AZ Attorney General’s Office Refutes Democrats’ False Claims Of Ballot Delays

Joe Kanefield, an assistant to Attorney General Mark Brnovich. has accused Democrat and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs with undermining public confidence in the integrity of Arizona’s elections. On Wednesday, he said there is absolutely no basis for Hobbs’ false claims that the Trump Administration is attempting to prevent the timely delivery of ballots in Arizona. Kanefield says her complaints are without merits. He called Hobbs’ complaint — which echoes Democrat conspiracy theories — “purely speculative” and without evidence.

Kanefield also said Postmaster Louis DeJoy was appointed to his post by the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors, not by President Donald Trump, and does not report to the president.

“Making accusations of criminal misconduct by the president and other federal officials based on mere conjecture undermines the integrity of our elections,” Kanefield said.

DeJoy said Tuesday that any cost-cutting initiatives by the postal service will not be implemented before the November the election. “Given that the allegations in your letter are without merit and are now moot, we will take no further action on your complaint,” Kanefield said.

Democrats across the country, who’ve committed voter fraud in the past, are paranoid about voter suppression, trying to distract voters from their radical socialist plans for America.

Kanefield said to Hobbs: “You present no evidence … that any action by the president impacted USPS operations in Arizona during the Aug. 4, 2020 primary election. The evidence in Arizona, therefore, does not suggest that there has been or will be voter disenfranchisement as a result of any changes to the postal system.”

Furthermore, Kanefield zinged Hobbs with these remarks:

“In the midst of a pandemic and within months of a major election, it is critical that election officials not spread misinformation, politicize administrative processes, or criminalize congressional funding issues. To the extent you may be confronted with other political issues like this one in the future, we encourage you to take steps to maintain, rather than undermine, public confidence in Arizona’s election process.”


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