Taxpayer Watchdog Group: YES on Phoenix Proposition 487

By Tom Jenney, President
Americans for Prosperity, Arizona Chapter

YES on City of Phoenix Proposition 487 –– Prop 487 would solve the City’s nearly $1.5 billion unfunded pension liability problem by moving new employees to a plan similar to the 401k plans that are common in the private sector.   Prop 487 would fix the City’s scandalous $190 million pension spiking problem by limiting the excess pension benefits given to current employees.

5 thoughts on “Taxpayer Watchdog Group: YES on Phoenix Proposition 487

  1. Pat

    welcome to the civilian world if we want death benefits we buy insurance and disability is called workers compensation which all employers participate in and is a federal requirement so your just loosing your extra disability benefits So tell the truth Frank Piccioli. Tell them how double dipping pensions make retirees twice what they made when they worked. How at the current rate 30% of an employees pay woill go just to fund current retires some as young as 40 years old who went right back to work for a secound pension with the same job.. HMMM is that social security.

  2. steve

    They already have coverage. I’m sorry I don’t get to double dip. I worked all my life and have to pay for extra coverage! They chose that career just like I chose mine. Stop the pension spiking!!!!!!!!

  3. Pat, first firefighters in Arizona. do not get social security. Steve spiking was ended two years ago by the city of Phx. Frank is talking about the benefits from PSPRS meaning my family would not get my pension survivor benefits if I were to die on the job. Do you remember the 19 wildland FF’s killed in the line of duty? Please read the whole 487 prop. it states “not intended to affect police and fire” it does not say we are exempt. It says that the “city of Phoenix can not participate in any other retirement programs.” Vote no on 487.

  4. Sandy

    Would you put your life on the line for $25/hr, thats how much my husband makes for being a firefighter for 22 years. Would you leave your family for 24 – 48 hours at a time? No social security benefits. Vote NO on Prop 487

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