Biden Vetoes Court Order

By: John Semmens

Despite the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit’s ruling that President Biden’s vaccine mandate be paused pending a judicial review of “grave statutory and constitutional issues,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said “the President has ordered businesses to proceed with compelling employees to get vaccinated.”

“After careful review of the Court’s ruling, the President has decided that his powers as Commander-in-Chief during the current covid emergency permit him to veto the pause,” Jean-Pierre explained. “He is president of the whole nation. The fifth Circuit Court is just one of many equally important courts, none of which have concurred with the Fifth Circuit Court on this issue. As president he has the responsibility to secure the health and safety of everyone in the country. To meet this responsibility he has decided that everyone must be vaccinated. That won’t happen if individuals are allowed to refuse to take this medicine.”

“Further, the President is tired of the disrespect evidenced by repeated refusals to obey his wishes,” she added. “He is trying to be a ‘good dad’ to all his children in America. It’s past time for all the back-talk to end. It’s time for people to trust that he knows what’s in their best interest and is determined to make that happen. He has been bolstered in his resolve by the Australian government’s vow to ensure that the unvaccinated are miserable and lonely for life. He said ‘if they have the guts to do it, so can we.’”

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