Smollett Wants Sequels

John Semmens

According to his attorney Nenye Uche, actor Jussie Smollett considers his recent trial and conviction for staging a fake hate-crime “riveting entertainment” and hopes to “film two sequels.”

“One of his ideas is that while he is out on bond during his appeal the Nigerian brothers, Ola and Abel Osundairo, stalk him in order to finish the job,” Uche said. “After several narrow escapes, Jussie lures them into a trap at a donut shop where an undercover cop overhears their threats. The truth finally prevails as former President Trump is implicated for inspiring the original assault. The brothers are killed in a shootout with the undercover cop and Trump is indicted.”

“Another idea Jussie has involves him being prosecuted for perjury by special prosecutor Dan Webb,” Uche added. “In this sequel, in a Perry Mason like moment, Webb is pressured to admit in open court that he coerced the brothers into lying about the so-called faked assault. They breakdown in tears asking Jussie’s forgiveness and Webb is stripped of his law license.”

“Jussie, of course, would play himself in the sequels, but professional actors would need to be hired to provide a more realistic portrayal of the brothers, prosecutors, and myself,” Uche explained. “Jussie likes Alec Baldwin for the part of the undercover cop, Bob Odenkirk would play the part of Webb, and LeBron James one of the brothers. Jussie’s company ‘A Supermassive Movie’ would produce both of these sequels.”

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