FBI Breaches Attorney/Client Privilege

By: John Semmens

Judge Analisa Torres from the Southern District of New York, ordered the FBI to stop extracting data from James O’Keefe’s phone. It seized this phone in its search for the diary of Ashley Biden. FBI Director Christopher Wray said “it’s too late. We’ve already copied everything on the phone and leaked it to the New York Times.”

Wray’s boss Attorney General Merrick Garland questioned “whether attorney/client privilege is a relevant consideration in a matter posing a severe danger to the President. Mr. O’Keefe has seen the diary. The diary is reputed to contain details of some inappropriate sexual contact between Biden and his daughter when she was a child. O’Keefe’s knowledge of the contents makes him a security threat. There must be no constraints on the actions that the FBI deems are necessary to neutralize such a threat.”

“For years Mr. O’Keefe has been engaged in activities that have invaded the privacy of many persons engaged in dubious activity,” Garland observed. “His argument that these activities are illegal doesn’t give him the right to expose them. His claim that he is an investigative journalist and is protected by the First Amendment’s freedom of the press is a twisted interpretation of the law. Investigations are the responsibility of law-enforcement agencies like the FBI. Interlopers cannot be tolerated.”

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