Biden Vows to Keep Vaccination Pressure Up

By: John Semmens

President Biden warned vaccine resisters that “loss of your job isn’t the only penalty you’ll face for refusing to abide by my wishes that you take the covid jab. I just learned that in Australia the government is seizing homes, bank accounts, and driver’s licenses from those who refuse its vaccination mandates. Most intriguing of all, the government is proudly instituting a two-tiered citizenship status—one for the vaccinated who will be allowed some limited freedoms and one for the unvaccinated who won’t.”

“All you unvaccinated people need to face reality,” the President advised. “The government is bigger, stronger, and smarter than you are. We have the resources to outlast your resistance. We have an unlimited borrowing capacity. We can take your resources away from you by taxes and fines. We have the power to create money. We are unstoppable. The sooner you agree to our demands, the sooner you can start earning privileges that will make you lives easier.”

The Biden Administration is also said to be considering allowing a reprieve for children of vaccine resisters from the mandate to take the jab if the parents submit to being vaccinated. White House chief of staff Ron Klain is reported to be an advocate of this approach since “parents are known to make great sacrifices to protect their children. Of course, once the parents are vaccinated there’s no going back for them. We can still go ahead and vaccinate their children at a later date.”

In related news, the Food and Drug Administration’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee voted 17-0 to make 5 to 11 year olds “eligible” to be vaccinated. As one of the FDA committee members explained “while there is no scientific evidence that these vaccines are safe or that children need them, it was the committee’s gut feeling that we ought to give it a try. After all, we’re never going to find out if the vaccines are safe for children until we start inoculating large numbers of them.”

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