Maricopa County Republicans Vote To Urge Jeff Flake To Join Democrats

After waiting for two weeks for the Maricopa  County Republican Committee Chairwoman  to release the votes on the “Flake Resolution”, Activist Dan Schultz has compiled a list of how MCRC EGC members voted on  Joe Neglia’s “Flake Resolution” at the Sept 1 Zoom meeting. See full resolution 8-31-20 Briefs . The Jeff Flake Resolution encourages Flake to join a political party more in line with his actions: the Democratic Party. The resolution included a Voter Registration Form for his convenience. The vote was 15 in favor, and 12 against. Schultz attended the Zoom meeting and recorded the following votes.  On Sept 6, he emailed the Secretary Colleen Lombard and Chairman Rae Chornenky, asking for the “official” tally of these votes.  Colleen responded that she had to forward the request to the Chairman.  Schultz questioned what “policy” she was referring, and copied the Chairman.  He has not received a response. Responding to the grassroots PCs and Briefs reader requests, Schultz writes, “Here are those members of the Maricopa County Republican Committee Executive Guidance Committee (consisting of the then 10 elected officers and members-at-large and the 20 elected legislative district committee chairmen) who voted against Joe Neglia’s Jeff Flake Resolution. Schultz notes “(All precinct committeemen are members of the Maricopa County Republican Committee – they are the committee; the elected EGC members are to serve the precinct committeemen as their elected representatives.  All the precinct committeemen and elected officers are volunteers, and I sincerely thank, and am grateful to, all who have stepped up, now or in the past, to serve as officers knowing how much extra time and effort the officers put in to carry out their duties.).  See  9-14-20 Briefs. Also see reader request Neglia 9-2-20 Briefs, Briefs 9-4-20 Briefs, April Riggins and Sara Dunsford 9-4-20 Briefs, Lyle Tuttle, Sara Dunsford: 9-6-20 Briefs, Barbra Medal 9-8-20 Briefs

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