Multi-Millionaire Worsley Hits up Constituents for Money, Calls Conservative Opponent ‘Extremist’

Arizona Senator Bob Worsley (R-Mesa) — the man who called Arizona a “police state” — is now boiling over because someone has the gaul to run against him in the Republican Primary later this year. That opponent is Dr. Ralph Heap, a Mesa doctor, and a conservative who spoke at the East Valley Tea Party meeting Feb. 10th. It appears that anyone opposing Worsley is now labeled an “extremist” by the senator, who said:

Some of you may know that I will be facing an opponent in the upcoming Republican primary election for the Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 25 – Mesa.  This individual was recruited to challenge me, and will fight to return extreme policies to our State.  It was these policies that compelled me to run for office in the first place.  I ran on a platform promising to “elevate” Mesa and the dialogue at the State Capitol.  I’m proud to announce that we have made great progress!

As we have reminded Worsley before, if he wants to identify “extreme policies,” he should look at the Democrats’ side of the aisle.

The strident Worsley is a freshman senator and amnesty advocate. He denounced his 2012 primary opponent, Russell Pearce, who is an advocate of the rule of law and border enforcement. And because Arizona’s legislature has acted to protect the southern border, Worsley called Arizona a “police state.” Worsley’s money, influence, and negative campaigning felled the long-time patriot Russell in the 2012 primary. And Mesa misses Pearce’s solid representation.

But there is more Worsley news. The multi-, multi-millionaire is hitting up his Mesa constituents to support him, a multi-millionaire, in his re-election campaign. When in fact the cost of running for legislature is pocket change for a man of Worsley’s immense wealth. Worsley made his fortune on SkyMall, the in-flight catalog, and numerous other investments. He owns a mansion in Mesa and a huge cabin in the White Mountains, with logs trucked in from British Columbia.

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