Italian COVID Death Toll Revised

By: John Semmens

The Italian Higher Institute of Health has revised the February 2020 to October 2021 COVID death toll from a previously reported 130,468 fatalities to only 3,783. The reason for the revision is that the higher figure included all deaths in which the deceased tested positive for COVID, while the lower figure counted only those who actually died from COVID.

This revision was soundly denounced by Dr. Anthony Fauci who called it “the wrong message at the wrong time. It clashes with the protocol we’ve adopted here in the United States that anyone dying with COVID should be classified as a COVID fatality. The Italian nit-picking over whether COVID is the actual cause of death undermines the message that everyone must be vaccinated. We have carefully managed the reporting during the pandemic to emphasize the possibility that it could kill you. Even using the dying with COVID standard to inflate the number of deaths, the less than 1% chance of dying with COVID is barely scary enough to convince everyone to take the jab. Italy breaking ranks is going to bolster resistance to our goal.”

“As it is, the Italian government is seeing a lot of resistance to its ‘Green Passport.’” Fauci observed. “The 97% decline in deaths attributed to COVID can only hurt their attempt to disqualify the unvaccinated from work and other social activities. It makes the Green Passport seem an unnecessary restriction of freedom. A widespread grasp of how low the odds are for dying from COVID could seriously undermine our drive to mold the general public into more obedient followers of the government’s designated expert advice. It’s just a shame.”

In related news, an investigation of data found in the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has revealed that nearly 100% of COVID vaccination deaths have been linked to just 5% of the batches of vials containing the mRNA vaccines. Dr. Fauci expressed the hope that “vaccine resisters will be encouraged that they have a 95% chance of surviving the inoculations.”

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