School Board Adviser Doxxes Parents

By: John Semmens

Norma Garcia-Lopez, co-chair of the Racial Equity Committee for the Fort Worth Independent School District in Texas, went online and posted the names, addresses and phone numbers of parents who are opposed to the district’s mask mandate and Critical Race Theory curriculum. Her appended caption “Internet do your thing” signaled her intent to sic leftist fanatics on these parents.

Garcia-Lopez defended her actions, saying that “people benefiting from white privilege should not be telling the schools what to teach or how to deal with the pandemic. Kid’s futures and lives are at stake. Since the court granted an injunction against the mask mandate in August it was clear to me that street action to oppose parental interference is needed.”

“These parents didn’t raise a fuss when the Klan was lynching black men and bombing their churches,” Garcia-Lopez asserted. “Their complaints aren’t based on principle. They are self-serving arguments for the continuation of white supremacy. This is why Attorney General Garland declared these types of parents to be domestic terrorists.”

Kerri Rehmeyer, one of the doxxed parents, objected “to being smeared with a baseless Klan trope. None of the parents are members of the Klan. None have participated in any lynchings or bombings. This stands in stark contrast to the numerous riots that have arisen from the last years’ so-called peaceful protests organized by black lives matter—where buildings were vandalized, looted, and burned.”

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