Statistical Anomalies in Biden Votes, Analyses Indicate

BY PETR SVAB November 8, 2020 Updated: November 9, 2020

With the 2020 elections marred by legal challenges and fraud allegations, some have used statistical analysis to try to determine if foul play was involved. In several states, analyses of election data indeed show statistically odd phenomena in the tallies of votes for the Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden.

One of the most common arguments is that in some localities, vote counts for Biden violate Benford’s Law.

In simple terms, the law states that in many real-world data sets, such as demographic data, geographical data, or even sports statistics, the first digit of the numbers will more likely be 1 than 2, and 2 more likely than 3, etc. following logarithmic scale. If the first-digit distribution significantly diverges from this rule, it could be evidence of artificial manipulation of the data.

The law has been used to identify fraudulent financial records and other illegal activities. Walter Mebane, a political science professor at the University of Michigan, used the law to back ballot-stuffing allegations in the 2009 Iran election (pdf). Some researchers also used the law to check for irregularities in the 2016 election in Wisconsin (pdf).

One GitHub user posted an analysis of the 2020 election results in Fulton County, Georgia; Miami-Dade, Florida; Milwaukee; Chicago; and Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

While the result in Georgia and Florida generally adhered to Benford’s Law, there were significant deviations in votes for Biden in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Pennsylvania.

Mebane acknowledged some anomalies in the data, but cautioned against using the first digit analysis on election results.

“The first digit is largely determined by the number of voters in each precinct, as usually—and especially in small jurisdictions such as individual cities and counties—the share of the votes received by parties or candidates does not vary all that greatly across
precincts,” he said in a Nov. 9 paper (pdf).

Analyzing the Chicago results, he didn’t find any anomalies. “The first-digit distribution has nothing whatsoever to do with any kind of election fraud,” he said.

Using the Election Forensics Toolkit he co-authored in 2015, he went through the results in Milwaukee and Allegheny County without finding anything out of the ordinary.

He did find some anomalies in Fulton County, but called them “probably benign.”

One indicator for Democrat votes in the county “might be a concern,” he said, but added that the indicator “nearly” exceeded the expected value for Republican votes too.

He also used a variant of the Benford’s Law that applies to second digits.

In Milwaukee, the analysis showed an anomaly in the Trump votes, which was, however, “perfectly compatible with nonstrategic votes,” he said.

The Biden vote counts were also anomalous and in a way that “is harder to explain,” he said.

“But it matches results observed in some German elections … that are generally not considered to be problematic.”

One Twitter user went deeper on the Milwaukee analysis and found that in many city wards, votes counted after 3 a.m. on Nov. 4 went to Biden by a much larger margin than those counted before. Sometimes, the difference was as high as 40 percentage points.

Milwaukee’s county clerk didn’t immediately respond to a request by The Epoch Times for comment regarding the discrepancy. Wisconsin is headed for a recount, showing Biden slightly ahead.

Another internet sleuth noticed that in Pennsylvania, nearly 10,000 votes were removed from President Donald Trump’s count at around 9 p.m. on Nov. 4. He said the losses came from three counties: Allegheny (-1,063 votes), Bucks (-2,972 votes), and Chester (-7,135 votes).

Then, around 9 a.m. on Nov. 6, more than 27,000 votes were added to the count, nearly all of them to Biden, he said.

The office of Pennsylvania Secretary of State didn’t immediately respond to questions about the anomalies. While Biden is ahead in the state, Trump has challenged the results in court.

The tally in Michigan, where Biden is ahead by a small margin, also seems to be statistically peculiar.

Around 5 a.m. on Nov. 4, data firm Decision Desk HQ updated the vote count for Michigan, adding 138,339 votes to Biden, but zero to Trump. The statistical impossibility of such a scenario prompted people to speculate that votes were illegally injected into the tally.

Within 40 minutes, Decision Desk HQ posted another update that subtracted 110,796 votes from Biden’s total and added 16,638 to Trump’s. It later said a “clerical error” in Shiawassee County caused the distribution of incorrect data and has since been fixed.

At 5:54 a.m. and 6:05 a.m., the firm posted two more updates for the Michigan race that didn’t appear to show anything unusual.

Then, at 6:18 a.m., the firm posted another update, which added 158,902 votes to the Biden tally and 29,295 votes to Trump’s. Those votes split roughly 85 percent for Biden—an exceptionally high ratio.

One explanation could be that those votes came from a deep-blue county and only included absentee ballots, which were expected to heavily favor Democrats.

However, even absentee ballots in Washtenaw County, which went for Biden by the largest margin, split in his favor by less than 82 percent. In addition, the candidate only picked up 125,927 absentee votes there, so many would have had to have come from another county less favorable to Biden.

A spokeswoman for the Michigan Secretary of State didn’t respond to questions about these votes.

Update: The article has been updated with information from a paper by Prof. Walter Mebane.Follow Petr on Twitter: @petrsvabSupport an independent outlet at a time when it’s hard to find factual news.

BallotGate, The Voter Fraud President and China Boy

You lived through it, folks: BallotGate, the biggest, filthiest scandal in U.S. history.

Biden can never be known as anything other than the VOTER FRAUD PRESIDENT. He joins John Kennedy in this scandalous club. Both feasted on dead voters, ballot stuffers and Democrat political machine operatives.

Conservative Bob Dornan lost his California congressional seat to the Democrat cheaters some 24 years ago. If Al Gore’s cheaters hadn’t been incompetent pikers, he would have sat in the White House for eight years, too.

If only Richard Nixon and Dornan had fought harder to stop the shenanigans, if only the media was honest enough to expose that corruption we might not be where we are today.

Mark “China Boy” Kelly’s beady eyes must have nearly popped out this week as he saw his taxpayer fleecing base expand from Pima County to from shining sea to shining sea. God bless America! What a country! This combination of Forest Gump and Chauncey Gardner is destined to be a Senate back-bencher and a favorite of The View and low information voters.

Martha McSally was by far the better of the two Senate candidates, but after two Senate losses, no one will ever invest big dollars in her again. Her political career is over.

McSally made a mistake in surrendering her Tucson area congressional seat to make two unsuccessful runs for the Senate. She was the only conservative ever serving in Pima County, and she should not have sacrificed it. We may never regain that House seat again. There is some political ground which should never be abandoned and this is one such place.

One thing the sleazy Democrats have done is awaken a sleeping giant. The people are incensed at this stolen election and are not shrinking back. We will be a thorn in the socialists’ side as long as we have breath. And as long as Big Tech hasn’t completely gagged us. We need our own tech forums as well so that the communistic censorship of Big Tech isn’t the only game in town and we can make our voices ever heard far and wide.

There is so much evidence of Democrat corruption, and here is more of it:

Here’s a graphic that also explains the disgusting flipping of Arizona to the dreaded blue column:

Check out these must-see videos:

White House Hangs in the Ballots

November 6, 2020

By Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

If you want to feel better about the election, here’s an idea: turn off the news! We’ve become so conditioned to listen to the media in situations like this, thinking only they can update maps and color in states. But here’s the reality: No one — not even Fox News’s Decision Desk — can change the fact that there are actual processes and laws in place that will settle this election. Not Pennsylvania’s anti-Trump secretary of state. Not the exploding heads at CNN. Not even the uncertified statewide counts. As much as we want instant results, our Founders understood that there needed to be a system that could withstand the kind of political divisions we have today. Thankfully, despite the media’s insistence that they call the shots, that’s not how it works. There is a process for close and uncertain elections, and we need to let the process work.

Of course, in the meantime, Mark Levin said, the press will keep trashing the president for challenging any statewide irregularities. “‘This Trump, he’s a dictator,'” liberals tell the American people. The reality is, “Trump’s trying to uphold the federal Constitution. Trump’s trying to [protect] these state statutes — not the state supreme courts, not the state boards of elections. Trump and his people are trying to uphold the rule of law.” Because once the rule of law is gone, you can kiss fair and free elections goodbye.

And that’s exactly what the far-Left wants. It’s why, months before the election, billionaire George Soros started plotting a sophisticated campaign to subvert the election process. The plan, outlined in a paper by the Transition Integrity Project he funds, hinged on dragging out the ballot counting long enough for liberals on the ground to manipulate the vote totals they needed to win key states. Is that happening? There’s no way for us to know. What we do know is that the strategy involved multiple states and an infusion of “insecure” (mail-in) votes. They talked about going to court to weaken local election rules (check), public misinformation campaigns if Trump was ahead (check), and ramped-up social media censorship (check). It’s called “war-gaming,” the New York Times explained. Except “the game” was to keep Trump from being reelected on November 3rd.

I’m not suggesting we subscribe to a conspiracy theory about liberals stealing the election. What I am saying is that there are radical forces out there who will do whatever it takes to stop Donald Trump from winning a second term. Maybe there isn’t widespread fraud taking place, but there are enough anomalies to warrant questions being ask and answers being attained. Take the success Republicans had on Tuesday in the state legislatures, for example. In one of the most unreported storylines of 2020, conservatives had a huge night locally. Despite outspending Republicans three-to-two on statehouse races, Democrats didn’t pick up control of a single legislature (so far, only Arizona is too close to call). That means that Republicans kept their historic lead of controlling 29 state legislatures to the Democrats’ 18.

In other words, Republicans had banner wins in the House, possibly the Senate, and the states — but the president of the same party didn’t? Something doesn’t add up. That’s what the White House and other conservatives want to get to the bottom of. Even House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) agreed that all of these indicators point to a different outcome than we’re seeing on the electoral map. “Republicans will not back down” on defending this election’s integrity, he vowed.

That’s great, you’re thinking, but what happens now? Well, there are several scenarios. On the Left, the goal is to keep driving this narrative that any of Trump’s reasonable complaints are his attempt to steal the election. On social media and the news outlets, Americans are going to be bombarded with the message that this president has no legitimate claim to victory. It’s the slow creep of misinformation — or, on platforms like Twitter — the outright silencing of information (like we’re seeing with the shutdown of Stop the Steal).

On the president’s side, the legal fight marches on. In the crosshairs, David Horowitz explains, are “a mix of illegal administrative actions taken by Democrat administrations in the key states and [lower courts] overriding long-standing state election laws.” No state official should be allowed to just waltz in and change the way elections are handled — pandemic or not. That’s what creates the kind of chaos we’re seeing right now. In too many places, Democrats just flat-out rewrote the laws on late voting, ballot harvesting, and even voter verification.

But the states could have their revenge. What most Americans don’t realize is that when they go to the polls, they aren’t voting for Joe Biden or Donald Trump. They’re voting for state electors who cast the final ballots for president and vice president. (In some states, those electors’ names are even listed next to the candidates.) It’s their 538 votes that make up the Electoral College. On December 14th, they’ll meet for a formal vote — and 270 of them will decide the presidency. Now, some states force those electors to cast their ballot based on which candidate won their state. In others, there’s no such rule, and electors can choose — although they rarely do — to vote for a different candidate. In 2016, 10 electors broke with their states — but it wasn’t enough to change the outcome of the election. This time, 10 electors could be more than enough to alter the result.

In that case, the road to the White House would run right through the state legislatures. They — not the secretary of state or governor or board of elections — have the final say in who their electors are, based on the U.S. Constitution. And if the Republican legislatures believe there’s evidence of fraud or other extenuating circumstances, they could, as Horowitz warns, “reclaim their authority over the Electoral College and rectify the [corruption] that has upended our election process.”

Or, say on December 14th that neither candidate gets to the magic 270. In that instance, the House elects the president, and the Senate elects the vice president. That’s happened twice in American history, once in 1825 and once in 1837. The 50 state delegations in the House and the individual members of the Senate becomes the determining factor. So let’s look again at what happened on Tuesday night. If everything holds, we’ll have 25 Republican states, 21 Democratic states, and four ties (which don’t count here) deciding who’s president — which, if party lines hold, would favor Donald Trump. In the Senate, if the Republicans hold their leads, America would have 52 Republican states deciding the next vice president.

No wonder the Left is trying to rush this process through. Any scenario that pushes the outcome into mid-December makes a Biden presidency more uncertain. In 2000, we took our time, Tucker Carlson insisted. Americans waited 36 days for a winner to Bush v. Gore. It was painful, he reminded everyone, but in the end it was worth it. “Our system works,” he urged. “It has worked before.” So it’s time for the media to stop shaming Donald Trump, censoring information from the states, and declaring premature winners. Back then, “almost everyone in the media was a partisan Democrat. But… they understood that preserving the public’s faith in the system… was more important than getting Al Gore or anyone else into the White House.”

That’s changed, and Donald Trump knows it. This time around, the Republican in the race doesn’t have the media’s support for a fair resolution — he has their scorn. In not 36 days, but three, commentators have demanded everything from Trump’s concession to his arrest. They are no longer allies in the pursuit of democracy — but enemies. Trump will fight, because he doesn’t fear them. And because he knows that this is more about protecting our country and its processes than it is about protecting his job. If the American people throw in the towel early, it will be as much their fault as the Left’s that the social trust is broken. Because at the end of the day, we don’t all have to want Donald Trump to win — but we should all hope the rule of law does.

Romney Slams Trump Refusal to Concede

By John Semmens — Semi-News — A Satirical Look at Recent News

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) chastised President Trump for “recklessly inflaming destructive and dangerous passions. Even if his claim of a stolen election is true, raising that issue at this late date threatens our democracy. Democratic cheating is, as former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) points out, ‘a time-honored tradition.’ Saner Republicans have long realized that this is something we must learn to live with lest we fatality undermine the unity necessary for Democrats to govern.”

“Back in the 1960 election, Richard Nixon was aware that the election was marred by fraudulent votes in Illinois, but decided that for the good of the nation not to contest the election of his opponent,” Romney recalled. “This saved the nation a lot of turmoil and strife. The silver lining was that John Kennedy turned out to be a great president. In the 2000 election George Bush balked at the time-honored tradition. He fought against the Democrats’ attempt to selectively recount ballots in Florida, took the case to the Supreme Court and won. This unleashed eight years of highly contentious relationships between the two Parties.”

“Contentious relationships is an apt description of the four years that Trump has been president,” Romney said. “Haven’t we had our fill of this? Haven’t the America people suffered enough? Once fraudulent votes have been counted it’s too late. There’s no way to extract the wrongly counted from the legitimate votes. I don’t see how Trump’s efforts to try to exclude illegal votes from valid votes can succeed. Asking the Supreme Court to untangle this mess will just drag out the uncertainty and further inflame political animosity.”

Most Extensive Voter Fraud Organization in History

The massive “irregularities” that have cropped up in how Democrats have handled the counting of votes in several crucial “swing states” have cast a cloud of doubt over the outcome of the presidential election. Trump built up massive leads in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin as election day came to an end. After most people went to bed, Democrats got busy implementing what their presidential candidate Joe Biden described as “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”


In Detroit, a fleet of vans delivered 200,000 votes that unanimously went for Biden. Lest anyone become suspicious, the vote counters papered over the windows “to avert people getting an erroneous impression of what is going on inside.” City police abetted the fraud by keeping GOP poll watchers out of the mailed-in ballot processing center.

In Shiawassee County, an extra zero was attached to Biden’s vote total—giving him ten-times the actual number of votes he received. In Antrim County, a “computer glitch” subtracted 6,000 votes from Trump. Sixty-one other Michigan counties use the same computer program. Dominion Voting Systems, the software company responsible for these “glitches” also has contracts to handle ballot counting in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

And, as usual, a 14,000-strong cohort of deceased voters in Detroit went 100% for Biden. Gov. Whitmer (D) hailed “the patriotism of these voters whose concern for their country persists even after death.”


In defiance of a state law requiring mailed-in ballots be received before the close of the polls, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar unilaterally extended the deadline to three days after the polls closed, waived the requirement that these mailed ballots be postmarked, and instructed poll workers to ignore discrepancies between the named voters’ signatures on file and the signatures on the ballot envelopes. She explained that “these measures were essential. For one, we needed the extra time to find out how many additional votes would be needed to avert an undesirable outcome and for our volunteers to be able to fill in the Biden-Harris bubbles on hundreds of thousands of ballots. And dispensing with the postmark and signature requirements made it impossible to distinguish the post-election ballots from legitimate ballots.”

Poll workers in many districts illegally barred Republican poll watchers from getting near enough to see what was going on despite an explicit court order affirming the Republicans’ right to a “meaningful observation opportunity,” which was defined as “no more than six feet from where the vote counters are doing the counting.” Democratic poll watcher Brian Mchafferty blamed the illegal barring of poll watchers on “corruption at the highest levels in the city of Philadelphia.”

On NBC News, Chuck Todd and Lester Holt agreed that “votes are being manufactured for Biden,” but suggested that “it probably doesn’t amount to more than 20,000 or so,” and expressed “doubt that it would reverse the end result since in Philadelphia Biden appears to be getting the votes of 100% of registered Democrats, 100% of registered independents, 100% of those registered to a third party and 25% of registered Republicans. That math alone tells us that there is no way Trump could win Pennsylvania’s electoral votes.”


In 2019 the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) decided it would ignore a state law requiring the removal of the names of 234,000 people who had died or moved from the state’s voter rolls. WEC Chairwoman Ann Jacobs explained that “just because a person has died or moved out of state doesn’t mean they have no further interest in participating in our elections.”

Like in Michigan, there was a 4 am arrival of over 100,000 votes for the Democratic ticket. In Milwaukee seven wards recorded more votes cast than there are registered voters and in two there were twice as many votes as there are registered voters—a phenomenon that Jacobs attributed to “historically high voter enthusiasm.”

“During most of the campaign Trump mocked my mental capacity, saying I’m not competent to run the country,” former Vice-President Joe Biden recalled. “Now he is reaping the consequences of underestimating me. I told him what we were going to do, but I guess he didn’t take me seriously. I wonder how he feels now having been beaten by the man he called ‘the worst presidential candidate in America’s history.’”

In related news, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) has called for “election reform legislation that will shield the kind of activities that ensured that Joe Biden will be our next president from future criticism.” Specifically, she is advocating nationwide election rules that would require every state to allow all convicted felons to vote, allow voters to register on election day, bar purging people who have moved from voter rolls, mandate unlimited early voting, ban imposing any restrictions or limits on vote-by-mail, block state legislatures from participating in redistricting, and criminalize political speech that might discourage anyone from voting Democrat. “Once these new federal rules are in place the kind of criticisms and challenges we are now seeing from Trump and the Republicans will forever be both futile and illegal,” Pelosi boasted.

GOP Gets Highest Percentage of Nonwhite Votes Since 1960

According to an NBC News exit poll, Trump got 57% of the white vote, 12% of the black vote, 32% of the Hispanic vote, 31% of the Asian vote, and 41% of the other nonwhite votes. The last time a Republican did so well was when Vice-President Richard Nixon ran and lost to Senator John Kennedy (D-Mass).

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif) said “minorities voting for Trump is a reprehensible betrayal by young black voters who put their personal well-being ahead of racial solidarity. Allowing the increased business opportunities, increased employment, and increased wage gains achieved under Trump’s policies to sway how they vote is acting white. This is a terrible way to behave when the majority of blacks depend so heavily on the welfare benefits first secured for them by former President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program and repeatedly increased by Democrats in Congress. I will never, ever forgive them for not sacrificing themselves to help their own people and their own communities.”

Pelosi Denounces New Supreme Court Justice

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) tore into Justice Amy Coney Barrett for refusing to answer key political questions during her confirmation hearing. “When Sen. Feinstein (D-Calif) asked her whether she thought Medicare was constitutional she refused to say.”

Barrett’s reply was that “it would be improper for a judge to respond to a hypothetical issue. The role of the courts is to deal with actual cases brought before it. The facts and circumstances of each case are what a court rules on. Without a specific case to adjudicate the courts are not empowered to make pronouncements on the legality of any specific law or policy matter.”

“We need to be able to trust the courts to defend the values that all Americans should hold,” the Speaker insisted. “We shouldn’t have to wait until they adjudicate a case before we find out how they would rule on important issues like abortion, immigration, the environment, or the Green New Deal. I find the kind of reticence expressed by Justice Barrett to be unnerving. How can we transform the nation without knowing in advance how our courts are going to rule? This makes impeaching the ideologically unacceptable judges and replacing them with reliably progressive judges one of the most urgent actions to be undertaken during the first year of the new Biden Administration.”

AOC Calls for Domestic Enemies List

Rep. Andrea Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is asking for fellow democratic socialists to help her “compile a list of Republicans and other persons who have consorted with Republicans to try to thwart the country’s peaceful transition to socialism. This includes anyone who dares to question the recent election results.”

“The contention that some of the voting counting procedures contradict statutory laws attempts to impose a rigidity that is out-of-step with progressive thinking,” she asserted. “In the midst of the COVID pandemic many state governors awarded themselves special emergency powers to override the authority granted to the legislatures by state constitutions and the US Constitution. This new dictatorship of the proletariat form of governance repudiates the racist Constitution and expedites the pace of our march toward the total equality collectivism envisioned by Karl Marx. No one has the right to resist this march. So it is imperative that we identify our enemies in order to control, punish, and eliminate them for the good of society.”

Satirical Look at Recent News

John Semmens is a retired economist who has written a weekly political satire for The Arizona Conservative since 2005. He says working on his satires is one of the ways he tries to honor the liberties our Founding Fathers tried to protect.” His work has been cited on the Rush Limbaugh program. Please do us a favor. If you use material created by The Arizona Conservative, give us credit and DO NOT change the context. Thank you.


2021-2022 Arizona Senate Members


D1–Karen Fann

D5–Sonny Borelli

D6–Wendy Rogers

D8–TJ Shope

D11–Vince Leach

D12–Warren Petersen

D13–Sine Kerr

D14–David Gowan

D15–Nancy Barto

D16–Kelly Townsend

D17–JD Mesnard

D20–Paul Boyer

D21–Rick Gray

D22–David Livingston

D23–Michelle Ugent-Rita

D25–Tyler Pace


Donald Trump, Conservative: 1,606,370

Joe Biden, Socialist: 1,626,943

U.S. Senate

Martha McSally, Conservative: 1,584,036

Mark Kelly, Socialist: 1,669,146

U.S. House of Representatives

AZ District 1

Tiffany Shedd, Conservative: 147,423

Tom O’Halleran: Socialist: 160,291

AZ District 2

Brandon Martin, Conservative: 144,555

Ann Kirkpatrick, Socialist: 190,454

AZ District 3

Daniel Wood, Conservative: 81,349

Raul Grijalva, Socialist: 150,489

AZ District 4

Paul Gosar, Conservative: 239,748

Delina DiSanto, Socialist: 107,350

AZ District 5

Andy Biggs, Conservative: 218,738

Joan Greene, Socialist: 162,918

AZ District 6

David Schweikert, Conservative: 185,508

Hiral Tipirneni, Socialist: 179,081

AZ District 7

Joshua Barnett, Conservative: 41,568

Ruben Gallego, Socialist: 137,866

AZ District 8

Debbie Lesko, Conservative: 217,028

Michael Muscato, Socialist: 153,089

AZ District 9

Dave Giles, Conservative: 113,400

Greg Stanton, Socialist: 190,344



Lea Marquez Peterson: 1,236,319

Eric Sloan 1,1788904

Jim O’Connor: 1,224,659


Bill Mundell:

Shea Stanfield:

Anna Tovar: 1,281, 501



Yes: 1,680,161

No: 1,458,951


Yes: 247,000

No: 140,000



Karen Fann, Conservative: 59,000

Gilbert Carillo, Socialist: 24,000


Mark Workman, Conservative: 20,000

Rosanna Gabaldon, Socialist: 32,000

D3 (Socialists +1)

Sally Ann Gonzales, Socialist: 50,000


Travis Angry, Conservative: 10,000

Lisa Otondo, Socialist: 19,000


Sonny Borrelli, Conservative: 56,000


Wendy Rogers, Conservative: 33,000

Felicia French, Socialist: 41,000

D7 (Socialists +1)

Jamescita Peshlakai, Socialist: 23,000


TJ Shope, Conservative: 22,000

Barbara McGuire, Socialist: 21,000

D9 (Socialists +1)

Victoria Steele, Socialist: 71,000


Justine Wadsack, Conservative: 33,000

Kirsten Engel, Socialist: 58,000


Vince Leach, Conservative: 46,000

Joanna Mendoza, Socialist: 48,000


Warren Petersen, Conservative: 59,000

Lynsey Robinson, Socialist: 46,000

D13 (Conservatives +1)

Sine Kerr, Conservative: 21,000


David Gowan, Conservative: 12,000

Bob Karp, Socialist: 10,000


Nancy Barto, Conservative: 62,000


Kelly Townsend, Conservative: 19,000


JD Mesnard, Conservative: 46,000

Alan Kurdoglu, Socialist: 48,000


Suzanne Sharer, Conservative: 35,000

Sean Bowie, Socialist: 59,000

D19 (Socialists +1)

Lupe Contreras, Socialist: 35,000


Paul Boyer, Conservative: 34,000

Douglas Ervin, Socialist: 36,000

D21 (Conservatives +1)

Rick Gray, Conservative: 55,000


David Livingtston, Conservative: 70,000

Sarah Tyree, Socialist: 47,000


Michelle Ugenti-Rita, Conservative: 64,000

Seth Blattman, Socialist: 52,000


Ray Michaels, Conservative: 17,000

Lela Alston, Socialist: 50,000


Tyler Pace, Conservative: 47,000

Paul Weigel, Socialist: 35,000


Jae Chin, Conservative: 14,000

Juan Mendez, Socialist: 34,000


Garland Shreves, Conservative: 10,000

Rebecca Rios, Socialist: 39,000


Kate Brophy McGee, Republican: 41,000

Kristine Marsh, Socialist: 48,000


John Wilson, Conservative: 10,000

Martin Quezada, Socialist: 26,000

D30 (Socialists +1)

Tony Navarrete, Socialist: 28,000


[Conservatives starting with +4 seats based on number of candidates running]

D1 (Conservatives +1)

Judy Burgess, Conservative: 1

Quang Nguyen, Conservative: 2

Judy Stahl, Socialist: 3

D2 (Socialists +1)

Deborah McEwen, Conservative: 3

Andre Dalessandro, Socialist: 2

Daniel Hernandez Jr., Socialist: 1

D3 (Socialists +2)

Andres Cano, Socialist: 1

Alma Hernandez, Socialist: 2

D4 (Socialists +1)

Joel John, Conservative: 3

Charlene Fernandez , Socialist: 1

Geraldine Peten, Socialist: 2

D5 (Conservatives +2)

Regina Cobb, Conservative: 1

Leo Biasiucci, Conservative: 2

D6 (Conservatives +1)

Walter Blackman, Conservative: 2

Brenda Barton, Conservative: 3

Coral Evans, Socialist: 1


Jim Parks, Conservative: 3

Arlando Teller, Socialist: 2

Myron Tsosie, Socialist: 1


David Cook, Conservative: 3

Frank Pratt, Conservative: 2

Sharon Girard, Socialist: 1

D9 (Socialists +1)

Brendan Lyons, Conservative: 3

Randy Friese, Socialist: 1

Pamela Powers, Socialist: 2


Michael Hicks, Conservative: 3

Domingo DeGrazia, Socialist: 1

Stephanie Hamilton, Socialist: 2

D11 (Conservatives +1)

Mark Finchem, Conservative: 3

Bret Roberts, Conservative: 2

Felipe Perez, Socialist: 1

D12 (Conservatives +1)

Travis Grantham, Conservative: 1

Jake Hoffman, Conservative: 2

D13(Conservatives +1)

Tim Dunne, Conservative: 1

Joanne Osborne, Conservative: 2

Mariana Sandoval, Socialist: 3


Gail Griffin, Conservative: 1

Becky Nutt, Conservative: 2

Kim Beach-Moschetti, Socialist: 2

D15 (Conservatives +1)

Steve Kaiser, Conservative: 1

Justin Wilmeth, Conservative:2

Kristin Dybvig-Pawelko, Socialist: 3

D16 (Conservatives +1)

John Fillmore, Conservative: 2

Jacqueline Parker, Conservative: 1

Helen Hunter, Socialist: 3

D17 (Conservatives +1)

Liz Harris, Conservative: 3

Jeff Weninger, Conservative: 2

Jennifer Pawlik, Socialist: 1


Bob Robson, Conservative: 3

Denise Epstein, Socialist: 2

Jennifer Jermaine, Socialist: 1

D19 (Socialists +2)

Diego Espinoza, Socialist: 1

Lorenzo Siena, Socialist: 2

D20 (Conservatives +1)

Shawna Bolick, Conservative: 2

Anthony Kern, Conservative: 3

Judy Schweibert, Socialist: 1

D21(Conservatives +1)

Kevin Payne, Conservative: 3

Beverly Pingerelli, Conservative: 1

Kathy Knect, Socialist: 2


Frank Carroll, Conservative: 2

Ben Toma, Conservative: 1

Wendy Garcia, Socialist: 3

D23 (Conservatives +1)

Joseph Chaplik, Conservative: 2

John Kavanaugh, Conservative: 1

Eric Kurland, Socialist: 3


Robyn Cushman, Conservative: 3

Jennifer London, Socialist: 2

Amish Shah, Socialist: 1

D25 (Conservatives +1)

Rusty Bowers, Conservative: 2

Jennifer Udall, Conservative: 1

Suzanne Hug, Socialist: 3


Seth Sifuentes, Conservative: 3

Melody Hernandez, Socialist: 1

Athena Salman, Socialist: 2

D27 (Socialists +1)

Tatiana Pena, Conservative: 3

Reginald Bolding, Socialist: 2

Diego Rodriguez, Socialist: 1


Ken Bowers, Conservative:

Jana Jackson, Conservative: 3

Kelli Butler, Socialist: 1

Aaron Lieberman, Socialist: 2


Billy Bragg, Conservative: 3

Richard Andrade, Socialist: 2

Cesar Chavez, Socialist: 1

D30 (Socialists +2)

Robert Meza, Socialist: 2

Raquel Teran, Socialist: 1