised Jackson’s intent, but urged caution. “There’s no question we need to upgrade the terminology,” Conyers agreed. “However, I’m not sure we should jettison the term welfare. The word ‘welfare’ is in the Constitution. ‘Transitional living fund’ is not. Since the ‘good and plenty’ clause of the Constitution authorizes Congress to provide welfare I don’t know if it would be safe to abandon it.”

EPA Voids 1905 Law, Cedes Town to Tribe

The Environmental Protection Agency voided a law passed by Congress in 1905 and awarded the town of Riverton, Wyoming to the Wind River Indian Reservation.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead (R) questioned the legitimacy of the move asking “since when can a federal agency override an Act of Congress? I mean, if the EPA has objections to an existing law shouldn’t they be asking Congress to revise it? I see nothing in the Constitution granting the EPA the authority they’ve assumed.”

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson brushed aside Mead’s concerns as “excessively formalistic. The president has stressed that we take a broader view of the concept of environmental justice in our actions. When adherence to an out-of-date statute conflicts with this it is right that we put it aside. Voters elected the President to transform America. That takes precedence over complying with laws passed by white males who are long since dead.”

Jackson says that “the transfer of Riverton to tribal jurisdiction is expected to improve air quality and reduce global warming, as the normal, depressed economic conditions prevalent on Indian reservations are usually associated with fewer vehicle emissions. When more of a town’s businesses shut down and workers are laid off there’s less need to drive. Remember, driving is a major cause of society’s ills.”

A  Satirical Look at Recent News

John Semmens is a retired economist who has written a weekly political satire column for The Arizona Conservative since 2005. He says working on his satires is one of the ways he tries to honor the liberties that our nation’s Founding Fathers tried to protect.

Please do us a favor. If you use material created by The Arizona Conservative, give us credit, and DO NOT change the context. Thank you.

We Must Fight and Win the Civil War within the GOP

Can the Republican Party continue to allow non-conservative people to lead the party without sacrificing the principles that make it the Republican Party? And as noted conservative commentator Bill Whittle has pointed out, can the GOP win major elections when Republican candidates are not willing to boldly articulate party positions on crucial issues?

The repercussions of allowing Republicans In Name Only – including John McCain, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, and many individuals at the grassroots level – to lead are taking a toll on the GOP. And creating a ripple effect evidenced here in Maricopa County once again this week. Here’s how it happened.

Former state lawmaker Russell Pearce, a solid conservative dedicated to the Republican Party’s published platform, submitted some resolutions to the legislative committee in Senator McCain’s home district (Legislative District 28). In recent years, McCain had gone to extraordinary lengths and spared no expense in wresting control of this district’s GOP leadership committee away from party base conservatives. The current chairman of LD28 is Scott O’Connor – a self described RINO and the son of now retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Scott O’Connor is a McCain man who, by his own actions, is not interested in the Republican Party platform or the democratic process. And he called a special meeting in LD28 to supposedly address Pearce’s proposed resolutions.

At that meeting, Scott O’Connor introduced the motions in a mocking manner. He also clashed with former LD28 chairman Rob Haney, a conservative who also previously chaired the Maricopa County Republican leadership committee, over the issue of prayer. Evidently a vocal minority of non-Christians had played the offended party card and O’Connor did the typical ACLU-type kneejerk reaction of disallowing meaningful prayer. Following the meeting, O’Connor contacted Haney by email and roundly criticized his behavior. Here’s that email message:

I appreciate your right to disagree, and I gave you plenty of opportunities to do so last night.
However, your tendency to interrupt and play games with the chair and the agenda is a pattern that must end.  If you do it again, you will be removed.
Adding vocal God Bless and Amens during a moment of silence clearly vocalized your opposition to the suspension of formal prayer at the meeting, but not in a respectful way or time.  Do it again and you will be removed.
Personally, I don’t really care if we have the prayers or not, but the executive committee and I are respecting the wishes of those who are offended by the practice. 
I will respect you when start showing some respect.  If you want to change a policy, request it formally and it will be considered, but do not disrupt the meeting again with your antics.  Maybe you should attend the classes at the Center for Self Governance on how to be more effective in your engagement with political officials.


Then Haney penned a response and went public with it:


 Dear Scott,

I am taking the liberty of publishing our exchange of emails in an open forum because I view removal of the Invocation from our LD 28 meetings at the sole discretion of the executive board as a continuance of the attack on religion in our country.   Other districts need to be made aware of how easily they can lose the rights they took for granted through the actions of a few anonymous complaints brought to a receptive executive board. To have a universally accepted, decades long practice within the Republican Party ended by fiat of the executive board without even debate or a vote of the body, is the height of arrogance and is reminiscent of Obama’s executive orders.

I would suggest to other LDs that they take preventative action possibly through a bylaw addition which states that the Invocation and Pledge cannot be remove from the opening proceedings of a district meeting without a vote of the LD precinct committeemen.

And, although it should not be necessary to tell you in advance of a motion to be offered in the next meeting to rescind the executive board’s edict to do away with the invocation, please add that motion to your agenda.

Now to your other points:

1) I find it disingenuous that after the meeting you took the time to compliment me on adding to the debate but now you are critical of my doing so.

2) You state that I have a tendency to interrupt and play games with the chair and the agenda and if I do so again, I will be removed.   Responsible citizenship requires objections to unilateral dictates.  Also, when you began the meeting with an uncalled for ad hominem attack on Russell Pearce, I felt it necessary to call you on it since you had called this unscheduled meeting to discuss the resolutions, not to attack the sponsors of the resolutions. This action was uncalled for and unprofessional. Inyour call letter you stated that we were going to discuss “no less than 11 resolutions put forth by Russell Pearce.”  That statement alone was denigrating and you proceeded to expound upon it at the meeting.   To those of us who admire and respect Russell Pearce for his long record of unselfish service to our state and country, the attack was a “red flag,” warranting immediate rebuttal.

3) You state that you do not care if we have the prayer or not but you and the executive committee were respecting the wishes of those who were offended by the practice. You appear to have been biased in favor of removal to begin with or you would have brought the matter before the body of PCs for pen discussion and a vote. My guess is that you have offended far more by removing the Invocation without a discussion than were offended by its inclusion.

4) The Preamble to the Republican Platform ends with the sentence, “May God continue to shed his grace on the United States of America.”   Do you and the executive committee of LD 28 now place yourselves above the Republican Platform?  

5) Your last attack paragraph is too immature to warrant a response.


Rob Haney

What are we to conclude from the latest flare-up in this civil war within the Republican Party?

1) It will be harder and harder for Republicans to win crucial elections as long as this conflict continues. A house divided cannot stand. Nor can the party effectively compete against Democrats while it is occupied on another front against renegades in its own party.

2) Sooner or later, the GOP must honor its own written purpose statements articulated in the party platform. The GOP should take a lesson from the Constitution Party, which does not allow candidates for public office to represent it if they do not support the party platform.

3) Those who do not believe in the platform have no right to represent the organization. Party-base Republicans need to recognize them and defeat them. Conservatives need to recapture districts like LD28 and work for the nomination of true Republicans at every level, from city council to president.

4) There can be no compromise between people with diametrically opposed beliefs – especially on the social issues.

5) Party base conservatives must do a better job of articulating party platform principles and helping voters draw distinctions between candidates supporting Republican principles and those who are merely “Democrat lite” candidates. Expose those who are distorting the truth, i.e, nationally syndicated radio host Hugh Hewitt, who on nationally-syndicated radio program Thursday referred to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as “a good conservative.” Christie is not a conservative by any stretch of the imagination. Neither are McCain, Senator Jeff Flake, or Arizona Senator Michele Reagan, among others.

Party-base conservatives must make better use of the GOP platform and champion it. The platform is the stated, published list of core beliefs of the GOP. While it collects dust, as an after-thought, conservatives and RINOs merely debate some of the same issues that divide Republicans and Democrats. RINOs should not be able to get away with attempts to legitimize Democrat talking points, not on abortion, not on marriage, not on ENDA, not on raising debt ceilings, or the size and reach of government. Rob Haney has dedicated his life to the principles of the party, principles which will lead to life, prosperity and real progress. We must all do the same.

Send the link for the GOP platform to the RINOs in your area today.

The War on Poverty at 50: A Massive Government Failure

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the “War on Poverty,” a massive government welfare program launched by President Lyndon Johnson. National Review Online impaneled experts to assess the program’s performance during its first half-century:

By John Armstrong, president, ACT3 Network

The War on Poverty was the most ambitious attempt in American history to eradicate poverty through government planning. I believe it was a virtuous plan, driven by idealism and deeply humanitarian concerns. But it was a massive government failure. The problem was that government’s good intentions were put into a hugely bureaucratic program with little awareness of the consequences of the moral choices the program created.

Michael Novak rightly writes in Writing from Left to Right, “There is a right way and a wrong way for government to get involved in humanitarian attempts to better the human condition.” Franklin Delano Roosevelt recognized this when he warned Congress in 1935: “The lessons of history, confirmed by evidence immediately before me, show conclusively that continued dependence upon relief induces a spiritual and moral disintegration to the national fiber. To dole out relief . . . is to administer a narcotic, a subtle destroyer of the human spirit.”

It was this “narcotic” that was the real culprit in the War on Poverty. LBJ’s program clearly improved the condition of the elderly. It also brought attention to the great needs of many poor African Americans. But it lost sight of the moral consequences of good intentions gone awry by removing personal responsibility. In the end it eroded the national character of millions of Americans who were subtly taught that it really is more blessed to receive than to give. The fabric of this program, as FDR warned, was flawed. In time it was a coalition of Democrats and Republicans, along with President Clinton, who legislatively addressed the flaw!

Arthur Brooks, president, American Enterprise Institute

On January 8, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared a war on poverty. How goes the battle?

The past half-century has had its ups and downs, but the past half-decade offers reason for pessimism. Since January 2009,

Food-stamp recipiency has increased fully 50 percent. Forty-eight million Americans — one-sixth of our country — require food assistance to get by;

Labor-force participation has fallen to 63 percent. The smallest fraction of Americans since the 1970s are employed or seeking work;

Uptake of disability insurance — permanent unemployment for millions — has surged by 20 percent. On average, a million new people have begun collecting disability every year;

Unemployment among African-American teens has climbed to 38 percent.

The administration is quick to blame the Great Recession (or George W. Bush), and everyone knows the fierce headwind that the economic crisis created. But ultimately, there will be no excuses: History will assign responsibility to the president of the United States. Barring a miracle, the Obama years will be remembered as the time America gave up ground in our War on Poverty.

How could the administration right the ship? It could put genuinely pro-poor policies ahead of the perpetual political campaign. The president’s denunciation of income inequality and call to increase the minimum wage may be handy political cudgels, but neither is a policy that actually helps those most in need. Equalizing incomes per se does nothing to expand opportunity. And as my colleague Mike Strain points out, high minimum wages destroy job opportunities for marginalized Americans.

A better path forward would be to lower the minimum wage while expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit. Add in disruptive education reform and a radically pro-jobs agenda including everything from energy production to corporate-tax reform, and the Obama administration could execute a political turnaround for the ages.

Will President Obama be remembered for a legendary comeback or a historic failure to help vulnerable people? Listen carefully to his State of the Union address. If the president focuses on tangential issues such as income inequality and insists on counterproductive minimum-wage hikes, we will have our answer.

Tempe will Allow Pregnancy Care Center Representative to Speak at Committee Meeting Tonight

Tempe Union High School District has agreed to allot time for representatives from 1st Way Pregnancy Center and Alliance Defending Freedom to speak at at tonights Sex Education Curriculum Committee meeting in opposition to Planned Parenthood’s proposal to teach sex education to children.

Alliance Defending Freedom Attorney Natalie Decker said, “Since sending our Jan. 6 letter, we have had the opportunity to speak with Dean Pickett, attorney for the Tempe Union High School District. Mr. Pickett has clarified both the role of the district’s Sex Education Curriculum Committee and the process by which the district intends to consider implementing any sex education curriculum it may approve.

“We are particularly grateful for assurances from the district’s superintendent that no decision has been made by either the committee, the district, or its governing board and that the committee is at this time only reviewing several curriculum options, including options supported by Alliance Defending Freedom and its clients. Mr. Pickett also clarified that the committee’s role upon completion of its review is merely advisory to the district’s governing board, which will make any final decision on any curriculum adoption. In addition, he has advised us that no decision or recommendation has been made as to which individuals, whether from Planned Parenthood or otherwise, will offer sex education curriculum to the district’s students.

“While it has been our experience that Planned Parenthood seeks access to school districts with minimum communication to parents and thus ‘behind closed doors,’ we commend the district’s governing board and its committee for acting openly in compliance with Arizona’s Open Meeting Law and for enabling Alliance Defending Freedom and its clients to present alternative proposals for consideration.

“We also commend the district for the adoption of its Policy IHAMB, which comprehensively addresses the requirements in Arizona for a legally compliant sex education curriculum, and for the district’s assurances that it will comply with Senate Bill 1009 in this important matter.”

Planned Parenthood Targets Tempe School Children

Planned Parenthood of Arizona is scheduled Tuesday to advocate at a Tempe school district for representatives to present sex education to students which may violate state law requiring preference be given to childbirth and adoption, not abortion.

Alliance Defending Freedom sent the district a letter Monday requesting Tempe Union High School District’s Sex Education Curriculum Committee allot time during its meeting to speakers to present alternative programs that encourage and support childbirth and adoption as preferred options to elective abortion. According to the committee’s published agenda, Planned Parenthood of Arizona will be given 90 minutes to promote its abortion-promoting sex education program while citizens will have less than 15 minutes to express their views on this highly controversial issue.

“Schoolchildren have the right to a positive education that is not dictated by Planned Parenthood’s abortion marketing campaign,” said Alliance Defending Freedom attorney Natalie Decker. “It would be a terrible mistake for the district to allow Planned Parenthood to teach sex education to students. Students and parents deserve better. This is a very important issue which requires much more time to present and consider than has been allotted to the public. There are many viable alternative programs available at no cost to the district that support abstinence, childbirth, and adoption instead of abortion.”

The Alliance Defending Freedom letter explains that Arizona Senate Bill 1009 was enacted in April 2012 and “mandates that no Arizona school district ‘may allow any presentation during instructional time or furnish any materials to pupils as part of any instruction that does not give preference, encouragement and support to childbirth and adoption as preferred options to elective abortion.’”

“Planned Parenthood should not be allowed access to public school classrooms to promote its pro-abortion message and to advocate for dangerous sexual behavior to Tempe schoolchildren,” added Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Michael J. Norton. “We hope the committee and the district will reevaluate their decision and provide students with a curriculum that promotes life, human dignity, and is truthful about the dangers of sexual promiscuity.”

The only way Tempe Union district can be fair is to allow equal time for both sides to speak. One hour apiece should give each side plenty of time.

For those of you living in the Tempe district, call your school board members and urge they not allow the promotion of abortion among impressionable young children.

Difficulty Adding Newborns to Obamacare Not a ‘Glitch,’ Says Sebelius

John Semmens: Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

Folder2 104While admitting that the process for adding a new baby to a family’s Affordable Care Act insurance coverage is “difficult,” Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius denied that it is yet another of a seemingly endless series of “glitches” to the program.

Though this may come as a shock to some, the world is over-populated,” Sebelius contended. “Adding more people is something we need to discourage. Since we cannot outright restrict family sizes like they do in China we have to make do with a ‘second-best’ policy. The annoyance and anxiety factors that attend the paperwork aspect of the ACA program are as far as we thought we could go for now.”

It’s not as if the program doesn’t provide other options,” the Secretary continued. “The new policies all cover birth control and abortion services at no out-of-pocket cost to the policy holders. We are hopeful that a greater appreciation of the contrast of these free services compared to the extra hassles of obtaining coverage for a socially unnecessary augmentation of the population will push people’s decisions in the right direction.”

Criticism of Obamacare’s complexities vs. the ease with which families could add a new member under the so-called “substandard” policies in existence prior to enactment of the ACA were dismissed by Sebelius as “short-sighted and selfish. An increase in the population is a matter of collective concern. It shouldn’t be easy for individuals to inflict this burden on society.”

In related news, Sebelius insisted that the two hours Dr. John Venetos’ office staff spent on hold trying to get authorization from ACA policy holder Sheri Zajcew’s insurance for surgery “wasn’t just wasted time. The majority of surgeries are unwarranted. If this type of miniscule delay can prevent some of them both the patient and America will be better off for it.”

Evidence that Charter Schools Better Serve Poor People Disparaged

A 2013 study on Michigan charter public schools done by Stanford University and a recently released study by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy showing that charter schools do a better job serving low-income students than public schools was disparaged by US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as “off target.”

The studies indicated that charter schools enroll a larger proportion of students from low-income families (70%) than public schools (55%). On top of this, the Stanford study found that black and Hispanic students did significantly better in reading and math when in charter schools than their peers in conventional public schools.

The objective of government’s education policy must be to provide a uniform common experience for all children,” Duncan asserted. “Any evidence that charter schools provide a better experience for some drives us further away from this goal. Do these researchers give any thought to the difficulties that minorities attending charter schools might have relating to their peers who are less skilled in reading and math? What good will their ability to read instructions or calculate sums be to them if they become outcasts from their community?”

North Korean Execution Method Sparks Controversy

Reports that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un had his uncle Jang Song Thaek executed by feeding him to a pack of 120 ravenous dogs was met with mixed reactions in the US.

On the one hand, some environmental activists expressed relief that the traditional “bullet-to-the-back-of-the-head” method previously used by North Korea had been avoided. “Lead shot is a major factor in environmental pollution,” said Global Advocates for Environmental Awareness spokesperson, Laura Looney. “Granted, the absolute impact of one bullet is tiny. However, the turn toward a more organic method of disposal of unwanted criminals is a powerful symbolic statement that presents a model we hope others will follow.”

On the other hand, Sunny Day, vice-president of Citizens Against Cruelty to Animals found the event to be “horrifying in its brutality. These 120 dogs were starved for three days and then were given only six humans to eat in the execution. On top of that, these humans were thrown into the cage alive and were able to injure many of the dogs before they were killed. Other dogs injured each other in the feeding frenzy.”

Day said she hoped that “North Korea would more carefully plan any future executions using this method to ensure that no animals are harmed in the process. Perhaps the condemned could be tied up or otherwise immobilized and the ratio of dogs to people kept at a more reasonable level to better guard against injury.”

In related news, the White House listed the doubling of the dogs in residence as one of the Administration’s accomplishments for the year 2013. During the year, Sunny, a female Portuguese Water Dog, joined Bo, a male Portuguese Water Dog, who moved into the White House in 2009. President Obama said he has no plans to include either dog in any future executions, “the drone strikes have been completely satisfactory in that regard.”

New NYC Mayor Vows to “Crush Inequality”

Newly inaugurated New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio told those attending the ceremony that he would “put an end to inequality in this City. For too long we have tolerated a situation where some have had too much while others have had too little.”

The first step toward Blasio’s egalitarian utopia will be the elimination of Central Park horse-drawn carriage rides, which the Mayor labeled “frivolous and degrading. First of all, horses represent an inefficient form of transportation. Anything horses can do electric cars can do better. Carriages pulled by electric cars would enable people to tour Central Park more effectively and with less pollution.”

Secondly, horse-drawn carriages convey an image of aristocracy,” de Blasio continued. “This is an image we should be extirpating from our consciousness. A person overpaying for these posh jaunts humiliates everyone who can’t afford to do the same. The excuse that it is ‘harmless recreation’ and that it provides jobs cannot override its negative impact on people’s psyches.”

The Mayor doesn’t have the last word on this. The City Council must approve the ban before it can take effect. If it does, 200 drivers will lose their jobs and 200 horses will likely be shipped off to slaughterhouses to be made into dog food.

In related news, New York City’s Department of Investigation conducted a test to ascertain the probability of success for vote fraud. In the test, undercover agents went to various polling places and made 61 attempts to fraudulently obtain a ballot. On 39 occasions they used the names of dead people, 14 times they used the names of incarcerated felons, and eight times used the names of non-residents. They were denied ballots only twice. De Blasio discounted the significance of the findings by maintaining that “to my knowledge, very few elections in this city have been decided by as few as 59 votes. So I’d have to say that the fears that fraud might play a decisive role in who gets elected are way overblown.”

As Polls Turn Sour Admin Urges Less Media Coverage

As polls indicate that the majority of Americans disapprove of President Obama’s performance and that only 10% feel that government works well, the Obama Administration is now urging the media to pay less attention to polls in the run up to the 2014 off-year elections.

I know there’s a certain ‘horse race’ kind of excitement that makes the polls interesting to a lot of people, but this isn’t as inconsequential a matter as a horse race,” Press Secretary Jay Carney said. “Promulgating the negative feelings expressed in these polls runs the risk of seriously undermining the people’s faith in their government. Is the momentary thrill of knowing who is leading at any given point really worth it?”

As an alternative, Carney recommended that “the media should undertake an effort to educate the public in a more meaningful way. There are a number of significant achievements and agenda items yet to be accomplished that the voters will need to understand if they are to make informed choices at the ballot box in November.”

Among the significant achievements to be touted, according to Carney is “the mandating of universal health care insurance. Critics may joke about the unforeseen consequences of a misfiring web site, soaring costs, and a net decrease in the number of people insured under the Affordable Care Act, but the fact is that for the first time in our history the government has made it illegal for anyone to decline to buy coverage. That is something the media has an obligation to make sure everyone knows before they vote.”

And let’s not forget that the economy is robust enough to support a record number of Americans on welfare and disability,” Carney added. “Administration opponents would like everyone to believe that a decline in the portion of the population holding down jobs is a bad thing. But work is something people do in order to afford the good things of life. That the President’s policies have enabled a growing number to obtain good things without having to work for them is something we ought to be celebrating.”

In related news, U.S. District Judge Mary Scriven permanently halted enforcement of a Florida law that requires welfare recipients to take drug tests. Scriven ruled that “the contention that the tests are needed to prepare these recipients for jobs is contrary to both human rights and federal policy. Whether one has a job is a choice that every person is free to make, but the right to sustenance is a human right that cannot be abridged by the State in contradiction to federal rules under the Constitution’s ‘supremacy clause.’”

A  Satirical Look at Recent News

John Semmens is a retired economist who has written a weekly political satire column for The Arizona Conservative since 2005. He says working on his satires is one of the ways he tries to honor the liberties that our nation’s Founding Fathers tried to protect.

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Sanctity of Life Rally is January 19

Sanctity of Life Prayer Rally

Sunday, January 19 from 2:00 – 3:15 p.m. Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza, 1700 W Washington Street, Phoenix

Sanctity of Life Sunday provides the pro-life community the opportunity to not only commemorate one of the darkest days in this nation’s history, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, but it is also an occasion where we can come together and unite as one solemn body in prayer.

Join pro-lifers from across the state, as we lower our eyes and lift up our prayers to our God – seeking His grace, renewal, and encouragement, as we strive side by side against abortion.


  • Bishop Thomas Olmsted, Catholic Diocese of Phoenix
  • Sen. Nancy Barto, State Senator from District 7
  • Fernando Amaro, Hispanic Ministries Facilitator for the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention
  • Aaron Daily, Redemption Church
  • Fr. John Muir, St. Rose Duchesne parish
For more information, contact Jason Walsh,