Feds to Block Alaska Logging

By: John Semmens

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that it has begun the process of undoing the Trump Administration’s policy of allowing more logging in Alaska’s rain forest. Secretary Tom Vilsack explained that “we need to keep in step with the President’s desire to tamp down the economic activity that contributes to climate change. We can’t let the destruction of the energy sector bear the whole weight of the transition to a simpler way of life.”

Lumber prices have been skyrocketing even with the increased logging allowed under the Trump rules. Choking off this supply will put further upward pressure on industries dependent upon this commodity. Jared Bernstein, Member of President Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers, acknowledged that “this will likely put the single-family home out of reach for most Americans, which is a good thing. Single-family living is inefficient compared to communal living. A big goal of the Green New Deal is to transition the vast majority of ordinary people into multi-family housing.”

“From an efficiency standpoint, a military style of housing would be best,” Bernstein declared. “Families could be housed in barracks for the purpose of sleeping. The complex would include areas designated for eating, recreation, and education. All meals would be provided by full-time professional chefs. There would be no need for residents to travel to any restaurants or grocery stores. Indoor and outdoor exercise facilities would be within walking distance. Approved books and videos would be available inside the complex. Education and child-care would be handled by certified instructors. In short, life within the complex would be complete. There would be no need for anyone to waste time going to places outside. Everything they need would be provided to them right there.”

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