Congressional District 1


Congressional District 1

Republicans Democrats
Nolan Reidhead

  • Constitutional conservative
  • Pro-life
  • Supports the Second Amendment and Americans’ right to defend themselves
  • Supports legal immigration
  • Favors elimination of job-killing policies
  • Favors independence from China
  • Favors free speech, which is under attack from Democrats
  • Favors protection for religious liberty
  • Opposes gun control and favors Second Amendment
  • Has a legal background and supports the rule of law
  • Supports President Trump’s nominations of originalist judges
  • Opposes taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood
  • Favors school choice
  • Plans to introduce legislation that would provide more competition among health care providers to decrease costs, protect private health insurance from government overreach, allow employers to provide more affordable health care plans for their employees, and allow individuals and families to choose plans that fit their specific needs at a more affordable price.


Tiffany Shedd

  • Supports a border wall, enhanced technology, more boots on the ground, and better systems to monitor who is in our country.
  • Plans to introduce legislation that matches veterans with job opportunities that relate to their military training and match volunteers with veterans organizations to provide services such as grant writing and donations. Tiffany has already spoken with leaders in law enforcement, border patrol, and construction that have pledged support for this plan. Like President Trump, Tiffany is committed to going to bat for our veterans, and ensuring they receive the treatment, care, and opportunities they so desperately need and deserve.
  • As a firearms instructor, she supports the Second Amendment
  • Will stand up against liberals’ efforts to eliminate private health insurance and give Medicare for all to illegal immigrants. Instead, she will make sure we have a patient centered and free-enterprise based system that allows families to make the choices that best fit their needs.
  • Will work with President Trump to identify and eliminate unnecessary job killing regulations, keep taxes low, the economy strong, and stop Democrats from passing the Green New Deal.
  • As a constitutional conservative Tiffany believes that we all must have the freedom to choose how we worship, how to educate our children, and the values that our families live by. As a home school mom, Tiffany makes sure that her kids are well versed in the Constitution and in the Christian roots on which our country was founded. Strongly pro-life, Tiffany will always stand up for all of those who are unable to fight for themselves.
Tom O’Halleran

  • Leftist
  • His campaign site lists accomplishments he had as a “Republican” years ago in the Arizona Legislature
  • His campaign site lists no accomplishments as a congressman
  • Boasts of his support Sen. John McCain’s and Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Gang of Eight group that sought to reward illegal aliens for violating immigration law
  • Demands taxpayer-supported abortion
  • Supports Planned Parenthood, an organization accused of refusing to report adult predators who sexually abused minors, which illegally sold dead baby body parts and puts profit over human life
  • Opposes Israel’s sovereignty
  • Supports gun control in opposition of the Second Amendment and citizens’ right to defend themselves
  • Opposes denying federal funding for sanctuary cities
  • Supports gender identity confusion

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