Live Cameras For Maricopa County Ballot Audit

Additional News

The Trumped Store in Show Low will have live music with Wes and Wanda, and Sonny’s BBQ starting May 1 and running thru this fall. Coffee and hot dogs available. Hosts Steve and Karen Slaton will have Patriot party folks, along with upcoming State legislators and Senators. May 15 will be the walk for police hosted by LD6 Sen Wendy Rogers. Contact:

The Republican Party Network, a new organization designed to bring together Republicans and Republican Clubs nationwide, will have its national kick-off at 6 pm., Tues on ZOOM. Contact: Dr.Yale S.Wishnick at (520) 820-7855 or

Gov Doug Ducey’s Border Action: “We are getting whiplash out here from all the mixed signals [the White House is] sending,” Ducey said during a press conference in Yuma. “There is one person who can fix this: the president of the United States.”: See:

APRIL 27: Constitution Tuesday
7 pm., Tues., April 27 at the West Valley Republican Office, 10050 W Bell Rd Sun City, (Ace Hardware Center on 99th Ave/Bell Road behind Arby’s. Speakers are retired Sheriff Richard Mack, President of CSPOA, and possibly Rick Dalton, Vice President of CSPOA. Topics – the border crises, border security and states’ rights. This is on everyone’s’ mind and our state is not acting. Putting the AZ National Guard on the border once again as a clerical back up is not protecting the border.

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