Biden Mocks “Freedom”

By: John Semmens

President Joe Biden used a CNN “town hall” where attendance was “by invitation only” to further vent his anger at those Americans “who continue to try my patience. Look, I know I said that I wouldn’t make vaccinations mandatory. But that was nine months ago. I naively thought that Americans would take the advice of their president. I mean, why elect me if you’re going to second guess every zig and zag of my policies. Where’s the trust?”

“I gave everyone six months to voluntarily get vaccinated,” Biden said. “I was stunned that there were so many resisters. It’s not like there are a lot of options for getting the job done. I figured if some people weren’t willing to follow the advice of someone as revered as Dr. Fauci or myself, I had to issue a mandate. If people won’t do the right thing on their own, they must be punished. One of the most potent tools I have at my disposal is to threaten their jobs. I am pleased to report that most of this nation’s big corporations and many state and local governments are enthusiastically on-board with me on this.”

The President was especially aggravated by the large numbers of medical professionals who are refusing to take the covid jabs. “We lionized these people as heroes during the early days of the pandemic for risking their lives when there were no vaccines and no cures,” he recalled. “Now they repay us by blocking my goal of 100% vaccination. By forcing us to fire them they are endangering the health of the hundreds of millions of fully vaccinated Americans. I’m glad to see that many hospitals are now working to save these loyal Americans by denying life-saving care to the unvaccinated.”

The President also tore into what he characterized as “the false god of freedom that my political opponents cite as the reason for not obeying my lawful orders. They say that they have the right to decide what is injected into their bodies. But by rejecting vaccination they are claiming a right to kill their fellow citizens with their covid infections. I say no such freedom can stand against the collective right to protect the nation’s health. Freedom has its limits and as president, I have the authority to determine what limits must be placed on freedom for the good of all.”

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