Vote NO on Rich Crandall For Mesa School Board

Rich Crandell never seems to be where he belongs and never seems to last long where he is. The controversial former Arizona legislator and educational administrator wannabe is running for an at-large position on the Mesa school board. We strongly OPPOSE his candidacy.

Crandell, a supporter of Democrat U.S. Senator Kyrsten Sinema according to his retweets of her bragging points, once lived out of state and voted on only a third of bills in the Arizona House of Representatives. We called for his ouster or resignation at the time.

He served in administrative posts in Wyoming and Colorado public education agencies for only a few months eacg. When he started in the Wyoming post, he indicated he would be frequently traveling the country to meet with educators rather than hanging out in his office all the time.

Oh and in 2012 Crandell’s daughter was caught red-handed by legislator Brenda Barton tampering with an opponent’s campaign signs in Mesa. Crandell then threatened her with legislative blackmail, drawing an ethics complaint. Crandell later apologized to Barton to avoid punishment.

The Goldwater Institute in 2012 ranked Crandell among the lowest state senators in its annual scorecard.

Crandell just doesn’t deserve or belong to be in positions of power in education or the state legislative.


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