The Leadership Institute is Back in Arizona: Sign up now and lock in your spot to help us fight for America’s schools.

It is time for us to fight back to save America’s schools from the left.
That’s why your Leadership Institute (LI) will be in Scottsdale, AZ for the School Board Activism Workshop Friday, November 5.

Conservatives must engage with their local school boards to ensure schools focus on their educational mission for our children’s future success. In one evening at the  School Board Activism Workshop in Scottsdale, you’ll learn from successful, experienced leaders who will teach you how to engage in grassroots lobbying, assist in a political campaign, or run for office.
Join me Friday, November 5 as we fight for America’s schools.

And if you’re interested in running for School Board or any other public office, make sure to join me for the New Candidate Workshop on Saturday, November 6. This workshop will help you focus on personal and political preparation for future service as an elected official and community leader. 

Please invite quality conservatives in your network. 

Thank you for helping protect America’s children from leftist indoctrination. You will be making a powerful difference for the future of our country.  

See you there!

Sign up now. Join the fight to take back America’s school boards. 

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