Chicago Cops Are “Insurrectionists

By: John Semmens

Chicago’s lunatic Mayor Lori Lightfoot has denounced police officers who refuse to be vaccinated as “insurrectionists. It is everyone’s duty, especially those whose job it is to enforce the law, to obey the law. My order that they must be vaccinated is now the law in this City. Those who break my law need to be arrested and jailed until they voluntarily agree to be vaccinated.”

Chicago police union president John Catanzara expressed doubt that arresting those who don’t want to be vaccinated would be either legal or practical. “Last I heard, this is still a free country,” he said. “No one can legally be forced to submit to inoculation with an experimental drug. I think Nazis were sentenced to hang for performing medical experiments on unwilling victims. For the Mayor to assume that following her orders to arrest vaccine resisters will be obeyed is delusional.”

“Catanzara is the one who is delusional,” the Mayor retorted. “I personally know more than a dozen loyal police officers who would readily arrest him—including beating him into submission or shooting him for resisting arrest. I am the duly elected ruler of this City. My word is law.”

The mayor also took aim at those choosing to retire from the police force rather than take the jab, saying “they may think they’re being clever by taking their retirement benefits and running. Well, what if I decide to withhold these benefits until they submit to being vaccinated? Pensions are a reward for loyal service. I say disloyalty forfeits this reward.”

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