Congressional District 8

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Debbie Lesko

  • The federal government must live within its means. Our future generations are going to be crippled with debt if the federal government cannot get its fiscal house in order. With our debt at over $21 trillion, we must act to preserve our national security and give our economy the stability it needs. I am also committed to cutting wasteful government spending. That is why I cosponsored H. Res. 149, which recognizes our national debt as a threat to our national security.
  • Every child in this country should have the opportunity to obtain an excellent education. That is why I sponsored H.R. 2263, the Make Education Local Act, so that more money goes towards our students and teachers. The federal government not be micromanaging education policy for the states. Each of the respective states know what is best and are laboratories of innovation. States and local schools, not federal bureaucrats, should determine how federal monies are spent so that more dollars get into the classroom.
  • The regulations and taxes of Obamacare have crippled the health insurance industry and increased premiums substantially for American individuals, families, and small businesses. Congress must achieve a complete repeal of Obamacare to help citizens regain the freedom to choose their own insurance company and plan at affordable prices.
  • In the time time since Congress passed and President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law, Americans have already received over $4 billion in bonuses and increased pay. Small businesses are reporting record levels of optimism, which has allowed them to hire more employees and expand their operations. For the first time since we began recording unemployment data, there are now more jobs available than there are people looking for work.In Arizona’s 8th Congressional District, people are seeing an average reduction in their taxes of between $1,500 and $2,600. The tax cuts have provided a spark to our economy, simplified our outdated tax code, and increased the take-home pay of many Americans.Our economy has also benefited from a reduction of federal regulations. Light-touch policies to keep Washington out of small businesses have allowed them to thrive.
  • In Congress, I am dedicated to fully funding our military and making sure they have the best and most up-to-date equipment. We must invest in missile defense and do everything we can to win the war against ISIS, terrorist groups, and avoid nuclear match-ups with countries such as North Korea. I will continue to fight for Luke Air Force Base by ensuring our soldiers have the flight time and battle training they need for success. I introduced H. Res. 177 to recognize the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program as a critical component of America’s national security that Congress must continue to support. With over 40 original cosponsors, this bipartisan resolution reaffirms the F-35’s vital role for maintaining air superiority to preserve global security and stability.
  • We are experiencing an unprecedented national security and humanitarian crisis at our southern border. In Arizona, we see the effects of this crisis every day. Congress’ failure to work together to secure our border and fix our broken immigration system is unacceptable. I introduced six immigration bills to address some of the root causes of the border crisis. With the large influx of migrants crossing the border into America, these bills will reform our asylum system, increase the number of immigration judges and detention beds, and allow dangerous aliens to be detained. These six bills represent some of the immediate steps we can take to restore order at our border.
  • Medicare and Social Security are programs that working Americans have paid into for many years, and I am committed to protecting benefits for current enrollees and strengthening it for future generations. We must ensure that beneficiaries have health care coverage and prescription drug plans at reasonable prices. Congress must also keep its promise to those receiving Social Security benefits. Those that have worked hard and paid into the system deserve to know that it will be there for them. I also signed a letter urging House Leadership to fix the Medicare Part D Donut Hole and keep the cost of prescription drugs low.Most recently, I introduced H. Res. 59, a resolution recognizing Medicare and Social Security as important programs that must be protected for current enrollees. Social Security and Medicare are essential for senior citizens living on fixed incomes. Congress must fulfill its promise to our seniors
  • Our veterans risked their lives to defend our freedom; they deserve nothing but the best. I am committed to improving quality of care for our veterans and expanding choice and access in veteran’s care. I Introduced the VA Medical Center Facility Transparency Act (H.R. 1944) to increase public transparency with VA Medical facilities. H.R. 1944 requires each VA Medical facility to publish an annual report available to the public with their current performance, along with a plan on how to improve their quality of service for veterans.

Michael Muscato

  • Soft on the border; seeks to provide a mechanism for the undocumented to beat the system.
  • Wants to fully fund public schools that are already fully funded.
  • Wants a civilian climate corps.
  • Favors a no fossil fuel money pledge.
  • Supports the radical, population-control, pro-abortion Sierra Club.
  • Favors gun control.
  • Opposes free speech for corporations.
  • Big pro-union guy.

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