Scottsdale Council Defeats Bathroom Bill

By a vote of 5-2 Tuesday evening, the Scottsdale City Council defeated a “bathroom bill.” Kudos, Scottsdale on a smart decision!

These “bathroom bills” are dangerous because they require public accommodations to allow men in girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms — if they claim they are actually “female.” They are a threat to public safety, to women and children

Homosexual pressure groups are in overdrive throughout the country trying to bully governmental bodies to enact these laws.

Fountain Hills’ council defeated a similar attempt a few months ago. Glendale put one on hold as radical activists applied a full-court press to get one enacted prior to the Super Bowl.

A couple years ago, Phoenix passed this unreasonable law. At the so-called “public hearing” when it was under consideration, the fix was in. Mayor Greg Stanton allowed leftists to speak up for it, but refused to demand order and decorum when opponents tried to speak over shrill, angry shoutdowns.

Elsewhere, citizens in Fayetteville, Arkansas persuaded the council there to repeal its “bathroom bill.” Charlotte, North Carolina defeated one, too.

And in Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback repealed a statewide “bathroom bill”

The Human Rights Campaign is spending $8.5 million to try and force governments in Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi to pass radical homosexual laws that will supersede free speech and religious liberty guarantees of the First Amendment.

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