Scottsdale Councilwoman Virginia Korte: Here’s a Little Message Just Between You and Me

Scottsdale City Councilwoman Virginia Korte keeps pushing her fellow council members to pass one of those radical and unnecessary bathroom bills. This is a special message just for the kind council lady. It was written by Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. Councilwoman, I think you will find it enlightening:

Liberal activists enjoyed quite a few years of slipping gender identity measures through city councils without people noticing. They don’t have that luxury now, especially not after firestorms like Houston’s. In the past several months, voters are wide-awake to the challenges on the local level and turning out en masse to stop the charge. After the landslide win in Houston, other states — including ones as extreme as Massachusetts — had second thoughts about the political perils of forcing the issue.

As part of the march toward bathroom extremism, the Bay State tried to follow in the radical footsteps of cities like Fayetteville, which decided that it was a perfectly reasonable idea to let grown men into the women’s bathrooms, and visa-versa, just because they didn’t feel like their gender! The bill would have added gender identity to the state’s nondiscrimination code, which already includes sexual orientation as a protected class. FRC’s Peter Sprigg flew to the State House to testify against the bill, which faced enough opposition to take local leaders by surprise.

It turns out that Peter’s argument, along with those of parents, pastors, and concerned citizens, was enough to sink the measure in the current term. The Massachusetts House recessed from its final session of the calendar year without so much as taking up the bathroom ordinance! As Andrew Beckwith from the Massachusetts Family Institute pointed out, “This is huge win” — not just for the safety and privacy in our bathrooms, but for the continued momentum of common sense. “Transgender activists have been putting incredible pressure on legislators for weeks now.” But because concerned citizens “flooded the State House with phone calls… we started hearing that the vote would be delayed until today and then, finally, postponed until sometime in 2016.”

Although the issue will almost certainly rear its ugly head next year, this is powerful example of what can be accomplished when we make our voices heard!

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  1. Michael dwosh

    I understate your running for a political office but I don’t appreciate phone calls from your campaign when I don’t live in Scottsdale and see your signs posted outside of Scottsdale there are enough signs on corners for people running in that area yours are not needed there littering the neighborhood

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