‘Yoda’ Kelly’s Staffers Admit His Misleading Of Voters On Gun Policy

Project Veritas Action Fund journalists recently exposed conflicted campaign staffers working to elect retired Navy Capt. Mark Kelly to the U.S. Senate representing Arizona.

Anjelica Carpio and Alan Bederka were both secretly recorded admitting to the Kelly campaign’s intentions of misleading the voters on his gun policies.

Here are the highlights from today’s release:

  • Everytown For Gun Safety Data Manager Alan Bederka: Kelly Has to Lie to Get into The Senate, So He Can Pass Gun Control: “Things Like an Assault Weapons Ban, Which Would be Freakin’ Lovely.”
  • Bederka: “[Kelly’s] Probably in Favor of a General Assault Weapon Ban and What That Would Mean Is No More Manufacturing Assault Weapons For General Consumer Consumption…In Any State In The United States.”
  • Bederka: Everytown For Gun Safety Skirts Federal Laws Against Coordination Through Press Releases “If the NRA Were to Find Out…They Would Tear Us Apart.”
  • Mission for Arizona Field Organizer Anjelica Carpio: “[Kelly] Just Wants to Get Elected.”
  • Carpio: “I Know We Always Can’t Trust Politicians.”
  • Carpio: “Even the Staffers Are Kind of Confused, Like We Want Him to Come Full Force Out.”

Watch our latest video here:

The voters should never be misled. Deception is one of the most corrupt acts politicians can engage in.

Project Veritas Action Fund will never let this type of behavior get a pass. We have a lot more ‘exposing’ to do before the election.

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