Former State Senator Blasts Washington Cartel

By former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce
Phyllis Schlafly’s statement about the Omnibus Spending bill passed by Congress, “This is a betrayal of the grassroots and the Republican Party,” she said of the omnibus bill. “We thought we were electing a different crowd to stand up for America, and they didn’t. We’re extremely outraged by what Congress has done.”
I firmly believe there are only two presidential candidates that have the courage and conviction in them to take back America, “To Make America Great Again.” That would be Cruz and Trump.
I am sick and tired of the Washington Cartel and their loyalty to the K-Street Lobbyist, the Chamber of Corruption instead of loyalty to America, the Constitution, the Rule of Law as they continue to betray our trust and their Oath of Office.
Here we go again as they pass a spending bill that violates the trust asked for by Congress as they ran for office. They “promised” us, “Put me in charge and we will fix things, we will stop Obamacare, we will stop the Unconstitutional orders by this president, i.e. Amnesty in violation of law, excessive spending, stop excessive debt, reform entitlements, stop waste and fraud, eliminate pork projects.” NONE of that has happened as they continue to fund all of what they promised they would stop.
The Washington Cartel continues to betray our trust. Promise after Promise broken as they continue to fund this corrupt and incompetent president. I cannot wait until we put an “American” back in the White House. This bi-partisan Congress continues to legally plunder from hard working Americans as they reward the lazy and the abusive. They ignore the trillions of dollars in cost as a result of this illegal invasion they refuse to secure our border and enforce our laws. Deportation is not a bad word, it is our obligation and the TRUTH they will leave on their own and most won’t come it they knew the laws will be enforced.
They continue to mount debt that is inconceivable and perhaps impossible for our Grandchildren and perhaps their children will be able to pay off.
I do believe this election to be “the last hope for America”
We must take action NOW. If we do not confront this invasion of illegal aliens, policies that allow terrorist, drug cartels, out of control spending, ever expanding debt, and the attack on basic freedoms, traditional values, Freedom of Association, Freedom of Religion, 2nd Amendment, Illegal search and seizure, states’ rights and limited federal power, judicial abuse of power, illegal executive orders and protect and preserve those basic God-given rights that our Founders recognized and placed into our Constitution thus placing the responsibility of the government including the courts to safeguard at all cost. Americans have fought and died for these basic Freedoms. We must guard these basic rights and Freedoms against all enemies “foreign and domestic” and those that would do harm to America NOW.   We must protect these basic liberties for our children and grandchildren and make America great again.
Our grassroots voters are “mad as hell” and are not going to take it anymore as they are outraged over this continued betrayal of trust.
This Omnibus spending bill brokered by Speaker Ryan and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is a clear example of betrayal to all Americans. Christmas is alive and well in Washington, as Congress gives Obama a bag of goodies in this bill by funding all of his illegal pet projects and throwing Americans under the bus.
I love the Donald’s condemnation of this betrayal.
“If anyone needed more evidence of why the American people are suffering at the hands of their own government, look no further than the budget deal announced by Speaker Ryan. In order to avoid a government shutdown, a cowardly threat from an incompetent President, the elected Republicans in Congress threw in the towel and showed absolutely no budget discipline.
The American people will have to absorb higher deficits, greater debt, less economic liberty and more corporate welfare. Congress cannot seem to help itself in bending to every whim of special interests. How can they face their constituents when they continue to burden our children and grandchildren with debts they will never be able to repay? Our government is failing us, so we must do something about it. Who knows how bad things will be when the next administration comes in and has to pick up the pieces?
The only special interest not being served by our government is the American people. It is time we imposed budget discipline by holding the line on spending, getting rid of waste, fraud and abuse, and by taking on our debt. To do these things, we need a President who can lead the fight to hold Congress and the rest of government accountable. Together, we will Make America Great Again.”
It is clear both parties have betrayed America. Enough is enough. I believe America is ready for a change and Congress keeps proving why we need a change. Maybe most of Congress should be changed out. “At least a good start would be those who voted for this Omnibus Spending bill.
As so eloquently stated by others, “The Omnibus disaster was a $1.1 trillion in-kind campaign donation to Donald Trump” or perhaps Senator Ted Cruz.
Senator Ted Cruz’s liberty score is 97 percent; Speaker Paul Ryan’s liberty score is 56 percent and that is generous; I warned about Paul Ryan’s agenda and his devotion to the Washington Cartel, his contempt for fixing the problems, his support of Amnesty and failure to address border security and his failure to honoring America and Americans with his failed leadership and his failure to restore sanity in Washington and he has proven me right.
In fact the establishment has gone after the Tea Party Patriots who want to take America back and restore our Founding Principles. Power has an uncanny ability to corrupt and Washington is a clear example. We need Warriors in defense of liberty, to protect America and Americans.
As they continue their attack on Tea Party Patriots, on outsiders like Trump and Cruz, they continue to prove these two guys are right and why they are needed. Washington will never fix itself and especially if we keep returning those to power that have proven their contempt for we the people. The power brokers in Washington continue to try and convince you Trump or Cruz cannot beat Hillary. First of all it is a lie and secondly if were true there would be no little or hope for America continuation of a liar and corrupt politician in the White House.


Former Senator Russell Pearce, author of SB1070, Employer Sanctions, former Chief Deputy of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, President of the Arizona Senate and former Judge.

A Response to Planned Parenthood’s Anger Gram

Here’s the message posted on the Planned Parenthood website:

To those who go to unimaginable extremes to close our doors:

We deplore your violence. We reject your threats. We fight your legislation to limit reproductive rights and health care in every corner of our country.

We believe your actions and words hurt women — whether by making it impossible to seek health care or by creating a climate of disrespect and hostility that fosters extremist violence.

We demand an end to the incendiary rhetoric from anti-abortion activists and lawmakers that demonizes Planned Parenthood doctors and patients. The smear campaign and false accusations that motivated the attack in Colorado Springs must stop.

We aren’t going anywhere. Planned Parenthood has been here for nearly 100 years, and we will keep being here as long as women, men, and young people need health care with dignity.

To those who go to shocking extremes to close our doors, know this:

These doors stay open.

Now read The Arizona Conservative’s response to Planned Parenthood:

To those who go to unimaginable extremes to degrade our culture and put profit over life:

We deplore your killing of 330,000 innocent Americans each year. And the maiming and physical and psychological wounding of countless women. And refusing to put health and safety first. And defrauding the government of taxpayer money. And refusing to report the rapes of under-age girls.

We reject your defiance, your questionable practices and your lack of ethics.

We vow to hold you accountable for the degradation of humanity.

We see you hurting women, killing children, looking the other way at rapists, your hypocritical pretense at standing for the women you exploit and your blatant disregard for America’s taxpayers.

We demand an end to your anger and your incendiary, hateful rhetoric, as well as your lies about having done mammograms and your false claim that a “smear campaign and false accusations” caused a mentally deranged madman to go on a shooting spree at Colorado Springs. Your words are defamatory, slanderous and libelous. As well as insulting. Stop pretending to speak for women – whom you exploit.

We are thankful you are in retreat. Many of your clinics are closing down, rather than meet state health regulations (putting women at heightened risk), rather than hire doctors who have admittance at hospitals. You wouldn’t know the word dignity if it stared you right in the face.

Your house of cards is unraveling. Corporations are hiding their associations with you.

Abortion is in decline. You are in retreat. The truth is coming out. You’ve been taking our culture down. And we will not go with you. Your doors will stay open for now, but there are fewer of them.

Peace on earth. Good will to men, women and children.

Sanders Campaign Breach Called ‘Most Serious Threat Ever’

By John Semmens – Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

JohnDue to a temporary lapse of a “firewall” in the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) database, the Sanders campaign was able to access confidential information on the Clinton campaign. Discovery of the breach has led the DNC to block further access by the Sanders campaign.

While blocking Sanders’ people from accessing data on registered Democratic voters is regarded as a serious setback to the Senator’s chance of winning the Party’s presidential nomination, the Clinton campaign is not satisfied the penalty is severe enough.

Sanders’ covert spying into the strategy of Secretary Clinton’s campaign is the most serious threat ever to this country’s future,” complained campaign manager Robbie Mook. “Such flagrant dishonesty is not adequately punished by the ban on access announced by the DNC. The DNC should take a lesson from what Major League Baseball did to Pete Rose for an infraction of far lesser consequence. Senator Sanders deserves to be permanently banned from the Democratic Party’s nomination process. For God’s sake, he isn’t even a registered Democrat. He’s a Socialist. He never should’ve been allowed to run in our Party’s primary.”

Sanders’ campaign spokesman Michael Briggs characterized the Clinton campaign’s reaction as “self-serving hypocrisy. Has there ever been a candidate more dishonest than Hillary Clinton? Her lies are legendary. She has used her position in government to extract money from some of the most sordid and evil individuals and regimes on the planet. Her policy blunders as Secretary of State have gotten thousands of people killed. Please, give me a break.”

Briggs also assailed the DNC’s penalty as “excessively harsh. Look, a low-level employee took an unauthorized peek at a few files. That person has been fired. For the DNC to cut us off from voter registration data is the equivalent of handicapping a marathon runner with a blindfold. It, like the weekend debate schedule, is part of the DNC’s pattern of blatant favoritism toward Mrs. Clinton. It stinks.”

Obama Admin Defends Gitmo Releases

Reports that nearly all of the terrorists the Obama Administration has released have rejoined the jihad against the West left the Administration unfazed. In fact, that only 191 of 196 of the individuals released have joined the ranks of ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and the like was touted as “relatively successful.”

I’ve always believed that it is better to let 100 guilty men go free than to imprison one innocent man,” said Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. “If we’re keeping score here, we see that we only let 191 guilty men go free in order to free five innocent men. So, it looks like we are still far ahead of the game even if the next 300 we release immediately enlist to fight with the Islamic State in Syria.”

In line with this thinking, Carter announced a plan to release another 17 Gitmo detainees within the next 30 days, citing “their good behavior” as a rationale. “None of these men have committed acts of terror since they’ve been here,” Carter pointed out. “They’ve all put in more time as peaceable prisoners than they previously did as wanton killers. They’ve earned a second chance.”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) vehemently disagreed with the Administration’s action calling it “dangerously naive. First of all, Blackstone’s original quote was that it was better to let ten guilty go free than to convict one innocent person. So, Carter’s got his numbers wrong. Second, none of those in Gitmo can seriously be considered ‘innocent.’ All were captured while engaged in waging war against the United States. Third, the only reason why any of them have been ‘peaceable’ is that as prisoners they haven’t had an opportunity to shoot or bomb anyone. There is no evidence they have renounced hostility toward America or ‘unbelievers.’”

In related news, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fla), chair of the Democratic National Committee suggested that the latest batch of Gitmo prisoners to be released be invited to attend President Obama’s State-of-the-Union speech in January. “By giving these long-suffering individuals a seat of honor at one of our nation’s most important political events we can help heal the wounds our persecution of them has opened,” she argued.

Bergdahl to Face Court-Martial

This week, the US Army announced that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will stand trial on charges of desertion and “misbehaving before the enemy.” Bergdahl was returned to the US in exchange for the release of five terrorists in 2014. Bergdahl spent five years with the Taliban after leaving his military post in Afghanistan in 2009.

At the time of the exchange, President Obama welcomed Bergdahl home saying that he had “served with honor and distinction.” Press Secretary Josh Earnest denied that the Army’s decision to court-martial him invalidated the President’s earlier praise of the man, saying that “in our country a person is innocent until proven guilty. A trial is merely a way of sorting out a complicated situation.”

Even if Bergdahl is found guilty that doesn’t prove his actions weren’t honorable,” Earnest continued. “He could have had honorable motives for deserting his post and going over to the Taliban. Robert E. Lee deserted his post and led the Confederate Army against US troops in the Civil War. Yet, many people contend he was an honorable man and that his service in that war was distinguished.”

Earnest also declared the “misbehaving” charge “overblown. The Army is largely comprised of young men. Young men are known to be boisterous. Hi jinks and misbehavior among such a group is not surprising. To single one out for persecution seems excessive to me.”

ACLU, NAACP Decry Court Decision on Abortion

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decision upholding an Arizona law banning abortions performed because of the sex or race of the baby was assailed by spokesmen for the law’s opponents as “a backward step toward slavery and oppression.”

NCAAP spokesperson Shakeel Infante maintained that “forcing an African-American woman to bear a baby she doesn’t want negates the promise of freedom we are striving to implement in this country. Motherhood has burdens. Forcing those burdens on an unwilling woman is slavery, pure and simple.”

ACLU spokesperson Alexa Kolbi-Molinas agreed and added that “not only does this ruling enslave Black women, it oppresses all women. A key reason for aborting a fetus based on its sex is the knowledge that females face a lifetime of discrimination in our society. A woman’s efforts to spare her child from that fate should not be callously discarded out of a perverted dedication to unrealistic ideals.”

The successful litigant—Alliance Defending Freedom—hailed the ruling. ADF legal counsel Steve Aden said he was “glad to see that even a notoriously liberal 9th circuit court recognized that killing a child because of its sex or race is an indefensible grounds for an abortion. It’s a small, but perhaps significant step toward a more humane treatment of the most vulnerable humans.”

The NAACP and ACLU have vowed to appeal the verdict to the US Supreme Court. “I can’t believe that this will stand,” Kolbi-Molinas said. “Roe v. Wade established the right of every woman to obtain an abortion at any time for any reason. That is the law of the land. The 9th Circuit was out-of-bounds in deviating from that standard.”

In related news, a federal judge in Ohio blocked the state from taking action against an abortion clinic for illegally dumping fetuses in a local landfill on the grounds that “this enforcement action is politically motivated. Other businesses are not blocked from disposing of non-hazardous waste in landfills. For Planned Parenthood to be singled out is discriminatory and illegal.”

UN Officials Aghast at Unwarranted Reaction to Muslim Violence

The UN’s Adama Dieng, special adviser on the prevention of genocide, and Jennifer Welsh, special adviser on the responsibility to protect civilians warned against the unwarranted reactions of non-Muslims to recent terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.

Every religion has its own idiosyncratic beliefs and behaviors,” Dieng pointed out. “What may seem bizarre, incomprehensible and inexcusable to one faith may be the epitome of devout observance to another. For Muslims it is important to show ones faith by taking up arms against unbelievers. For Christians, Jews, Buddhists, or whatever, to object evinces a shameful intolerance.”

Welsh concurred and added “demanding that Muslims refrain from waging holy war on unbelievers would be like demanding that Catholics give up their wine and wafer rites or that Jews give up their matzohs. Such infringements would unjustifiably meddle in each religion’s sacred values. If we truly wish to be tolerant we must accept each religion as its practitioners see fit to exercise it. I’m not saying that non-Muslims must sit by idly while Muslims try to kill them. They can, if they choose, fight back. But they should not disrespect Muslims for merely adhering to the requirements of their faith.”

In related news, the Islamic State (IS) issued a fatwa declaring that children born with disabilities must be put to death. According to IS’s interpretation of Sharia law, “birth deformities reflect Allah’s disapproval of the child. Killing the child is the proper response to Allah’s divine message.” IS also announced it will conquer Rome, murder the Pope, and enslave Christian women.

A Satirical Look at Recent News

John Semmens is a retired economist who has written a weekly political satire for The Arizona Conservative since 2005. He says working on his satires is one of the ways he tries to honor the liberties our Founding Fathers tried to protect. 

Please do us a favor. If you uses material created by The Arizona Conservative, give us credit and DO NOT change the context. Thank you.


Arizona’s Law Protecting Sex and Race of the Unborn Stands


Yesterday the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit delivered a rare victory on a social issues case. The court refused to reinstate an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit on behalf of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People against an Arizona law that bans abortions based on sex or race:

Steve Aden, a senior attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom said:

“Preserving the life of all babies, regardless of their sex or race, should be everyone’s priority. Sadly, it wasn’t for the ACLU and the NAACP, but the 9th Circuit has rightly upheld the district court’s decision to dismiss their lawsuit. Nothing about an abortion committed on the basis of sex or race is medically necessary or constitutionally protected.”

ADF attorneys along with ADF allied attorney and University of St. Thomas Law Professor Teresa Collett represented bill sponsor Rep. Steve Montenegro, U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, Dr. Alveda King, and multiple African-American and women’s groups in a friend-of-the-court brief filed with the 9th Circuit in favor of the Arizona law. The lawsuit is National Association for the Advancement of Colored People v. Horne.

Leftists Know so Much that isn’t True Part I.

You’ll frequently hear leftists say that conservatives and Christians are taking America backwards. The facts don’t support them. Here’s a list of how leftists are corrupting the culture and taking America down.


LEFTIST CAUSES                                               RESULTS

Abortion Nearly 59 million children dead/women killed in abortion clinics/women injured in abortion clinics/abortion increases likelihood of breast cancer and cervical cancer/women suffer psychological harms
Cohabitation More women and children injured and killed by live-in boyfriends/city governments subsidizing through domestic partner benefits/undermines marriage culture/training for divorce/more women and children end up in poverty/problems associated with fatherlessness
Homosexuality AIDs and HIV/shortened life spans/increased domestic violence/anonymous sex spreads disease through communities/unresolved psychological pain/pedophilia/problems associated with fatherlessness/people with same-sex attraction not encouraged to go to counseling to discover the root of the problem/instead they’re encouraged by activists to seek special rights that don’t bring happiness and well-being
Big Government More government control/less individual freedom/more government corruption/people encouraged not to work, but to depend on confiscation of the wealth created by others
Nondiscrimination laws First Amendment to the Constitution usurped
Hate crime laws Special classes created at the expense of others/all crime is committed with contempt for the victims, regardless of victims’ identity
Expanded welfare Cycles of dependency on government/loss of dignity and human flourishing
Secular humanist government Hostility toward Christians/inadequate worldview to cope with social problems and governance/loss of free speech and religious freedom/judicial activism and judges making up new laws, undermining the legislative process and Constitutional freedom
Secular humanist schools Hostility toward Christians/children taught that life doesn’t matter/leftist political indoctrination/liberal cocoon/plummeting quality of education/America near bottom of developed nations in scholastic achievement/children not taught the basics/children not taught American history or civics/declining quality of American work force/Planned Parenthood’s school sex education resulted in more teen pregnancy, more early sex and more STDs/teaching of evolution is teaching that life doesn’t matter, creating culture of death/humanity dehumanized as mere animals resulting by chance/dumbing America down/unemployed and underemployed graduates paying huge debts for substandard college education/increased number of foreign doctors and engineers in America doing what many Americans unable to do
Crime Soft punishment/more concern for perpetrators than victims/short terms for rapists
War on Poverty Poverty increased/dependency on government
Moral relativism Decadence/increased crime/crisis of ethics and honest/people encouraged to make their own morality
Entertainment culture Decadence, debauchery, violence, harmful messages/garbage in, garbage out/amorality and dishonesty encouraged/drug use glorified
Democratic Party Corrupted by unions and radical special interests/stolen elections/
Immigration Laws ignored/border dissolved/drug smuggling/human smuggling/Americans injured, raped and killed by illegal aliens/children with TB brought into the nation with Americans exposed to them/Democrats looking to increase voter rolls/Mexico dumping its welfare dependents and criminals on American taxpayers/radicalized Muslims abusing the system to gain entry into the nation
Religious freedom Americans punished by government for their beliefs/Constitutional protection of churches from government twisted to government hostility toward churches/churches corrupted by homosexual activists/religious schools and colleges threatened with loss of accreditation over biblical beliefs/criminalization of scripture
National defense Compromised/America viewed as weak by Islamic terrorists and many nations/citizens at risk/border invasion/president’s tepid responses to terrorism, world events
Personal well-being Everyone suffers from left-wing policies and practices: leftists, conservatives, independents/lefties have the government, the schools, the media, corporations and their cups are still empty and they are still angry/be careful of what you lefties wish for
Gun control Criminals breaking numerous gun control laws which failed to protect innocent lives from being destroyed/Americans left defenseless against deranged shooters/guns are demonized instead of criminals/problem of mental illness overlooked/deranged criminals committing atrocities in places where they know there will be no armed resistance/Oregon community college security guard unarmed/political correctness is getting people killed

Administration Defends Initial Moves Following San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

By John Semmens – Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

JohnDecember 2’s murder of 14 and wounding of 21 at an office holiday party by Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik in San Bernardino, California was immediately recognized as terrorism by the FBI. Nonetheless, orders from the White House forbade the investigators from publicly acknowledging this.

Presidential Press Secretary Josh Earnest defended this suppression of critical information “as part of the President’s broader strategic goals. Tragic as the event may have been for those involved, their interests cannot be allowed to supersede these goals.”

Among the broader strategic goals Earnest mentioned “was the necessity of insulating the Administration from any negative outcomes. Confidence in the President’s leadership could be undermined if Americans became too frightened about the possibility of terrorist attacks occurring in their neighborhoods and communities. There are over 300 million Americans. The number who might be harmed by additional terrorist strikes is a tiny fraction of the human assets we have at our disposal. In contrast, we have only one president who has only a limited time to carry out policies he believes are vital for the country’s future.”

Subsequent events bear out the President’s actions,” Earnest continued. “Within days, GOP front-runner Donald Trump was calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration. Polls showing a majority of voters in support of such a restriction pose a clear and present danger to the Administration’s plan to end the Syrian civil war by moving as many Syrians as possible out of the war zone and into the United States as fast as we can.”

Polls showing voters favoring restrictions on Muslim immigration weren’t the only signs of trouble cited by Earnest. “Individuals selfishly placing their own safety ahead of the President’s vision for the country are buying firearms at an alarming pace,” Earnest lamented. “Seizing these armaments may become an impossible task.”

In related news, law-enforcement officials in Arizona, Florida, New York, and Texas have urged persons with firearms “carry permits” to actually carry their guns “as a deterrent to terrorist attacks.” This advice was not universal, though. In Pinellas County, Florida, Sheriff Bob Gualtieri warned that he has instructed his officers “not to hesitate to shoot any civilian they see with a firearm, licensed or not. We can’t risk officers’ lives by asking them to differentiate between good guys and bad guys. It’s better to err on the side of safety and assume that anyone with a gun is a bad guy.”

Administration Admits CO2 Cuts Futile

This week at the United Nations Paris summit on climate-change, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that “even if every western nation reduced its carbon emissions to zero—a clearly impossible accomplishment—global CO2 will continue to rise.” The reason is that the growing emissions from the less-developed nations will easily overwhelm whatever the West does.

Still, Kerry pressed for western nations to make the commitment “because it would be a noble gesture. By sacrificing our prosperity we make reparation for the centuries of exploitation and oppression we have inflicted on our victims. Ideally, this sacrifice would earn us gratitude, but even if it only results in the tables being turned on us and we are exploited and oppressed for the next millennium, it will still be worth it.”

China, currently the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases and exempt from the proposed reductions, praised Kerry’s remarks as “a long overdue admission of the guilt the Caucasian race bears for pillaging and raping the Earth in pursuit of power and profit. It is doubtful that any amount of suffering they may endure can balance the scales. But we must make the effort.”

State Department Defends Refugee Vetting Survey Instrument

State Department spokesman John Kirby ridiculed Congressional attempts to “interfere with the President’s immigration policies as unhelpful and unnecessary.” Kirby specifically chided efforts to restrict Administration plans to transport refugees from Syria to the United States if they can’t be properly vetted.

We already have a vigorous screening process in place,” Kirby asserted. “Before any refugee is admitted he must first answer questions designed to detect potential terrorists–questions like ‘Are you a member or representative of a terrorist organization?’ And ‘ Do you seek to engage in terrorist activities while in the United States?’ A yes answer to any one of these probing queries will bar the applicant from getting the Department’s approval to enter the country.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was unpersuaded by Kirby’s assurances. “Since when is asking a person whether he intends to commit a crime deemed an adequate security measure?” Cruz wondered. “If a person has an evil intent that encompasses murder wouldn’t we expect him to lie?”

Kirby insisted that Cruz’s criticisms are unwarranted. “What the Senator is overlooking is the fine print at the bottom of each survey,” Kirby observed. “When the applicant signs a survey containing any untruthful answers he exposes himself to a charge of perjury, which is a very serious crime punishable by a prison sentence of several years duration.”

In related news, two-thirds of the Syrian refugees admitted this year are “functionally illiterate” and “have no hope of obtaining employment.” Chancellor Angela Merkel, Time Magazine’s recently anointed “person of the year” for 2015, is reportedly unfazed because “while we support them on welfare they will do the procreating that ethnic Germans have shown themselves incapable of and solve our long term demographic problems.”

Colorado ACLU Honcho Says Trump Supporters Should Be Shot

In a post to his public page on Facebook, Loring Wirbel, a board member of the Colorado ACLU and co-chair of the Colorado Springs chapter, justified shooting anyone who supports the idea that Donald Trump should be elected president.

Not too long ago Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was asked if he would be willing to travel back in time and kill Hitler in his crib,” Wirbel recalled. “Gov. Bush quite sensibly said yes. Well, Donald Trump is our era’s Hitler and we wouldn’t have to travel back in time to take the action necessary to prevent him from ushering in fascism right here in America.”

Out of fear that calling for the murder of a presidential candidate might be illegal, Wirbel, instead, called for the murder of Trump’s followers. “Unlike Trump, they won’t be protected by Secret Service bodyguards,” he pointed out. “They’ll be a lot easier to get at and you’ll have a better chance of getting away.”

Lt. Mark Comte of the Colorado Springs Police Department confirmed Wirbel’s interpretation of the law, saying that “since the threat does not identify a specific victim there is no action we can take at this time.”

I’m not saying that we have to kill all of Trump’s fans,” Wirbel added. “The prospect of getting shot should whittle down the size of the crowds he’s attracting. This will take some of the sheen off of his campaign. A few dozen shootings over the next few weeks ought to be enough to torpedo his candidacy.”

In related news, the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas vehemently objected to Trump’s suggestion that Muslim immigrants be temporarily barred from entering the United States. Spokesman Ismail Radwan complained that “this restriction of our freedom of movement is contrary to the will of Allah who has commanded Muslims to conquer the world. It is every Muslim’s duty to slay those who resist Allah’s will.”

Hillary Campaign Denounces Benghazi “Smear”

In a recent interview on ABC TV, Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton denied that she ever told the mourning family members of the four Americans murdered in Benghazi in 2012 that she blamed a video for their deaths. Unfortunately, those family members unanimously tell a different story.

Tyrone Woods’ father remembered Clinton promising that “the filmmaker who was responsible for the death of your son will be arrested and punished.” Sean Smith’s mother and uncle said Clinton told them the same thing.

Glen Doherty’s sister was especially offended by what she characterized as “a gratuitous falsehood. The video story was all over the media. Mrs. Clinton’s Department of State was pushing that narrative very forcefully. She kept to that story on the day we met to retrieve Glen’s body. We’ve since learned from her email correspondence that she knew from the beginning that the video was a made-up cover story.”

Hillary for President campaign manager Maggie Williams called the families’ contradictory account “a well-orchestrated smear against one of the greatest Americans of our generation. That a handful of relative nobodies would dare to challenge the veracity of Secretary Clinton is shameful. Fortunately, we can trust the media to bury this libel. But even if they don’t, voters will never believe it.”

In related news, several recently released emails from former Secretary of State Clinton’s formerly hidden stash indicate that the Obama Administration’s contention that the Benghazi victims couldn’t be rescued due to lack of time may have been false. Apparently, the Pentagon informed the State Department that it was ready to deploy a rescue mission at an early stage of the terrorist attack. As luck would have it, all the top brass of the Department had “left for the day.” A low-level State Department employee named Jeremy Bash, said he spent hours trying every phone number he could think of, but could not reach the Secretary until after the Ambassador and the others had been killed.

A Satirical Look at Recent News

John Semmens is a retired economist who has written a weekly political satire for The Arizona Conservative since 2005. He says working on his satires is one of the ways he tries to honor the liberties our Founding Fathers tried to protect. 

Please do us a favor. If you uses material created by The Arizona Conservative, give us credit and DO NOT change the context. Thank you.


Vulgar Left Spins its Wheels over Colorado Tragedy

As sure as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, you can count on the far Left to lie, spin and spread false narratives about news and issues. The tragic murder of three people in Colorado Springs recently is another case in point.

Rob Boston, a blogger for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, spun these ridiculous claims:

In the wake of Friday’s horrific shootings at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, we’re hearing calls to deescalate the rhetoric around the issue of abortion.

The implication is that both sides are reaching for rhetorical excess. The problem with this claim is that it’s demonstrably untrue.

Pro-choice advocates have argued calmly in favor of reproductive choice for years.  They’ve marshalled facts and figures. They have pointed out that Planned Parenthood provides an array of services to men and women, many of whom are low income. They’ve challenged anti-choice activists to explain how these services would be provided if Planned Parenthood were defunded.

The response from many in the anti-choice community has been nowhere near as reasoned. They have ignored the facts, repeatedly employed the most lurid rhetoric imaginable and lobbed charges that don’t stand up to scrutiny. On the fringe of the movement rest people who advocate and employ violence.

These assertions are laughable and completely false to those of us who have been paying attention to the civility/incivility of the debate. It is disingenuous for the people who claim they have the right to kill the most defenseless among us to act as if they are the more caring crowd and to feign shock and surprise when man exhibits his inhumanity to man. How do people on the Left sleep at night knowing they’ve spent the last day lying and they’re going to spend the following day lying again?

The Colorado murderer, who appeared to be mentally unstable in his court appearance, believes he possesses the moral right to take innocent people’s lives. This is the same belief that abortionists and other leftists demand. His actions followed his beliefs, and his actions are diametrically opposed to and, 180 degrees apart from the views and actions of people who do not believe others should have the legal choice to take a person’s life. Whether it is a pre-born child or an elderly or depressed person.

Every human being’s life is precious. Those of us on the Right condemn murderous acts in all contexts — including abortion and euthanasia. Police authorities in Colorado said they do not yet know the shooter’s motives. For anyone to declare knowledge of motive now is irresponsible and dishonest.

If abortion activists really believe that toxic rhetoric incites violence, they should cease their own toxic rhetoric and end the false accusations against pro-life people. We will show you some of their hateful, vile, vulgar, disgusting remarks below, in a moment.

The pro-life movement champions life for all.  The Left has given America a culture of death which does not value human life. The Colorado shooter’s criminal acts contradict the actions and philosophy of a peaceful movement of millions of pro-life Americans.

Public policy regarding the protection of human life must be discussed with conviction and civility. Boston and his fellow leftists should not politicize and exploit a tragedy that has torn apart the lives of the victims’ families. AU and others should not attempt to capitalize on the murderous acts of one deranged person for political gain. This is a time to come alongside the families of those who tragically lost their lives. This is also yet another time to consider how our nation can stop mentally unstable people from going on killing rampages.

Planned Parenthood is not an innocent victim. The killer’s horrendous acts do not exonerate an organization under multiple state and federal investigations with a years-long, nationwide pattern of waste, abuse, and potentially fraudulent behavior.

This is also a time to recognize true heroism, the true grit of Officer Garrett Swasey, killed that day. He risked his life to save others. That’s courage, when one lays down his life for his fellow man.

Okay, now let’s get to the “reasoned” pro-choice Left, as Boston alleges:

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that companies with religious objections may opt out of covering contraceptives for women, the Associated Press reported. The news did not sit well with pro-abortion liberals who decried the ruling. Some, Twitchy said, were so angry they called for burning down Hobby Lobby in violent, profane tweets.

“[L]iterally burn hobby lobby (sic) to the ground,” one pro-abortion liberal screamed on Twitter.

“I hope all your stores burn to the ground,” another person said.

“#HobbyLobby are scum of the earth. Burn every single one down, build a homeless shelter there instead,” a third person said.

“Is Hobby Lobby now authorized to sterilize these women? What the hell are they talking about?” one person asked. The answer, of course, is no, Hobby Lobby is not allowed to sterilize women, but “closely held” corporations like Hobby Lobby are not required to pay for contraception if they have deeply-held religious views against it. According to the AP, the ruling only applies to those companies controlled by just a few people where there is basically no difference between the company and its owners.

And this over-the-top anger didn’t start with the Hobby Lobby decision. No, it has been prevalent for a long, long time.

Read this from the Democrat Underground — if you can stomach it:

The f—– up part is that these f—— “pro-life” f—- claim the moral high ground, saying they are part of the “culture of life”. Well I don’t see a cultures of life, I see a culture of suffering and death. These people aren’t even fit to lick week old dog s— off of my f—— boots.


The Left has a major problem with anger, incivility and vulgarity. The people who value each and every individual human life are the adults in the room. The bitter, angry Left keeps spinning … and spinning its wheels.

Peace on earth and good will toward men.

Paradise Valley Community College Restricts Free Speech, Draws Lawsuit

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a federal lawsuit today on behalf of a student who is challenging a restrictive speech zone at Paradise Valley Community College. The college restricts students to one designated zone in which they can exercise their constitutionally protected freedom of speech and only with prior permission between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday if the zone is not already fully reserved.

“Colleges are supposed to be a place where ideas are freely shared, not gagged,” said ADF Senior Counsel Tyson Langhofer. “A college short-circuits its own purpose when it places its own restrictive speech rules above the freedoms that the First Amendment guarantees to students and all Americans.”

On Oct. 7, Brittany Mirelez, a student at PVCC, set up a table in the speech zone to talk with other students about joining the Young Americans for Liberty student group she is trying to start at PVCC and to hand out copies of the U.S. Constitution. YAL is a non-partisan, grassroots political advocacy group that promotes liberty values on college campuses throughout the country.

Shortly after setting up her table, an administrator informed Mirelez that she was not allowed to be in the speech zone because she did not obtain prior permission 48 hours in advance as the college’s Guidelines for Public Expression on Campus requires. The administrator instructed her to set up her table in the cafeteria, which is not included in the speech zone, as a one-time concession only and said she must abide by the college’s public expression policy going forward.

The policy prohibits students from speaking in any areas on campus outside of the speech zone, including on public sidewalks, walkways, lawns, and other outdoor areas. Instead, students must confine their expressive activities to the zone, and if the zone is fully reserved, they may not speak at all.

The lawsuit, Mirelez v. Dale, filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona, argues that the college’s policy unconstitutionally chills protected student speech and disables the ability of students to speak freely on campus about recent and unfolding events. It asks for the court to strike down the public expression policy and issue a declaration that the college violated Mirelez’s constitutionally protected freedom of speech.

“As our lawsuit explains, the cornerstone of higher education is the ability of students to participate in the ‘marketplace of ideas’ on campus,” said ADF Senior Counsel David Hacker. “That marketplace depends on free, vigorous, and often spontaneous debate carried out through the spoken word, fliers, signs, and displays. If public colleges stifle that kind of speech, they violate both the First Amendment and a core purpose behind their own existence.”

Kenneth W. Schutt, one of more than 3,000 private attorneys allied with ADF, is serving as local counsel in the case.

A Sign of Hope for the Navajo Nation


It was a small sign of hope: a member of the Navajo Nation switching over to the Republican Party. It may or may not represent something big.

Native Americans, long beholden to the party of socialism, may cast him out of the Arizona State Senate in 2016. They may seem him as an outcast, a renegade. We will see what happens come election season.

Carlyle Begay made his decision based on fiscal reasons. Reasons of fiscal sanity. The Republican Party is, with a few exceptions on the state and national levels, the party of fiscal responsibility.

Republicans welcomed Begay to the party and said he is now better positioned to serve his legislative district, including in areas of education and the economy.

The GOP is right, and Legislative District 7 is now in the hands of a state leader who has their better interests in mind.

After all, the socialists are the people of Big Government and Small Citizens with less freedom, the party that refused to even create a budget in recent years when they held power in the U.S. Senate. They are the party that spends more money than the government actually has, and the party that — without resistance — will always call for deficit spending.

You and I can’t operate our personal finances like that, or we’d soon be broke and wouldn’t be able to live within our means.

Hopefully other Navajos will see the wisdom of Began and state leaders who demand the state keep its financial affairs in order.

Hopefully, they’ll realize they’ve been duped by the Democrats for as long as they can remember.

Hopefully they’ll realize you can’t tax yourselves into prosperity, that socialists eventually run out of other people’s money.

Hopefully Navajos and other Native Americans will come around on social issues as well.

They have to, some day. The socialists have led them down the path of destruction. Reservations have been pockets of poverty. Socialists have done them no favors. The socialists are the purveyors of a culture of death, social deconstruction and family disorder. They preach a sexual anarchy that only destroys.

Socialism hasn’t improved employment on reservations. It hasn’t ended social problems. It has not the capacity to do anything to positively impact Native American society. Or any other part of society, for that matter.

Being served by an elected official who understands that is a positive step forward for the Navajo people. We hope they understand that and will re-elect Begay again next fall. Many of his fellow citizens would do well to follow his courageous lead.