Brewer and Chamber Pals Stop the ‘Bloodletting’

Update: We found someone who supports 1062: Doug Napier, Senior Counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom: “Freedom loses when fear overwhelms facts and a good bill is vetoed. Today’s veto enables the foes of faith to more easily suppress the freedom of the people of Arizona. Even though the battle has become more difficult, Alliance Defending Freedom stands ready to defend any Arizonan who suffers the indignity of religious discrimination.”


Today’s sell-out by Governor Brewer is further proof that, as commentator Bill Whittle says, too many Republicans do not believe their own party’s philosophy. Nor are they able to articulate it. Governor Brewer gives lip service to religious liberty, but stomps all over it. But the 2012 GOP National Platform says:

“We pledge to respect the religious beliefs and rights of conscience of all Americans and to safeguard the independence of their institutions from government. The party explained that its positions respect “God-given individual rights,” including the freedom “of every American to follow his or her beliefs.” The importance of religious freedom can be seen in its prominent placement in the “first provision of the First Amendment,” the platform said.

The “Party of Freedom” needs people who will support their words with their actions. But now we’ll have to wait for the next governor to be elected to before we can again hope for a leader who actually supports the written position of the “Party of Freedom.” For a true leader of the “Party of the Freedom” who will not side with the “Party of Control,” which limits your freedom.


Governor Jan Brewer’s veto of a religious freedom bill today indicates that she was easily swayed by a heavily-biased media and overwhelming pressure of the radical homosexual agenda. Rather than taking a principled stand for freedom, she succumbed to distortions of the bill and RINO advisors.

Brewer said, “I call ’em like I see ’em.” She claims to stand for religious freedom, and stated there haven’t been any attacks on religious freedom in Arizona.

But the governor clearly overlooked Bishop Rick Painter who was threatened with jail time for ringing his Phoenix church bells.

She clearly overlooked the ongoing battle of a church in Quartszite which lost its sanctuary over unjust taxation.

The Town of Gilbert also stood in the way of the religious freedom of two churches. It will not be long before emboldened homosexuals sue Christian business owners in Arizona, such as bed and breakfast owners, florists and others. It’s coming. Watch.

So, the governor’s words do not match reality. She was clearly intimidated by the Left, including left-winger Roger Goodell, NFL commissioner who threatened to withhold the Super Bowl from Arizona. Clearly the dollar talks more heavily to Brewer than religious freedom. Governor, you made the wrong call.

And it doesn’t surprise many that you went wobbly. Though you claim to support religious freedom, it’s fair to say that religious liberty was better protected in Arizona when Janet Napolitano, a leftist, was governor.

Tonight, Brewer stands shoulder to shoulder with Senate and House Democrats and Fred DuVal, candidate for governor from the Party of Control. She’s dealt her Republican colleagues a sour defeat.


Last week Channel 12 of Phoenix failed broadcast communications 101 with a 30 minutes of blatantly biased cheerleading for the homosexual activists. Today Channel 3 and reporter Dennis Welch — a longtime water carrier for all causes left-wing — failed the test. Other than airing a sound bite of 1062 supporter Sen. Steve Yarbrough, its “reporting” was all one way.

Channel  3 reporters allowed radical protesters to accuse Christians of “warring and hate” without rebuttal. A reporter claimed he couldn’t find any 1062 supporters near enough to interview. But a clear majority of Arizonans favored the bill and support the chief sponsors of the bill.

Channel 3 leaned heavily on Phoenix sports commentator Mike Jurecki to bash the bill. He called the bill an “embarrassment,” “a huge black cloud over Arizona,” and said a homosexual player “may play here in the Super Bowl and not get served.” Preposterous. Channel 3 said there were “whispers about losing the Super Bowl,” which is about as reliable as “unconfirmed sources,” or “a source said …”

The NFL’s blackmail worked. So did the AZ Chamber of Commerce spokesman on air with Channel 3: “Every business in Arizona wants this vetoed,” he claimed in a remarkable and unfounded statement about small business owners who are now more vulnerable than ever to being forced to violate their morals or lose their business. “They wanna stop the bloodletting.” Unbelievable.

An anchor at Channel 3 read the Center for Arizona Policy’s statement on the air. But by then, the media had accomplished its dishonest deed. Oh for a single honest journalism school.

Channel 3, 12, and the rest of the left-streamers totally sold the governor on the idea of lost business. There will be lost business. It will be Christian business owners put out by the shameful thing that happened today. Corporations will continue to give homosexual activists anything they demand.

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