A Non-refutable Explanation for Human Life

Could the human muscular system really develop on its own, by accident?

Could the human endocrine system just suddenly appear out of thin air?

Could the human skeletal system happen by a freak of nature?

Could the human excretory system happen just by accident?

Could the human immune system develop without any intelligence?

Could the human nervous system just pop up on its own?

How did humans reproduce before the reproductive system developed?

Could the human digestive system mysteriously become part of the human body? How would human live have functioned before it?

Did the human cardiovascular system happen by accident? How did life function before that happened?

How was the quality of life before the human respiratory system came into being?

Did the human integument (skin) system just happen by accident?

And how do all 11 of these human systems coordinate with each other, perfectly, and in alignment, each of them incomplete without the other 10?

Think about it. There is absolutely no way the human body could have evolved in stages.

There is only one explanation. The human body — with 11 incredibly intricate systems all working together in harmony, was created by an intelligence far superior to anything explainable by earthly standards. The human body was created by God — mirroring his own image.

There is no other slightly plausible explanation. The claim by evolutionists that man evolved is completely inadequate to explain how 11 separate systems — originating simultaneously — function together in harmony to allow human life to function.

On the sixth day, God said, “Let us make man in our own image, according to our likeness.” He said it. He did it. No one can explain it any better. They have certainly tried. But they failed. Man is whom God says he is.

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