Democrats are Tanking Phoenix

If you take the time to browse through the crime, staffing and reporting statistics from the City of Phoenix you will see that the city saw decreasing crime and violent crime rates from 1997-2009. Then in 2009 the crime rate begins to climb and hasn’t stopped since.

Looking back to that period researchers have pointed to Phoenix’s rapidly growing population as one of the many factors that contribute to this. Since the last census in 2010 the population rose in Phoenix by 19.92%. You would expect that with a population growth this size, the size of the police force would grow as well. Unfortunately, the data also shows that the number of police officers has actually decreased since 2010.

Others have pointed to policy. It is true that in 2009 Democrat Greg Stanton was elected Mayor of Phoenix and the recruiting for police officers seems to have just stopped. Then in 2019 Mayor Gallego was elected to replace him and to add on to the stalled recruiting the violent crime rate has just gotten worse.

So, is it that simple? Is it the failed policies of these two democrats that is destroying our city?

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