Channel 12 ‘News’: Fair and Balanced — for Homosexual Activists

Attention, aspiring young left-stream media/undocumented “journalists”! Yes, you!

Follow your career dreams at Channel 12/NBC in Phoenix.

No fussy editing to deal with. No editors at all!

Apply your talents to the left-wing cause of your heart’s desire — every single day!

I.e “fair and balanced news” for homosexual activists!

Work with left-wing activists Lin Sue Cooney, Brahm Resnik and Joe Dana. Learn from the best left-stream media/undocumented “journalists” going! Advocate for your pet left-wing cause to your heart’s content!

They’ll show you the ropes. How to devote 20 minutes of free advocacy for the homosexual agenda. How to trash religious freedom bills. And of course the obligatory, token 3-second and 5-second sound-bytes for hateful conservative lawmakers. How to dredge up Mormons for same-sex “marriage”! How to make up phony “statistics” about job-killing religious freedom bills. How to overlook the Christians who’ve lost their jobs because activist judges elevated local “nondiscrimination laws” over the First Amendment. How to tie the 2015 Super Bowl and homosexual NFL-bound football players into gratuitous mentions about religious freedom bills in Arizona. Lin will show you how to do the adoring interview of lesbian activists suing to overturn the will of hundreds of thousands of Arizona voters who passed the state marriage amendment.

Channel 12 is the positively best place to use your slanted skills! Agenda journalism is at its best at Channel 12.

We’ve mastered the art of trashing family policy counsel presidents … and completely gate keeping the other side of the story out of the story! We’re the pros! We set the standard.

Apply today! Remember, absolutely no editing is done to your work! No pesky editors demanding fairness. Only left-wing activists setting your agenda, writing your scripts, serving as props for your reports!

In fact, until Senate Bill 1062 awaits Governor Jan Brewer’s decision, no interviews are even required! Report for work first thing tomorrow morning! You’ll love our team atmosphere, comrade!

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