Trump Education Policy Discontinued by Biden Admin

By: John Semmens

A Trump Administration effort to track sex crimes committed by teachers against students was canceled by the Biden Administration. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona explained that “there are two main reasons why we feel the Trump policy must be discarded. First and foremost, any Trump policy that can be undone has to be a good thing. Second, sexual offenses by teachers against students are so rare that it seems a waste of time and money to try to even track it, much less punish it.”

“Most of the recent cases have involved female teachers having inappropriate contact with male students,” Cardona recalled. “These incidents only became known when non-involved parties accidentally discovered the liaisons. None of the boys complained. Without a complaint from these boys, these seem to be cases of ‘victimless crimes.’ As such, we felt that tracking such incidents and hounding skilled teachers out of the profession would do more harm than good.”

“Even if, as some contend, the boys were harmed by having sex with these older women, there is a question of offsetting benefits,” the Secretary suggested. “A well-trained and skillful teacher benefits dozens or maybe even hundreds of students each year. It would be a shame to lose these teachers just because some adolescent boy develops mental problems as a consequence of engaging in consensual sex with his teacher. We think the wisest policy would be to not seek to inquire about any incidents. If a liaison is inadvertently discovered it can be handled by discreetly transferring the teacher to another school—like the Catholic Church has done with priests who get too fond of altar boys.”

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