AZ Repugnant/AZ Democrat Central Working In Overdrive To Elect Democrats

It’s worse than ever — the blatant efforts of the Arizona Repugnant/AZ Democrat Central to demonize Republicans and elect Democrats.

Just look at EJ “Eddie Munster” Montini’s most recent hit pieces:

A fearful Donald Trump calls Kamala Harris a ‘monster’

Proposition 208 will end GOP’s gutting of public schools

Why Isn’t McSally irked by Trump’s links to China?

Will Trump housekeepers get his royal COVID care?

VP Pence should be in quarantine not visiting Arizona

Can McSally use a jet that says ‘Air Force’ in an ad?

Quarantine anger, ask questions about Trump and COVID-19

Ducey, a mask mandate and the story of the drowning man

Sen. Sinema should not meet with Judge Barrett

Trump secures the white supremacist vote in debate

Donald Trump’s brilliant idea for how to stage a debate

Sen. Graham (in 2015) exactly sums up Trump/Biden race

Trump math: 204,000 COVID deaths = ‘virtually nobody’

Judge Amy Coney Barrett sells her Christian soul to Trump

Sen. McSally managed only 15 minutes of respect for RBGS

Then check out the Repugnant’s Laurie Roberts, another Republican hater:

Ducey’s hypocrisy on display at Trump rally

How can Ducey ignore the misery of 400,000 jobless Arizonans?

Trump doesn’t want panic us? he lives on panic

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