AZ GOP Chair Ward’s Statement On McSally Victory

Arizona Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward released the following statement on Martha McSally’s primary victory over Daniel McCarthy:

“Conservative Arizonans turned out in historic numbers to support Senator McSally and send her on to the general election to defeat China-owned Democrat Mark Kelly and defend our Republican majority in the U.S. Senate. While Kelly struggles to explain his disturbing ties to the Communist Party of China, Senator McSally is holding China accountable, ensuring the passage of new and improved trade deals like the USMCA, strengthening our military, securing our borders and confirming reliably conservative judges to the federal bench. Over the course of the next 90 days, every Arizona voter will see Mark Kelly for who he really is: a radical Democrat beholden to Chuck Schumer and coastal millionaires in New York and California. Arizonans want a Senator who will be a champion for working families, seniors, veterans, single mothers, students, and business owners — and that’s why they’re going to elect Senator McSally and send her back to Washington to finish the job she’s already started.”

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