Plastic COVID Barriers Ineffective

By John Semmens

Though science indicates that the mesh on the commonly available masks are too wide to impede more than the tiniest fraction of the virus, they are still being mandated all over the place to try to stop the spread of COVID. Now science is indicating that the plastic barriers used in classrooms, offices, and retail businesses is not really helping reduce virus transmission.

The less permeable plastic barriers can stop spewn virus globs from a sneeze or cough from making a direct hit on a person on the other side of the barrier, but they also impede air flow in the indoor space. Virus particles exhaled during beathing or during conversation are dammed up by the barriers. This allows a concentrated accumulation of virus-saturated air to build up and eventually flow around the barrier where it can infect someone else. In an unbarricaded environment normal air flow turns over the air mass in the room every 15 to 30 minutes.

These new findings are not likely to lead to the elimination of these plastic barriers because as Dr. Anthony Fauci explains “it is important in this time of pandemic panic that people not lose hope. Effective or not, these barriers and masks convey a message of encouragement to people that they are making a contribution in the fight against COVID. The false sense of security that they instill allows people to take risks that they would avoid if they knew the truth. This enables us to get a better picture of how well the vaccines are doing than if people did the only thing that might genuinely protect them from getting infected.”

In related news, President Biden has instructed the Department of Justice “to take whatever steps it deems necessary to prevent Republican governors from banning mask mandates in schools. These governors’ contention that the decision on whether their child wears a mask belongs to the parents strikes against the unity that I pledged to bring to this country. Letting every family decide for itself defeats our goal of having everyone accept the role we assign them in the fight against this awful disease. Refusing this role is like dodging the draft. It is treason.”

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