Maine Hospital Crisis

By: John Semmens

The demand that every health care employee must take the COVID vaccine or be fired is forcing the Central Maine Medical Center to curtail services available to patients. The hospital asked the Governor’s office to allow a COVID testing option in order to avoid losing critical staff, but was denied by Gov. Janet Mills (D).

“Like President Biden, I’ve also lost patience with people who refuse to get vaccinated,” Mills said. She professed herself “unimpressed with the fact that so many medical practitioners are refusing to be vaccinated. While I am grateful for the hazards and sacrifices these doctors and nurses made treating those afflicted with COVID, I cannot abide the damage they are doing to the state and nation by not obeying the President’s and my orders to get vaccinated. I am aware that many of these vaccine refusers have already been infected with COVID and recovered. In their minds, being infected and recovering gives them a stronger immunity than the Pfizer shots. But as Dr. Fauci has reminded us all, it is time that we put individual freedom aside and do what’s for the common good.”

Apprised that the Central Maine Medical Center is suspending pediatric, heart attack and trauma admissions, Mills remained adamant in her decision to go ahead with her “get vaxxed, or get fired” mandate, insisting that “it will save lives. Both the vaccinated staff and patients need to be protected against getting infected by unvaccinated scofflaws. While there may be some short-term collateral damage by denying treatment access to heart attack and trauma patients, there will be long-term gains from instilling a greater respect for the government’s efforts to cull the disobedient from our society.”

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