Elections 2020

Candidates on the issues:


Martha McSally, Republican Mark Kelly, Democrat
  • De-fund Planned Parenthood
  • Opposes public funding of abortions. (Aug 2014)
  • Opposes abortion and supports sanctity of human life
  • No taxpayer funding of abortions via ObamaCare. (Jan 2015)
  • Ban abortion after 20 weeks, except for maternal life.
  • Supports education vouchers for private schools. (Oct 2018)
  • Gives other options to kids in failing schools. (Nov 2014)
  • Supports education vouchers. (Aug 2014)
  • Opposes Common Core, according to Faith2Action. (Jul 2014)



  • Falsely believes health care is a right
  • Believes the national debt exploded because of wealthy Americans instead of placing blame on Barack Obama
  • Supports the DREAM Act
  • Blames border invasion on Washington instead of the Democrats who’ve fought for decades to keep the borders wide open for drug smugglers
  • Opposes school choice
  • Pro-abortion
  • Supports gun control
  • Believes in unfounded “global warming”
  • Accepted millions of dollars of investment from a communist Chinese company responsible for crackdowns on dissenters and censorship during the pandemic.”
  • Cozies up to Chinese communists; even the U.N. has pulled away from Chinese organizations Kelly has close ties to Chinese communists


Congressional District 1

Republicans Democrats
Nolan Reidhead

  • Constitutional conservative
  • Pro-life
  • Supports the Second Amendment and Americans’ right to defend themselves
  • Supports legal immigration
  • Favors elimination of job-killing policies
  • Favors independence from China
  • Favors free speech, which is under attack from Democrats
  • Favors protection for religious liberty
  • Opposes gun control and favors Second Amendment
  • Has a legal background and supports the rule of law
  • Supports President Trump’s nominations of originalist judges
  • Opposes taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood
  • Favors school choice
  • Plans to introduce legislation that would provide more competition among health care providers to decrease costs, protect private health insurance from government overreach, allow employers to provide more affordable health care plans for their employees, and allow individuals and families to choose plans that fit their specific needs at a more affordable price.


Tiffany Shedd

  • Supports a border wall, enhanced technology, more boots on the ground, and better systems to monitor who is in our country.
  • Plans to introduce legislation that matches veterans with job opportunities that relate to their military training and match volunteers with veterans organizations to provide services such as grant writing and donations. Tiffany has already spoken with leaders in law enforcement, border patrol, and construction that have pledged support for this plan. Like President Trump, Tiffany is committed to going to bat for our veterans, and ensuring they receive the treatment, care, and opportunities they so desperately need and deserve.
  • As a firearms instructor, she supports the Second Amendment
  • Will stand up against liberals’ efforts to eliminate private health insurance and give Medicare for all to illegal immigrants. Instead, she will make sure we have a patient centered and free-enterprise based system that allows families to make the choices that best fit their needs.
  • Will work with President Trump to identify and eliminate unnecessary job killing regulations, keep taxes low, the economy strong, and stop Democrats from passing the Green New Deal.
  • As a constitutional conservative Tiffany believes that we all must have the freedom to choose how we worship, how to educate our children, and the values that our families live by. As a home school mom, Tiffany makes sure that her kids are well versed in the Constitution and in the Christian roots on which our country was founded. Strongly pro-life, Tiffany will always stand up for all of those who are unable to fight for themselves.
Tom O’Halleran

  • Leftist
  • His campaign site lists accomplishments he had as a “Republican” years ago in the Arizona Legislature
  • His campaign site lists no accomplishments as a congressman
  • Boasts of his support Sen. John McCain’s and Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Gang of Eight group that sought to reward illegal aliens for violating immigration law
  • Demands taxpayer-supported abortion
  • Supports Planned Parenthood, an organization accused of refusing to report adult predators who sexually abused minors, which illegally sold dead baby body parts and puts profit over human life
  • Opposes Israel’s sovereignty
  • Supports gun control in opposition of the Second Amendment and citizens’ right to defend themselves

Congressional District 2

Republicans Democrats
Brandon Martin

·         Pledges never to raise taxes and signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge

·         Pledges to never vote for infringement of the Second Amendment.

·         Pledges to fight diligently to end abortion and protect the sanctity of life.

·         Pledges to place a sunset clause on all unconstitutional departments and programs to expire after a period of 5-10 years and not renew them.

·         Pledges to work to abolish the 16th and 17th Amendments.

·         Pledges to end all unconstitutional wars and conflicts and stop nation-building around the world.

·         Pledges to audit the FED.

·         Pledges to reduce wasteful government spending.

·         Favors building a wall to protect the U.S. border.

·         Seeks 2-percent government spending with the exception of social security.

·         Return western states’ land to state-managed control.

Joseph Morgan

·         Supports the construction of a border fence.

·         Supports increased funding for our Border Patrol in order to increase the number of agents, provide them pay increases, and give them the means to get better, and upgraded equipment and technology

·         Supports the use of any and all methods to STOP the flow of caravans of people entering this country illegally.

·         Supports repeal of Obamacare

·         Supports private options to Medicare

·         Favors tax credits for major medical bills

·         Favors laws to prevent medical price gouging and tax deductions for expensive drugs

·         Favors increased subsidization to academic institutions for innovative research

·         Favors permanent middle-class tax cuts

·         Supports the Second Amendment

·         The sanctity of human life is the most fundamental right

Noran Ruden

·         Job creation, motivation of economic activity and prioritizing actionable spending that helps average people will be the single biggest priority for our country over the next few years.

·         Our law enforcement officers are good, honorable men & women. I support the work of those who protect us and believe we must focus our efforts on changing policies rather than slandering good people. Insightful, decisive leadership is necessary to embrace any necessary changes and to keep our community and officers safe.

·         The right to assemble is paramount and must always be protected. And yet, when those protests become pretexts to kill, maim, and destroy property, something must be said. The same rights that allow us to speak also allow our citizens to have the expectation of protection from senseless harm.

·         Change the Tone in Washington, Reduce Bitter Partisanship

·         Coyotes, drug smuggling and human trafficking are real problems. Unfortunately, many of these issues are due to a lack of enforcement of existing immigration laws. Instead, many elected officials have tried to use illegal immigration to push political agendas and create social division. The truth is a majority of Southern Arizona citizens are pro legal immigration and truly love our Mexican heritage and culture. We simply want new immigrants to be subject to the same standards of law-abiding citizens to pay taxes, accept American laws and traditions. I disagree when communities create Sanctuary Cities, ignore criminal activity and leverage a humanitarian crisis for political gain. I believe we need to enforce current immigration laws, devise a plan to address the 11 million-plus illegals in the country, and support Trump’s current enforcement strategies including a border wall. Real solutions will require both parties to work together.

·         The message is simple: Big Walls, Big Gates to promote commerce and reduce negative activity, while encouraging lawful behavior

·         I will do my part to give back to the service men and women who serve our community

·         I am a constitutional conservative with some libertarian leanings. I believe in individual liberties and will tend to avoid foreign interventions. I am pro-life, believe strongly in the second amendment, and champion smaller effective government.

Ann Kirkpatrick


  • Leftist, according to On The Issues
  • Supports taxpayer-funded abortion
  • Opposes parental notification of abortions for minors
  • Opposes restrictions on abortions
  • Voted against monitoring of TARP funds
  • Opposes school choice and vouchers for religious school students (though the Supreme Court ruled this constitutional)
  • Believes climate change is one of the world’s greatest threats
  • Opposes off-shore drilling
  • Supports Israel
  • Opposes voter IDs, though photo IDs are required for delegates of the Democrats’ National Convention
  • Supports the Second Amendment
  • Opposes repeal of Obamacare
  • Supports Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran
  • Supports a smart fence on the border


Congressional District 3

Daniel Wood, Republican Raul Grijalva, Democrat
·         Favors: The continued building of the border wall and increased funding for more border patrol agents, upgraded equipment, and funding for local law enforcement agencies along the border.

·         Reform of our asylum laws, noting any illegal immigrant who comes into our country other than at a port of entry will be immediately returned to their country of origin. No trial or waiting period.

·         Creating more judges to speed up the asylum hearings. Over 800,000 cases in backlog.

·         End the lottery system and chain migration.

·         Enforcement of E-Verify laws. Companies and corporations who are willfully hiring illegal aliens need to be held accountable.

·         Reform of the Visa programs H-2A and H-2B.

·         The immediate return of incarcerated illegals who have committed criminal offenses to their country of origin. We should not have to pay for non-citizens in our penitentiary systems.

·         Pulling back government regulations on doctors and insurance companies will begin the process to improve the quality and efficiency of the healthcare system. In return it will bring healthy competition through innovation.

·         As a representative for CD3, I will work hard to cut government regulations and move healthcare to a free-market system. Repealing Obamacare must happen first!


·         The House Ethics Committee examined allegations that Rep. Raúl Grijalva created a hostile workplace. The ethics probe comes four years after the Natural Resources Committee shelled out more than $48,000 to settle a complaint by a former female staffer over a hostile work environment linked to Grijalva’s alcohol use.

·         The ethics probe comes four years after the Natural Resources Committee shelled out more than $48,000 to settle a complaint by a former female staffer over a hostile work environment linked to Grijalva’s alcohol use.

  • A leader among the far Left Democratic Socialists
  • Completely opposed to all restrictions for the health of women related to abortion
  • Voted to redefine marriage, denying children either a mother or a father
  • Fully supports the radical LGBT agenda
  • Voted against prohibition on flag desecration
  • Wants to lessen penalties on cocaine and crack cocaine offenders
  • Favors needle distribution to heroin users
  • Favors Planned Parenthood-style sex education in public schools
  • Has an anti-family voting record
  • Voted against U.S. lessening financial support of U.N.
  • Favors strict gun regulations and opposes Second Amendment
  • Wants to make health care a “right”
  • Opposes the border wall
  • Rated 0% on the border invasion by FAIR
  • Wanted to impeach former Vice-president Dick Cheney
  • Voted against removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq
  • Opposes requiring welfare recipients to work
  • Favors expanding Obamacare
  • Strongly opposes school vouchers, thereby trapping students in under-performing schools
  • Supports Green New Deal


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