Sen. McCain Booed at State GOP Convention

Senator John McCain got kicked around pretty good at Saturday’s Arizona Republican convention. He has been censured by several different Republican districts in recent years for his liberalism. McCain also droned on about his sidekick, Senator Jeff Flake, handpicked successor to former Senator Jon Kyl for ease in controlling. Flake and McCain have long pushed for amnesty at the expense of the rule of law, as well as backing the homosexual agenda Employment Non-discrimination Act. They walk hand in hand with Democrats on these issues. McCain and Flake were unexpected, last-minute drop-ins at the state convention, where Robert Graham was re-elected state GOP chairman. C.T. Wrght introduced McCain and implored precinct committeemen to show respect to McCain because of his military record.

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      Be sure to read Dinesh D’Souza’s book about the Democrat Party’s fascist nature and also support the movie too!

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