Pilot Deaths Skyrocket in 2021

By: John Semmens

A statistic that might inspire airlines to rethink their policies for air crews is the dramatic increase in the death of their pilots. In 2019, only one pilot died. In 2020, six died. In 2021, as of September, 109 have died. It’s not that more planes are crashing. The key factor seems to be the requirement that pilots must be vaccinated for covid in order to keep their jobs.

Dr. Anthony Fauci rejected the possibility that adverse reactions to the experimental vaccines should be a cause for concern, saying “those of us who are medical experts are convinced that the vaccines are safe and effective. There’s no evidence that vaccines are responsible for the unusual spike in fatalities among the members of this profession. Besides, even if the vaccines are causing the deaths of these individuals I feel it is worth it. Covid has killed millions. The vaccines have already saved the lives of billions. Sacrificing a hundred airline pilots seems like a cheap price to have paid for the benefits gained.”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ken) called Fauci’s confidence in the vaccines “excessive. There’s no proof that vaccines have saved billions of lives. It is likely that many have benefited from them. It is also likely that others have been harmed by being injected with these inadequately tested drugs. A scientific approach would entail each individual being treated as an individual so a customized risk/benefit assessment can be made. Dr. Fauci’s one solution—vaccinate everyone—is political coercion, not a sound scientific recommendation.”

In related news, attorneys for Pfizer told a judge that “it would take us 55 years to produce copies of the 300,000 pages of documents we submitted to the FDA to gain Emergency Use Authorization for our vaccine.” Interestingly, it took considerably less time to generate the documents and only 108 days for the FDA to review the documents prior to approving the EUA.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explained that “it is one thing to share confidential information with people you trust. It is entirely different when people you don’t trust want to see what you’re doing. We shouldn’t be subjected to ‘Monday morning quarterbacking’ now that the vaccines have been injected into billions of people. What’s done is done. Besides, we have been granted absolute and total immunity for any harm done. So there isn’t any point in letting unfriendly lawyers see these documents.”

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