Doug Ducey’s Political Director Trashes Conservatives

Republican Doug Ducey is leading in the polling for this summer’s GOP primary race for governor. But RINO red flags are abundant. Ducey’s political director Anson Clarkson says Sen. Ted Cruz and conservative writer Michelle Malkin caused GOP losses, labeled patriots as “racists,” helped leftist  Randy Parraz take down Republican Senate President Russell Pearce and replace him with the liberal Republican Jerry Lewis. Hugh Hewitt, the center-right radio talk show host who supported Monica Wehby, an accused stalker, for U.S. Senate in Oregon, is also backing Ducey. The uncivil war within the GOP continues …

By the American Post-Gazette

It has been said that you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends. That’s why so many people say it is unfair to judge someone by what a family member does. On the other hand, it is also why so many people look long and hard at the advisers and staff members that elected officials hire.

When Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema hired an illegal alien who was fortunate enough to be granted deferred action through President Obama’s DACA program, she was making a point. When House Speaker John Boehner hired an advisor who led John McCain’s push for amnesty, it too sent a message.

Perhaps that is why Arizona politicos pay so much attention to the various hires made by the candidates running for Governor, and who is supporting whom at this early stage?

Recently, conservatives got some bad news from Doug Ducey’s campaign in the form of an email touting endorsements from Sal DiCiccio and Trent Franks. Don’t get us wrong, DiCiccio and Franks are great endorsements. Conservatives probably loved hearing about those two. But the email was signed by Ducey’s new Political Director Anson Clarkson. Yes, the same Anson Clarkson who ran the State Senate campaign of [RINO] Rich Crandall, the State Senate’s leading liberal Republican until he abandoned his office to take a better paying job in Wyoming. The same Anson Clarkson whose career defining moment was working with Arizona’s leading liberal and race-baiter Randy Parraz to take down Republican Senate President Russell Pearce and replace him with the liberal Republican Jerry Lewis.

The same Anson Clarkson who talks trash about “birthers”, bashes immigration hawks as “closet racists”, and feels strongly that Wendy Rogers is a nice lady with “no business running for Congress.” That could get awkward depending on who is on the GOP ticket in November.

Doug Ducey gets to hire whoever he wants, and he is going to hire those people who share his vision and will work to implement it in Arizona. It just so happens that his political director thinks that Rich Crandall and Jerry Lewis were awesome State Senators and that Michelle Malkin and Ted Cruz spew hateful rhetoric (which could get awkward depending on who is on the GOP ticket in 2016!)

Clarkson isn’t in charge of social media, phone banks, or neighborhood outreach. He is the political director. Count us among those who are concerned by this development.

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7 thoughts on “Doug Ducey’s Political Director Trashes Conservatives

  1. Doing research on Ducey’s position on illegal immigration brought me to this blog. I’ve had a chance to question him personally several months ago and he danced around the issue. Now he is touting a hard line conservative stance that I know he does not truly believe. He is playing politics with the hot issue of the day and I think it’s time we exposed him to the public. His front-runner position is very disturbing to me.

  2. Randy Parraz is a left wing extremist and his misnamed “Citizens for a Better Arizona” is a pro-illegal alien seditious “Reconquista” group. Ducey hiring as his political director an activist from this group is very telling. It’s one thing to have such a person working the phone bank, butfor Ducey to make him his POLITICAL DIRECTOR can mean only that they share political philosophy or that Ducey is not too bright. I Don’t think that Ducey is stupid, so it must be the former. That means Ducey is a RINO who is masquerading as a conservative solely to get elected.

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  4. Ducey knows that signing SB1070 is how Jan Brewer got elected governor. He’s conniving enough to know that pretending to also take a hard line against illegal immigration will help him get elected. But it’s all contrived and if Arizona makes the mistake of electing Ducey, no more effort to thwart the illegal invasion will be forthcoming.

  5. CD9 Early Voter

    He’s half right about Wendy Rogers. She has no business running for Congress… But she’s definitely not a nice lady.

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