Congressional District 9





Dave Giles 

    • We must secure the border and fix immigration policy.
    • I am sickened to see a $20 trillion national debt run up by an out-of-control national bureaucracy. Congress must shoulder the blame along with past administrations for the financial despair that we, our children, and our grandchildren now face. A course change is demanded, and I pledge to fight the reckless spending habits of the past. I reject the notion that pacifying lobbyists and special interests groups is a legitimate function of Congress. These lobbyists and members of Congress are determined to spend more of your hard-earned money. But what have they done to balance the budget? Balancing the budget and eliminating the national debt will be my top priority as a Member of Congress. I pledge to be a thorn in the side of wasteful spenders in Congress and vote against any attempt to borrow more money to accommodate bad spending practices.
    • This Congress and president must overhaul the ACA (Repeal & Replace) or see families and businesses suffer needlessly with higher premiums and rationed care. This is not how President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi presented this program. Their negligence in adopting this poorly crafted plan is crippling our nation’s health care system. Premiums are skyrocketing and companies are abandoning the ACA. President Trump repealed the Obamacare mandate, thus reducing a portion of your tax. As your representative in Congress, I will work to return healthcare to the private sector companies such that it is competitive within a free market construct and is portable for an individual to keep their plan from job to job, location to location, across state lines, without penalty, leaving no one behind.
    • Favors U.S. energy independence.
    • Supports the Second Amendment.
    • Pro-life.
    • Supports the fair tax and repealing the death tax.
    • Favors parental rights over the education of children.


Sam Huang

  • His top priorities include:
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Relevant education
  • Infrastructure improvement
  • Immigration policy reform
  • Welfare policy reform


Nicholas Tutora

  • Our liberty is under attack from an unelected bureaucracy
  • Strong opponent of socialism
  • The current Democrat-controlled House of Representatives is not getting much done
  • Opposes the Democrats’ impeachment sham
  • Does not want the federal government involved in personal healthcare and we do not need a federal mandate
  • Disagrees with those who are dividing America by race
  • We the people are one American family
  • American children’s education should come first, ahead of educating illegal aliens


Greg Stanton

    • Pro-abortion
    • Opposes Second Amendment and favors gun control
    • Favors expansion of Obamacare
    • Favors citizenship for illegal aliens
    • Believes in unfounded global warming


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